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The first week of Feb­ru­ary, I did some­thing coura­geous and new to me. The first quar­ter of year is a busy quar­ter for me, not just with the work­load I cur­rent­ly have in my full time job plus the side projects I have in my own busi­ness as a web design ser­vices provider, I am busy with regards to the prepa­ra­tions for my sec­ond mis­sions trip this year.

Our pas­tor assigned me as the team admin­is­tra­tor of the team and as an admin, I am entrust­ed to han­dle all the doc­u­ment mat­ters and will serve as the co-lead of the team because it was not my first time to do that. Days passed by every­thing was okay until some­thing hap­pened. I stepped down from posi­tion of author­i­ty. It was my first time to do that thing. I always love to ini­ti­ate, I like the idea of serv­ing peo­ple through lead­ing but not at this time I think.

There was anoth­er instance, that I attend­ed a friend’s birth­day last Jan­u­ary, My friend asked me to host for the games of the event, three days before the birth­day I pre­pared every­thing for it just to be ready, I wrote a spiel, and mem­o­rized and read it aloud in front of the mir­ror for two days. But when the day has come, it did­n’t turn out the way I planned it. I’ve lost the oppor­tu­ni­ty to host the games because  a friend told me that it is bet­ter for me not to because I am bor­ing and so I rather con­cede and let oth­ers do it.

Both of the past events taught a lot of lessons to me. I have learned when to sur­ren­der and when to con­tin­ue to fight. When to give up, not because I’m a cow­ard but to give up because for the good of oth­ers.

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It was a good thing that I con­ced­ed in the end. Mak­ing oth­er peo­ple look good to oth­ers is def­i­nite­ly a hum­bling expe­ri­ence but it gives a won­der­ful feel­ing. It is hard to sub­mit when you don’t want to take your pride off. Things will become easy when we don’t insist on our own way, when we choose the good for the oth­ers more than for our­selves.

It reminds me as well of why we are here, of our pur­pose. Our pur­pose is nev­er about our­selves, it’s more than the fame and the suc­cess we crave in this life. It must be big­ger than our­selves. Of what­ev­er pur­pose we have in this life, and what­ev­er we are called to do, IT IS NEVER ABOUT YOU OR ME and it will nev­er be. It is about serv­ing oth­ers and ful­fill­ing what they need and redi­rect­ing all the glo­ry to God.

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