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When God Gave You A Dream

In our lives, we have our dreams for our­selves that some­day, we want to be a per­son of sig­nif­i­cance, a per­son of influ­ence and many peo­ple will be look­ing up to and so we do more, we want to do more of that. Some­times we fall into the temp­ta­tion of doing more because we find our iden­ti­ty and secu­ri­ty on these things.

Now let’s talk about our dreams. How far your dreams can bring you?. Do you ever have a dream that passed by already?. How about receiv­ing a God giv­en vision or dream? What do you think about it? Late­ly, I was read­ing the the sto­ry of Joseph again in the bible. The “dream­er”, who bold­ly share his dream to his fam­i­ly but he could­n’t even under­stand it. He let his dream passed by because it was a God giv­en dream. Now let me share to you some of my reflec­tions on it and how should we respond when God gave us a dream.

1. Don’t try to make it hap­pen.

There was a time in my life when I usu­al­ly chased dreams. I go after it and do every­thing and in any­way I can to achieve it, but it often dis­ap­points me because I force it to hap­pen, I real­ize that the more I force things to hap­pen, the more I become unhap­py.

Do some­thing about it but don’t chase your dreams, don’t even try to force it to hap­pen. You will only make a big mess in your life if you try to make it hap­pen. Because manip­u­lat­ing sit­u­a­tions may get you some­where more quick­ly but it won’t keep you there for long.

Instead, chase the God who gave you it. Joseph did not chase the dream that was giv­en to him, he just let things to hap­pen, he let God to orches­trate the events of his life, his broth­ers even sold him to for­eign­ers as a slave, accused of wrong doing and jailed for years. In the lat­ter part of Joseph’s life, his dreams came to passed. He even became an impor­tant per­son in Egypt.

God will make our dreams come true in the right time and in the right place. You will nev­er have to force that’s tru­ly meant to be.

2. Don’t look to man to make it hap­pen.

Don’t look for hope in man. Because man is lim­it­ed, they can only do so much for you but not every­thing. Psalm 146:3 says “Do not put your trust in princes, in human beings, who can­not save”.

I learned that, if we look to man for hope, they will only dis­ap­point us in the end if they did­n’t meet our expec­ta­tions. Just like I’ve expe­ri­enced before,  there was an insa­tiable curios­i­ty to me how a per­son can write a book, and so I look for places in the inter­net where I can learn it. But in the end, their promis­es are not true.

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Don’t be tempt­ed to com­pro­mise because when God opens the door, He is the only one can open it for you.

3. Trust God’s tim­ing.

There is a time for every­thing, and a sea­son for every activ­i­ty under the heav­ens:” — Eccle­si­astes 3:1

When God gave you a dream, expect there is a sea­son and time for it. He will not give a bless­ing if you are not ready for it.

4. Don’t be jeal­ous of what oth­ers have.

In my book, I wrote that every man has a sto­ry to fit in but in the end we are all part of a larg­er sto­ry. Most peo­ple do not have a sense of it, they are not aware that they are part of larg­er sto­ry, a part of a sto­ry that if we only con­nect the dots togeth­er from one sto­ry to anoth­er sto­ry of man’s life, we are liv­ing the same pur­pose. If peo­ple only have a sense of the larg­er sto­ry that awaits them, peo­ple will have no time to envy oth­er peo­ple’s lives.

Don’t be jeal­ous of what oth­ers have only means that if we keep look­ing on what oth­ers have, we will have no time to be grate­ful of what we have right now.

My expe­ri­ences in life has taught me a lot about it. When I tend to become jeal­ous of what oth­ers have, I’m try­ing to prove myself that I can have it too one day and so I work hard to gain it, but in the end, I real­ize it has no worth for me, I just want­ed to have that thing because oth­ers have it. Have you ever expe­ri­enced it too? You want to buy some­thing what oth­ers have but when you have it, you did­n’t real­ly enjoy it.

He who envies oth­ers for what they have, do not have peace among them­selves, they are set­ting up them­selves for dis­ap­point­ment.

5. Work your char­ac­ter.

Some peo­ple believe that IQ is what will keep you ahead wher­ev­er you are. But in this gen­er­a­tion, it was no longer true. While IQ and skills will get you there but it is your char­ac­ter that will keep you ahead.

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Expe­ri­ences allows us to mold our char­ac­ter. Don’t neglect learn­ing in every expe­ri­ence you have. Watch out your habits because it will become your char­ac­ter as well.

Work on your char­ac­ter, because char­ac­ter is not how you respond when all things seems good, but it is how you respond when cir­cum­stances hap­pen.

6. Prac­tice humil­i­ty. 

There was a man who was so very wise in a town that many peo­ple go after him for an advise because of his gained wis­dom. But there’s one per­son wis­er than him and he want­ed to learn from it.

So one day, he went to this old man that many peo­ple called him master.The mas­ter wel­comed him to his home. The old man usu­al­ly share the things he knows that any man knew already so as to see how they would respond. The old man was not sur­prised by the man’s response, the man repeat­ed­ly answer­ing him that he knows it already, that he expe­ri­enced it before.

Then the old man said to him,  then you don’t have any­thing to learn from me.

Some­times, we could be like that man. Our expe­ri­ences may brought us some­where but when we do not open our­selves to learn from oth­ers, we are box­ing our­selves with pride and arro­gance.

With­out humil­i­ty we can’t go ahead in life. We will nev­er be able to learn new things and skills. Most of the peo­ple I’ve known who became suc­cess­ful are hum­ble. I haven’t met any per­son who became suc­cess­ful because he is pride­ful and arro­gant and unwill­ing to learn from oth­er peo­ple.

There could be more to-do’s we need to do to achieve our dreams. But if it is meant to be, let it flow and let God orches­trate it for you. Trust God’s plan because it is pleas­ing and per­fect.

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