Why You Should Have A Side Hustle


Nearly 80% of millennials are now in the workforce. It even surpasses Gen Xers as the largest population in the workforce. Besides for labeling our generation as the most entitled generation, millennials are also over work, overweight and over stress.


And most of the time, it happens because they finding purpose, identity, and significance on the things they do.

But not everyone is built for one job. The chances are, many millennials get easily bored at their jobs, including me. Being 7 years in the corporate world, I've experienced this with myself. Every year, I longed for something to do that challenges me to take a risk, will give me the experience to fail and learn, and make me grow personally and professionally.

It was 2 years ago since then the first time I asked my manager to transfer me to another role, but he can't grant my request because of the lack of resource from our team.

And to keep myself from leaving the company, I found a side job. That time I was a financial advisor in the morning and weekends, and a technical support consultant for Hewlett Packard in weekdays of the afternoon until midnight. I also joined some employee initiatives that allowed me to network with other employees outside our department.

Today, I am a writer and web developer by morning, software or automation engineer by afternoon till midnight, a teacher in Sunday School and a public speaker whenever there's a speaking opportunity that will come up.

Being a writer, speaker, web developer, and teacher are my side hustles. But few people know that I have these side hustles. I don't care if these jobs will give me a side income or not, but these hustles allowed me to pursue my passion.

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A side job can be fun and challenging. It can put an extra money in your pocket or simply allows you to do the things that you love without leaving your full-time job. But besides that, it makes you more productive.




Today, most employers not only seeking specialists and experts in one skill but they mostly looking for individuals who are well rounded. And having a side hustle, it makes you a well-rounded employee, and it makes you a great asset in the company because:


1. You gain skills off the clock.

If you work only with the job you have, the chances are you will only be good at one skill. I experienced this when I was having a hard time to find a job. I only had one skill to offer.

It changed when I started finding a hustle on the side of my job. Having a side hustle allows me to learn how to build my own business in my spare time. It gave me real world experience than enrolling to a business degree in the university.

And I believe there's no better way to learn than doing it on your own.


2. You develop characteristics most employers want.

Having a side hustle makes you more resourceful, innovative, and productive. I learned sales when I was a financial advisor. I learned English proficiency and public speaking when I joined toastmasters and start delivering speeches. I never thought I would be more this excited to speak in public and turn it into a career someday.

Side hustles develop you to become a well-rounded person. And employers want that kind of employee.

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And lastly,
3. You become more creative.

I didn't know that over time I become more creative as I continue doing my side hustles. Being a writer is a no joke, it wasn't just writing what comes from your mind.

Since not all people are born entrepreneurs, you can still have an entrepreneurial mindset. Employees who have this mindset never runs out of ideas. As it's core, entrepreneurship is about creating something and making them true to life.

A lot of people often wake up dreading Mondays, and I know some of them. If you are one of that person who seems every day becomes a struggle, and despite all the activities, planned travels or trips you have, you can't still find your purpose, why not try having a side hustle?

I know how it felt like as I've been there too. Perhaps God is so good that He allows me to discover my purpose and bring fulfillment to my everyday life by doing my side hustles because it will not just help me, but it also helps other people.

As for me having a side hustle makes you appreciate how much time and effort goes into building a business and not just a mere employee complaining. It allows me to be better at my job as I seek improvement every day and it makes me a more well-rounded individual.

Don't let your day job becomes a distraction to pursue your passion. Your passion energizes you and it flows also in your day job. And if your day job can't motivate you, perhaps your side hustle can.

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