Your Colleagues Are Resigning: What Now?


For the past 7 years of working in the corporate world, I have seen many people are leaving the company for many reasons.


I remember the first time I step my foot in the corporate office. It was amazing to see how people work together. The office was full of decoration; the canteen offers a food you've never tasted before, the overflowing cup of coffee, plus you will own a laptop!

But the longer you stay, the more reality you will see. Some people didn't enjoy what they are doing. Many people are leaving because they lost their most precious time on the things that matter. And some suffered major health issues.

It was 2011 when I left my first job because I've seen people are leaving. I decided based on my emotions and what other people are telling.

When I landed a job in Hewlett-Packard, I thought it is a perfect company. But the longer I stay, I have seen again many of my colleagues leaving.

2014, when five of my teammates left.

2015, another two of them left.

2016, though I transferred to a different team, I'm still seeing this. Employees leaving the company seems a continuous trend every year.

It hurts to see when one of your closest friends leaving. It is heart-wrenching. It's like a part of yourself tearing away from you. Sepanx (Separation Anxiety) as they call it.

With that you there will be chances you'll lose your enthusiasm to continue to work.




  1. Revisit your goals.
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I remember it was 2014 when five from our team left the company. There was a lot of workloads has left. Everyone was facing a dilemma if it still worth it to stay.

I faced that dilemma too. I prepared my resume and send it to different companies. In fact, there was a company who gave me the job offer, but I declined.

Why I rejected the offer?

Because I realized, it was just a burst of emotions. I don't know what will happen to our team. That time I questioned myself, "will our team will get through? Or we will dissolve like what happened to other teams?""despite all the mergers, acquisitions, the company's revenue is still not increasing, revenue goals still not met, will it be worth it to stay even I don't receive a salary increase?"

The reason I didn't accept the offer was, before the day I was about to return for the job offer, I revisited my goals.

And then I asked myself, "If I will leave my job today, will my goals still keep intact?""Do I need to start over again?"

Revisiting your goals allow you to reflect on your past failures and successes.

When I revisited my long term goals, I realized that the first two years of my career wasn't good. I was a job hopper and with that, it never helped me to get ahead in life.

As a millennial, deciding to stay longer would be a little bit difficult. But it helped you to grow professionally and personally. If working for your company still excites and challenge you, then don't leave yet. Build your career on it.


  1. Know your deepest why.
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Why you do what you do? What comes to your mind each time you wake up in the morning? What are things that capture your interest? What are your passions?

Many people do not know what their passions. You can easily know it if you ask yourself:

"What makes your heart sing?"

And follow the 5 why's principle.




I learned this principle two years ago from my White Belt and Yellow Belt Lean Six Sigma Training.

In this principle, we ask 5 why's or sometimes more than that for each occurring issues because we need to identify the root cause of it to develop a permanent solution or fix for it. Thus, promoting cost savings for the client and ease of work for us.

But in this case, I believe we can apply it also in our lives. And in this context, you'll assess the root cause what has triggered you to make plans about leaving the company.

For example:

Why some my colleagues are leaving? Is it for financial reasons?

Then why it triggered me to follow? Am I struggling financially as well? Does my monthly pay check not enough anymore?

Why I'm struggling financially? Because I spend a lot. Have I many bills to pay?

Why you spend a lot? Want to enjoy life because you know you only live once.

You see, every "why" leads you to your deepest concern. If your last "why" doesn’t persuade you enough to follow people who are leaving the company, then it's not worth to follow them.

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I mentioned earlier that I've been in the corporate for 7 years. Some people might even longer than I am, and for the meantime, I believe this is the place where God has called me for this season of my life. And if He's going to pull me out of it, I will definitely leave the corporate life.

Every year you'll be facing the same dilemma. But your deepest why will either make you stay or pursue your goals and aspirations.

What makes your heart sing?


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