The first week of February, I did something courageous and new to me. The first quarter of year is a busy quarter for me, not just with the workload I currently have in my full time job plus the side projects I have in my own business as a web design services provider, I am busy with regards to the preparations for my second missions trip this year.

Our pastor assigned me as the team administrator of the team and as an admin, I am entrusted to handle all the document matters and will serve as the co-lead of the team because it was not my first time to do that. Days passed by everything was okay until something happened. I stepped down from position of authority. It was my first time to do that thing. I always love to initiate, I like the idea of serving people through leading but not at this time I think.

There was another instance, that I attended a friend's birthday last January, My friend asked me to host for the games of the event, three days before the birthday I prepared everything for it just to be ready, I wrote a spiel, and memorized and read it aloud in front of the mirror for two days. But when the day has come, it didn't turn out the way I planned it. I've lost the opportunity to host the games because  a friend told me that it is better for me not to because I am boring and so I rather concede and let others do it.

Both of the past events taught a lot of lessons to me. I have learned when to surrender and when to continue to fight. When to give up, not because I'm a coward but to give up because for the good of others.

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It was a good thing that I conceded in the end. Making other people look good to others is definitely a humbling experience but it gives a wonderful feeling. It is hard to submit when you don't want to take your pride off. Things will become easy when we don't insist on our own way, when we choose the good for the others more than for ourselves.

It reminds me as well of why we are here, of our purpose. Our purpose is never about ourselves, it's more than the fame and the success we crave in this life. It must be bigger than ourselves. Of whatever purpose we have in this life, and whatever we are called to do, IT IS NEVER ABOUT YOU OR ME and it will never be. It is about serving others and fulfilling what they need and redirecting all the glory to God.

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