Today we live in a culture wherein wrong becomes right and right becomes wrong. Wherein fights doesn’t need to be physical it can happen instantly via social media. And the worst, when a man can't be a man enough to fight for his family, love life, relationships and his own faith in God.

They said real men are very rare nowadays because you can see most of them are not in the place where they should be, you can see some of them on the night clubs, some are staying at home letting the mom do all the work and some are not even interested taking leadership roles wherever they are place to work at - in short they let the woman to lead.

When I was a student, I am glad that our parents raised us up to be responsible enough and taught us everything we need to learn about domestic chores at a younger age. Growing up in a community wherein most of the adult smoke and drink all day along the streets, and as a child, I taught it was okay. And then, a few years later, I have learned to watch pornography at the age of 12 because one of my classmates showed it to us during recess and  I started to drink alcoholic beverages at the age of 15. And all I thought it was okay because everyone in our community is doing it anyway.

I have been taught that to be a real man you should drink all the way you can until your body withdraws all the food you ate. To be a "macho" you have to womanize at least 5 or more woman in your life. But I thank God that I wasn't reach that point because my only model of being a man is my father, yet my father was  a drunkard at that time and so I am.

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You see what defines someone's manhood - it's the community where we live. You are where you are. My computer game and pornography addiction brought me to the point where I am afraid of talking to people, I felt awkward spending time with the opposite sex because I only saw them through my eyes as a sex object.

Today, I thank God every time I remember those dark ages of my life (I will never return to them no matter what). He is truly a redeemer. He saved me from the bondage of addiction and sins and gave me a new life. As my quest to be the right person for my future wife and future family, I decided to study what a real man should be, based on the bible and I thank God that I met Pastor Dennis Sy in the church I belong now, who found the blog actlikeaman.org and authored the book "Act Like A Man".

In this article, I write only  a few things about his new book and the  good news is…he is giving it away only for FREE! Is this for real? Yes you heard me right, it's FREE! Probably you are asking right now in your minds how can you avail it, just continue to read.

In his new book, he enumerated and explained what a man should build. These things are essential to a man to become the right one for his future wife, future family and even future children as we are the one who will be in charge of the next generation.

The book not just helped me a lot to cultivate what I have right now, but it opened my eyes to the things I need to learn and apply to my life as a godly man. As a man, God called us to lead. He gave us responsibilities that we are the only one who can do. In his new book, he will teach you how to be a good steward of your God-given wealth, to be a spiritual leader  and how to cultivate the relationship we have right now.  I highly encourage you to read his book.

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You can avail the soft copy of his new book on this link: http://actlikeaman.org/freebooks/. Enjoy!

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