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There was a day in my life that I almost gave up. I want­ed to quit my job, I want­ed to leave our home and live else­where, I want­ed to spend every­thing I saved up, I want­ed to quit my rela­tion­ship with my friends and be iso­lat­ed for three rea­sons:

  1. I felt like being betrayed because my co-work­ers whom I have served talked mali­cious­ly behind me.
  2. I didn’t get the pro­mo­tion that my man­ag­er promised to me even I received a high­er rat­ing than any­one else but one of my col­leagues was able to get it.
  3. I am bro­ken-heart­ed.

And all of them hap­pened with­in the same year! Don’t get me wrong about here, I have already moved on from these things, I am only pleased to share it with you to serve as an inspi­ra­tion.

How does it feel when you didn’t get what you want to achieve? For me it’s awful! I spent two years invest­ing all my life to my job, it was the time when I don’t have time to go to church because I have to work dur­ing week­ends! You know what it hurts? There was no pro­mo­tion.

Anoth­er thing was, I felt some of my col­leagues start­ed to dis­tance them­selves from me. I’m clue­less. Did I say any­thing that hurt them? Or I am too aggres­sive towards work? Or maybe I am too com­pet­i­tive? Oh well, I rest my case.

It was painful to see that I am not grow­ing. I didn’t get the pro­mo­tion, I was dumped by the woman I’m court­ing that time, I couldn’t ask for more! I want­ed to quit my job and I want­ed to iso­late myself!

But here’s one thing I real­ized:

My faith and char­ac­ter were being test­ed dur­ing those moments of my life.

I kept blam­ing Satan and his evil com­pan­ions by attack­ing me, by blam­ing him that he was the one who gave me those dif­fi­cul­ties in life when in fact God was the one who allowed it. Yes, you read it right. GOD allowed it.

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But why? God is good, why He will allow those things to hap­pen in a life of a believ­er? It doesn’t make sense to me at that time. But I remem­ber Job, one of the most faith­ful man I know in the Bible. God pros­pered him but one day while Satan was in heav­en, God said to him “Have you con­sid­er my ser­vant Job? He is faith­ful to me.”, Satan replied, “He is only faith­ful because your hand was upon him, you pros­pered him in every­thing and your angels are pro­tect­ing him, lest you remove your hand and angels on him, he will curse you!”. Then God said, “Alright I will, but don’t touch him and take his life away”.

Job suf­fered. Imag­ine in just a day, all his prop­er­ties were burned in the fire. His daugh­ters and sons died. All that he has once was gone. But despite that, Job did not sin against God.

The Test

Like Job, I wasn’t aware that dur­ing those times, God allowed it to hap­pen to test my faith and reveal what was real­ly in my heart.

The moment I didn’t get the pro­mo­tion, God want­ed for me to see how I am hun­gry for a posi­tion. God want­ed me to learn to per­se­vere and con­tin­ue to serve with­out expect­ing a reward.

The moment I didn’t get the “sweet yes” from the woman I am court­ing that time and how I was frus­trat­ed because I have plans of get­ting mar­ried by the age of 27, God want­ed me to learn that His plans are bet­ter than my plans. He want­ed me to see my flaws, He want­ed me to over­come my jeal­ous­ness. He want­ed me to learn to be true to my words and promis­es, how is it to be the gen­tle­man, a real man. I have learned to wait and let God do the rest because you can’t get any­thing by hur­ry­ing up.

The moment I felt like that I am not grow­ing, oh boy I was wrong, I didn’t grow dur­ing the times when every­thing is good, I grow when I am strug­gling and I have over­come it.

The Life of a plant

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Some­how, the life of human and plants some­how relat­ed to each oth­er. Have you tried to observe how plants and trees thrive?. When it was a seed, its sprouts are strug­gling under­neath the ground. It want­ed to see what’s up there! The sprout might say, “I am so excit­ed to see how it is beau­ti­ful up there! How the heat and light of the sun will touch my skin!, but I must first thrive and over­come this dark­ness and cold­ness that sur­rounds me”.

But all of the trees that amazed me was the bam­boo tree. Why? It was ugly and thin. It amazed me because it takes a long time for it to sprout. The process of grow­ing a bam­boo tree may take years but you know what? Dur­ing the years that a bam­boo seed is grow­ing under­neath the ground, the bam­boo grows its roots first. After its roots were ful­ly grown, it will sprout out of the ground and grow strong­ly and tremen­dous­ly, bam­boo trees won’t be uproot­ed, no mat­ter how the storm will be.

Our life is like the life of a plant. Our strug­gles is a sign that we are grow­ing. The moment we feel that we are not grow­ing because of the cir­cum­stances hap­pen­ing in our lives, it is the time our char­ac­ter is grow­ing, the moment we are strug­gling, the is the time we are root­ing, it is the time when God is mold­ing us and prepar­ing us for the next assign­ment He has for us.

Quot­ing from Michael John Bobak, “All progress takes place out of the com­fort zone.”

When you see your friends get­ting pro­mot­ed, get­ting mar­ried, becom­ing suc­cess­ful, don’t com­pete with them as you will be frus­trat­ed. Instead, com­pete with your­self. Just wait for your time to come and when that time comes, soar high! No one can stop you. Nev­er regret a day in your life, because it has a pur­pose.

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The moment you are tempt­ed to give up, remem­ber why you start­ed.

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