When God Gave You A Dream

In our lives, we have our dreams for ourselves that someday, we want to be a person of significance, a person of influence and many people will be looking up to and so we do more, we want to do more of that. Sometimes we fall into the temptation of doing more because we find our identity and security on these things.

Now let's talk about our dreams. How far your dreams can bring you?. Do you ever have a dream that passed by already?. How about receiving a God given vision or dream? What do you think about it? Lately, I was reading the the story of Joseph again in the bible. The "dreamer", who boldly share his dream to his family but he couldn't even understand it. He let his dream passed by because it was a God given dream. Now let me share to you some of my reflections on it and how should we respond when God gave us a dream.

1. Don't try to make it happen.

There was a time in my life when I usually chased dreams. I go after it and do everything and in anyway I can to achieve it, but it often disappoints me because I force it to happen, I realize that the more I force things to happen, the more I become unhappy.

Do something about it but don't chase your dreams, don't even try to force it to happen. You will only make a big mess in your life if you try to make it happen. Because manipulating situations may get you somewhere more quickly but it won't keep you there for long.

Instead, chase the God who gave you it. Joseph did not chase the dream that was given to him, he just let things to happen, he let God to orchestrate the events of his life, his brothers even sold him to foreigners as a slave, accused of wrong doing and jailed for years. In the latter part of Joseph's life, his dreams came to passed. He even became an important person in Egypt.

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God will make our dreams come true in the right time and in the right place. You will never have to force that's truly meant to be.

2. Don't look to man to make it happen.

Don't look for hope in man. Because man is limited, they can only do so much for you but not everything. Psalm 146:3 says "Do not put your trust in princes, in human beings, who cannot save".

I learned that, if we look to man for hope, they will only disappoint us in the end if they didn't meet our expectations. Just like I've experienced before,  there was an insatiable curiosity to me how a person can write a book, and so I look for places in the internet where I can learn it. But in the end, their promises are not true.

Don't be tempted to compromise because when God opens the door, He is the only one can open it for you.

3. Trust God's timing.

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:" - Ecclesiastes 3:1

When God gave you a dream, expect there is a season and time for it. He will not give a blessing if you are not ready for it.

4. Don't be jealous of what others have.

In my book, I wrote that every man has a story to fit in but in the end we are all part of a larger story. Most people do not have a sense of it, they are not aware that they are part of larger story, a part of a story that if we only connect the dots together from one story to another story of man's life, we are living the same purpose. If people only have a sense of the larger story that awaits them, people will have no time to envy other people's lives.

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Don't be jealous of what others have only means that if we keep looking on what others have, we will have no time to be grateful of what we have right now.

My experiences in life has taught me a lot about it. When I tend to become jealous of what others have, I'm trying to prove myself that I can have it too one day and so I work hard to gain it, but in the end, I realize it has no worth for me, I just wanted to have that thing because others have it. Have you ever experienced it too? You want to buy something what others have but when you have it, you didn't really enjoy it.

He who envies others for what they have, do not have peace among themselves, they are setting up themselves for disappointment.

5. Work your character.

Some people believe that IQ is what will keep you ahead wherever you are. But in this generation, it was no longer true. While IQ and skills will get you there but it is your character that will keep you ahead.

Experiences allows us to mold our character. Don't neglect learning in every experience you have. Watch out your habits because it will become your character as well.

Work on your character, because character is not how you respond when all things seems good, but it is how you respond when circumstances happen.

6. Practice humility. 

There was a man who was so very wise in a town that many people go after him for an advise because of his gained wisdom. But there's one person wiser than him and he wanted to learn from it.

So one day, he went to this old man that many people called him master.The master welcomed him to his home. The old man usually share the things he knows that any man knew already so as to see how they would respond. The old man was not surprised by the man's response, the man repeatedly answering him that he knows it already, that he experienced it before.

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Then the old man said to him,  then you don't have anything to learn from me.

Sometimes, we could be like that man. Our experiences may brought us somewhere but when we do not open ourselves to learn from others, we are boxing ourselves with pride and arrogance.

Without humility we can't go ahead in life. We will never be able to learn new things and skills. Most of the people I've known who became successful are humble. I haven't met any person who became successful because he is prideful and arrogant and unwilling to learn from other people.

There could be more to-do's we need to do to achieve our dreams. But if it is meant to be, let it flow and let God orchestrate it for you. Trust God's plan because it is pleasing and perfect.

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