It's been a few days ago the last time I am compelled to write about calling. Why? Because most people don't know if they are on the right track, and that's okay.

We are living now in an information age wherein, more and more people have started finding their calling in so many different ways. Some are looking for it by living in another country or exploring things that they haven't tried yet and most people end up empty, living anxiously how they could live a better life and wishing if they only knew their calling, they would not end up disappointed.


I was in the same situation two years ago.

I wanted to become successful in any way I can with my own might.

Have attended different seminars that tackled about finance and entrepreneurship.

Have tried to start a personal finance blog and the last thing I did was to apply to become an insurance advisor that I ended up resigning from it because I find it really hard at least for me to achieve the success I want in life.

I ventured into many things yet I have found myself in the same place, paralyzed by uncertainty and fear.

Those moments triggered me to ask God: why for some people, it is easy for them to find their calling, and others are not?  If you are like me, have you ever asked yourself or other people why you're calling seems unclear?

Let me share it with you the three lessons I've learned throughout the process of finding my calling. This could help you to understand why a calling is never clear.


 1. When you're calling is not clear, you're on the right track.

“I have never had clarity. I have only ever had trust.” —Mother Teresa

A calling is never clear, there are times I seek God in which direction He wants me to take but He often wants me to move first. It helped me to understand, that when you want to know where you are called at, don't wait for clarity.

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In reading the Bible from cover to cover for years, I never encountered a man or a woman that was called by God having a clear instructions from Him where they should go or what they should do. God never gave them an accurate assignment or an accurate place. Like for example, Abraham. When He was called by God to go the Promise Land, God never told him where it is on the map, or even tell him if there is a hotel or a shelter he and his family can live there.

Abraham, wasn't clear as well, what God wanted Him to do. He didn't know how he will be the father of many nations. Like for Moses, God gave him the order to free His people out of slavery in Egypt but God never told him if he will have an army or weapon that can help him to fulfill the task. In the end, both of them found their calling. They both fulfilled the assignment that God gave to them. They might confuse the first time they received the assignment yet they trust in God during the process.


2. Clarity comes only when we take action.

We don't often know what we should be doing until we start doing it.

When God called Moses to a great task, he actually doesn't know what to do. He told God also that he can't speak on behalf of Him in the congregation of Israel because his lips are faltering. How would Moses lead the people of Israel to the Promise Land if he is unskillful and totally clueless on what to do?

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What Moses did? He just started to take action and obey everything God will be saying to him. Though he doubted his own capability at first, but in the end, he trusted God in the process. Throughout the history in Exodus, Moses was able to lead not just thousands but ten thousands of people and able to raise up leaders just like him.

How was he able to do that? He just started doing it. His experience leads him to become a competent leader and that gives him the confidence to lead the Israelites all of his life.

Trusting in the process means taking action even you are totally clueless about it. When in doubt commit.

I never dreamed about being a writer or to become an author when I was young. and then one day, I just tried to write what was in my head. Today, I love sharing my thoughts and experiences through writing.

A calling is a sum total of a person's life's experiences, skills and passions that all put to work.

3. Just because it is hard, doesn't mean you should quit.

"We are what we repeatedly do." - Aristotle

While many people have started following their passion, from my own experience, it was the most painful and risky thing to do. Many people think they have the passion for something and when the going gets tough, they easily quit.

My commitment was never built overnight. There are nights, I am almost sleepless. One thing that helped me a lot to build my commitment is being accountable. The time I volunteered in the ministry, joined a small group in our church, and started leading one, I have gone through difficult times of maintaining my commitment and consistency.

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And I believe, one of the reasons why some people are not successful because they don't follow their commitments. They never fight for it. I've seen many of them started having a passion and end up quitting and isolating themselves in the end.

That's why passion and desire are not enough. You need to learn to follow your commitments.

Let your passion follow you instead of you following it. What we need is a kind of practice that demands our total presence and a serious attitude to achieve what we want in life.

We are what we repeatedly do. If you want to become good at something, commit to it seriously.

In the end, discovering what you were meant to do and meant to be, requires action and commitment.

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