Last Saturday, June 11, we just had our book launch after a seminar. It was fun and full of memories because finally, I have launched my first book!

I really enjoyed the bond among us authors because even it was our first time to meet each other, we feel very close to each other. I think relationships works like magic especially when you found the right people.

Well, to tell you frankly, I have never envisioned myself being an author. Never in my childhood dreams! And honestly, I'm not good in English, my grades in English was average and I really hate it. I don't like reading paragraphs and stories, therefore, how in the world I was able to write my own book?

First, it starts with a desire. And that desire happened when I became a Christian already. Because there's a thirst in me to know who God is and to gain more wisdom and knowledge, there are times I just wanted to share it with other people. But there's one thing that discouraged me, some of my friends don't like to engage in sensible discussions. When you start, they will try to jump to another topic saying, "seryoso mo naman masyado" (you are too serious), then they will jump off to another topic.

Going back to book writing, what did I do? I started to put a blog and write down my thoughts and learnings there if not everyday, I make it weekly or monthly if I am so busy with my job.

To make it short, a friend once asked me "Dhenn you're writings are good, you should write a book". I replied that is too ambitious, I can't. But I do not know that single conversation will lead me to have the desire to write a book.

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Back in 2015, I remember, I wrote in my journal that I must achieve something significant. I've been lost and broken because of rejection the previous year, I invested too many emotions and time, so I wanted to make it up to myself. I purchased a lot, increase my investments, went to other countries and attended seminars and invest heavily in myself. Who would have thought that my heartache will lead me to love myself more? (Haha)

Thus, this year makes me so happy and excited that I have my own book already. And I am so excited to write another one again!

So, why I wrote a book?

1. To pursue my passion and cultivate what God has given to me.

I was not born with a pen and paper in my hands. I just started to write and continue it, boom, my passion for writing was born. I don't mind if no one read my works, the important for me is to be able to write what I want to say in hope of someone might read it accidentally and inspired him or her.

2. I have a message to share.

My life has been full of mess. By God's grace, He restored me for what I am. Helped me to love life. My message could be a help to someone who can relate to my experiences.

3. To share Christ in any possible way.

Currently, I was reading another book authored by a Filipino businessman. He wrote in his book, how some of his churchmates and church leaders indirectly mocked him for not helping the church because of his business. But he remained faithful to God and applied biblical principles to his business. Later on, God made his business prospered because he married the bible to his business.

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I admired him because he lived what was written in the bible even he was having a hard time to attend church because it is too far away from his land. I admire him that he follows God wholeheartedly because I know some Christians who has been so busy in the ministry that forgot to make themselves grow also, that when their integrity and leadership tested in the furnace, they fail and abuse their authority.

I was shocked upon reading it, it is true that sometimes the longer we are being a Christian, the more we become so critical about others who are not joining the ministry. Ministry is not limited only to the church. Last Saturday, I can't stop myself sharing Jesus to the crowd of audience. I told them that anyone can be used by God even you are not a pastor, a missionary or a priest, that even you are only an employee, a student, God can use you!

Just as my other co-authors who launched their book as well, they have different stories to share.

Why should you write your own book? Because you have your own unique story to share to the world. You can write even if you are not a writer. Below was part of my speech in the book launch.

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