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Last Sat­ur­day, June 11, we just had our book launch after a sem­i­nar. It was fun and full of mem­o­ries because final­ly, I have launched my first book!

I real­ly enjoyed the bond among us authors because even it was our first time to meet each oth­er, we feel very close to each oth­er. I think rela­tion­ships works like mag­ic espe­cial­ly when you found the right peo­ple.

Well, to tell you frankly, I have nev­er envi­sioned myself being an author. Nev­er in my child­hood dreams! And hon­est­ly, I’m not good in Eng­lish, my grades in Eng­lish was aver­age and I real­ly hate it. I don’t like read­ing para­graphs and sto­ries, there­fore, how in the world I was able to write my own book?

First, it starts with a desire. And that desire hap­pened when I became a Chris­t­ian already. Because there’s a thirst in me to know who God is and to gain more wis­dom and knowl­edge, there are times I just want­ed to share it with oth­er peo­ple. But there’s one thing that dis­cour­aged me, some of my friends don’t like to engage in sen­si­ble dis­cus­sions. When you start, they will try to jump to anoth­er top­ic say­ing, seryoso mo naman masya­do” (you are too seri­ous), then they will jump off to anoth­er top­ic.

Going back to book writ­ing, what did I do? I start­ed to put a blog and write down my thoughts and learn­ings there if not every­day, I make it week­ly or month­ly if I am so busy with my job.

To make it short, a friend once asked me “Dhenn you’re writ­ings are good, you should write a book”. I replied that is too ambi­tious, I can’t. But I do not know that sin­gle con­ver­sa­tion will lead me to have the desire to write a book.

Back in 2015, I remem­ber, I wrote in my jour­nal that I must achieve some­thing sig­nif­i­cant. I’ve been lost and bro­ken because of rejec­tion the pre­vi­ous year, I invest­ed too many emo­tions and time, so I want­ed to make it up to myself. I pur­chased a lot, increase my invest­ments, went to oth­er coun­tries and attend­ed sem­i­nars and invest heav­i­ly in myself. Who would have thought that my heartache will lead me to love myself more? (Haha)

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Thus, this year makes me so hap­py and excit­ed that I have my own book already. And I am so excit­ed to write anoth­er one again!

So, why I wrote a book?

1. To pur­sue my pas­sion and cul­ti­vate what God has giv­en to me.

I was not born with a pen and paper in my hands. I just start­ed to write and con­tin­ue it, boom, my pas­sion for writ­ing was born. I don’t mind if no one read my works, the impor­tant for me is to be able to write what I want to say in hope of some­one might read it acci­den­tal­ly and inspired him or her.

2. I have a mes­sage to share.

My life has been full of mess. By God’s grace, He restored me for what I am. Helped me to love life. My mes­sage could be a help to some­one who can relate to my expe­ri­ences.

3. To share Christ in any pos­si­ble way.

Cur­rent­ly, I was read­ing anoth­er book authored by a Fil­ipino busi­ness­man. He wrote in his book, how some of his church­mates and church lead­ers indi­rect­ly mocked him for not help­ing the church because of his busi­ness. But he remained faith­ful to God and applied bib­li­cal prin­ci­ples to his busi­ness. Lat­er on, God made his busi­ness pros­pered because he mar­ried the bible to his busi­ness.

I admired him because he lived what was writ­ten in the bible even he was hav­ing a hard time to attend church because it is too far away from his land. I admire him that he fol­lows God whole­heart­ed­ly because I know some Chris­tians who has been so busy in the min­istry that for­got to make them­selves grow also, that when their integri­ty and lead­er­ship test­ed in the fur­nace, they fail and abuse their author­i­ty.

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I was shocked upon read­ing it, it is true that some­times the longer we are being a Chris­t­ian, the more we become so crit­i­cal about oth­ers who are not join­ing the min­istry. Min­istry is not lim­it­ed only to the church. Last Sat­ur­day, I can’t stop myself shar­ing Jesus to the crowd of audi­ence. I told them that any­one can be used by God even you are not a pas­tor, a mis­sion­ary or a priest, that even you are only an employ­ee, a stu­dent, God can use you!

Just as my oth­er co-authors who launched their book as well, they have dif­fer­ent sto­ries to share.

Why should you write your own book? Because you have your own unique sto­ry to share to the world. You can write even if you are not a writer. Below was part of my speech in the book launch.

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