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lonelyPho­to from Flick­er by Vito­rio Benedet­ti

In terms of love and rela­tion­ship many peo­ple seek­ing answers from the wrong per­son. Some peo­ple look for it in dif­fer­ent places like social media net­works, tele­vi­sion, radio pro­grams, nov­els, and books.

They usu­al­ly say:

Find some­one who can see your bro­ken­ness”.
“Find some­one who can com­plete you”.
“Find some­one who is com­pat­i­ble and fit for you”.
“Find some­one who can make you hap­py”.

While these state­ments are true but peo­ple are look­ing for it in the wrong places.

I say:

You can’t find true love in bars, dat­ing sites or clubs.
You can’t find hap­pi­ness on some­one else in.

A friend shared to me a feed­back about the book I wrote.

As you remem­ber, dur­ing the Book Launch 2.0, I bought the best sell­er book by a famous author who gave her talk also. The book is
great, I can relate to her sto­ries. But at the end of the day, it dragged my emo­tions down because of ‘bro­ken’ moments I
repeat­ed­ly read. It was just my opin­ion and that’s what I felt after read­ing.
But upon read­ing your book, Wow! Dhenn it’s dif­fer­ent! There’s real­ly a great love I felt from the Lord dur­ing and after read­ing
your book Believ­ing is just the Begin­ning. There’s an unex­plain­able thing when you feel the Love you’re look­ing for is
real­ly from the Lord”.

Before  I used to read books about love and des­per­a­tion, books that will stir up my emo­tions. I also used to lis­ten to the radio DJs, fol­lowed face­book pages and twit­ter pro­files that are post­ing “words from the heart” or “hugot” as they said, because I am a hope­less roman­tic. But in the end, it dragged my emo­tions down because once again, I have been remind­ed of my lone­ly and bro­ken moments in life.

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Don’t ever waste or allow your­self to be soaked with it.

Don’t spend your life try­ing to find that some­one. The world is so big, love your­self first so you can love oth­ers. Pur­sue your dreams and give all your heart into it. Always be a bet­ter ver­sion of your­self.

Don’t believe if any­one tells you that you need some­one to depend on. You are not incom­plete, you are not bro­ken.

You are fear­ful­ly and won­der­ful­ly made by God. You are loved by God. He is only the one who can fill that empti­ness with­in you. You don’t have to find Him because He is wait­ing for you to invite Him into your life. You are not bro­ken but bent, let Him fix your life.

And you know what? If God wills to give you a part­ner, it will be in His time. Learn to be hap­py and con­tent because if you are not hap­py sin­gle  you will nev­er be hap­py even in a rela­tion­ship.

I am hap­py sin­gle for so many years already, but even if she does not arrive in any­time soon or in any time at all, I will draw my sat­is­fac­tion from the love of the Lord that has already made me com­plete.

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