From Writer's Manifesto by Jeff Goins

Today, I didn't wake up early as I promised to myself yesterday. I stayed up late and slept at 3am in the morning. I am tired to the point of exhaustion and cannot think of anything to write. I tried to read the book I'm currently reading for a while but still, I can't write for a while.

Keeping up for myself

But I want to keep writing for myself, I want to stay true to what I promise to myself. Writing is not my profession, it's not normal for me to write and craft words beautifully, perfect grammatically and use captivating words and deep thoughts that only intellectual people could understand, you know why?  Because I am writing codes,scripts, programs, websites, application and sometimes a whole software. Writing doesn't make any sense of what I am doing right now.

But how I started writing?

Honestly, I started writing not for the right reasons. I remember the first time I setup a blog, I can't think of any topic that I can share therefore to my frustration, I started almost 10 blogs and deleted them all because no one was reading it.

Writing for the right reasons...

Frustrated to seek readers and win them over, I gave up. I went back to ask myself my big "WHY".

Why do I want to write?

Why am I doing this?

Why would I like to write more books?

You may ask yourself also to reflect on what you are doing right now is for the right reasons or you just want the fame and the likes and the applause from other people?

I have read the whole Bible for thrice already. I observed that the writers of the scriptures wrote the Bible for the right reasons. To inform, to warn, to encourage, to guide, to give wisdom, to give instruction and to inspire the people who will be reading it. But they don't write just because they want an applause.

We write for another reason. We don't write to get published, we write because we love to write, we write for ourselves. I write because I want to share my faith with other people who will be reading it. I write to honor God is my primary reason.

That's why I don't like the idea when someone accused writers write just to get published. It's like writing to impress. Have you tried taking a selfie together with a quote? And it's not relevant to the quote you are sharing? The quote purpose will not serve its purpose. Also, I haven't met or know any authors who tried to write a book just to impress his or her readers.

I would like to share with you the Writer's Manifesto by Jeff Goins. Honestly, I deeply moved from it. Sharing to you the part of the chapter that resonated with me:

Chapter 2: Call to Arms

Writers don’t write to get published.
They write for another reason.
This is the first and only lesson

every writer must learn.

You can download it here: The-Writers-Manifesto

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