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Today we live in a cul­ture where­in wrong becomes right and right becomes wrong. Where­in fights doesn’t need to be phys­i­cal it can hap­pen instant­ly via social media. And the worst, when a man can’t be a man enough to fight for his fam­i­ly, love life, rela­tion­ships and his own faith in God.

They said real men are very rare nowa­days because you can see most of them are not in the place where they should be, you can see some of them on the night clubs, some are stay­ing at home let­ting the mom do all the work and some are not even inter­est­ed tak­ing lead­er­ship roles wher­ev­er they are place to work at — in short they let the woman to lead.

When I was a stu­dent, I am glad that our par­ents raised us up to be respon­si­ble enough and taught us every­thing we need to learn about domes­tic chores at a younger age. Grow­ing up in a com­mu­ni­ty where­in most of the adult smoke and drink all day along the streets, and as a child, I taught it was okay. And then, a few years lat­er, I have learned to watch pornog­ra­phy at the age of 12 because one of my class­mates showed it to us dur­ing recess and  I start­ed to drink alco­holic bev­er­ages at the age of 15. And all I thought it was okay because every­one in our com­mu­ni­ty is doing it any­way.

I have been taught that to be a real man you should drink all the way you can until your body with­draws all the food you ate. To be a “macho” you have to wom­an­ize at least 5 or more woman in your life. But I thank God that I was­n’t reach that point because my only mod­el of being a man is my father, yet my father was  a drunk­ard at that time and so I am.

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You see what defines some­one’s man­hood — it’s the com­mu­ni­ty where we live. You are where you are. My com­put­er game and pornog­ra­phy addic­tion brought me to the point where I am afraid of talk­ing to peo­ple, I felt awk­ward spend­ing time with the oppo­site sex because I only saw them through my eyes as a sex object.

Today, I thank God every time I remem­ber those dark ages of my life (I will nev­er return to them no mat­ter what). He is tru­ly a redeemer. He saved me from the bondage of addic­tion and sins and gave me a new life. As my quest to be the right per­son for my future wife and future fam­i­ly, I decid­ed to study what a real man should be, based on the bible and I thank God that I met Pas­tor Den­nis Sy in the church I belong now, who found the blog and authored the book “Act Like A Man”.

In this arti­cle, I write only  a few things about his new book and the  good news is…he is giv­ing it away only for FREE! Is this for real? Yes you heard me right, it’s FREE! Prob­a­bly you are ask­ing right now in your minds how can you avail it, just con­tin­ue to read.

In his new book, he enu­mer­at­ed and explained what a man should build. These things are essen­tial to a man to become the right one for his future wife, future fam­i­ly and even future chil­dren as we are the one who will be in charge of the next gen­er­a­tion.

The book not just helped me a lot to cul­ti­vate what I have right now, but it opened my eyes to the things I need to learn and apply to my life as a god­ly man. As a man, God called us to lead. He gave us respon­si­bil­i­ties that we are the only one who can do. In his new book, he will teach you how to be a good stew­ard of your God-giv­en wealth, to be a spir­i­tu­al leader  and how to cul­ti­vate the rela­tion­ship we have right now.  I high­ly encour­age you to read his book.

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You can avail the soft copy of his new book on this link: Enjoy!

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