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From Writer’s Man­i­festo by Jeff Goins

Today, I did­n’t wake up ear­ly as I promised to myself yes­ter­day. I stayed up late and slept at 3am in the morn­ing. I am tired to the point of exhaus­tion and can­not think of any­thing to write. I tried to read the book I’m cur­rent­ly read­ing for a while but still, I can’t write for a while.

Keeping up for myself

But I want to keep writ­ing for myself, I want to stay true to what I promise to myself. Writ­ing is not my pro­fes­sion, it’s not nor­mal for me to write and craft words beau­ti­ful­ly, per­fect gram­mat­i­cal­ly and use cap­ti­vat­ing words and deep thoughts that only intel­lec­tu­al peo­ple could under­stand, you know why?  Because I am writ­ing codes,scripts, pro­grams, web­sites, appli­ca­tion and some­times a whole soft­ware. Writ­ing does­n’t make any sense of what I am doing right now.

But how I started writing?

Hon­est­ly, I start­ed writ­ing not for the right rea­sons. I remem­ber the first time I set­up a blog, I can’t think of any top­ic that I can share there­fore to my frus­tra­tion, I start­ed almost 10 blogs and delet­ed them all because no one was read­ing it.

Writing for the right reasons…

Frus­trat­ed to seek read­ers and win them over, I gave up. I went back to ask myself my big “WHY”.

Why do I want to write?

Why am I doing this?

Why would I like to write more books?

You may ask your­self also to reflect on what you are doing right now is for the right rea­sons or you just want the fame and the likes and the applause from oth­er peo­ple?

I have read the whole Bible for thrice already. I observed that the writ­ers of the scrip­tures wrote the Bible for the right rea­sons. To inform, to warn, to encour­age, to guide, to give wis­dom, to give instruc­tion and to inspire the peo­ple who will be read­ing it. But they don’t write just because they want an applause.

We write for anoth­er rea­son. We don’t write to get pub­lished, we write because we love to write, we write for our­selves. I write because I want to share my faith with oth­er peo­ple who will be read­ing it. I write to hon­or God is my pri­ma­ry rea­son.

That’s why I don’t like the idea when some­one accused writ­ers write just to get pub­lished. It’s like writ­ing to impress. Have you tried tak­ing a self­ie togeth­er with a quote? And it’s not rel­e­vant to the quote you are shar­ing? The quote pur­pose will not serve its pur­pose. Also, I haven’t met or know any authors who tried to write a book just to impress his or her read­ers.

I would like to share with you the Writer’s Man­i­festo by Jeff Goins. Hon­est­ly, I deeply moved from it. Shar­ing to you the part of the chap­ter that res­onat­ed with me:

Chap­ter 2: Call to Arms

Writ­ers don’t write to get pub­lished.
They write for anoth­er rea­son.
This is the first and only les­son

every writer must learn.

You can down­load it here: The-Writ­ers-Man­i­festo

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