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You were busy preparing everything from packing foods to clothes for a vacation in a far, far away city or province, had sleepy, perhaps about an hour or two.

You arrived at the place and ready to seize the day! But lat­er you found out that there was an emer­gency.

Your friend received a call from the wife of her sib­ling that his broth­er died. Your friend was cry­ing, so his whole fam­i­ly too! But his broth­er was in Mani­la and no one will help him out! So you went back to Mani­la that is five hours away, to help your friend to see the sit­u­a­tion.

Have you expe­ri­enced a moment like that in your trips? You went for a vaca­tion, yet it turned out to be a dis­as­ter. You lack sleep; you hoped that you will relax when you get there but it turns out to be the oppo­site.

Yes­ter­day, it hap­pened to us. We had a plan to have a vaca­tion in the place of our neigh­bor in Tar­lac. She invit­ed my fam­i­ly.

When we got there, we rest for a while and ate break­fast. After a few hours, they received a call that their broth­er can’t revive . He fell on the floor and does not respond. His wife thought he died, so the fam­i­ly mourn for him, they are in the pan­ic and do not know what to do.

Would you be hap­py if you sup­posed to cel­e­brate then some­thing impor­tant got in the way?

Hey, your broth­er died! Yet no one’s call­ing 911!

I called 911 for the first time. We are in the province and the one who needs atten­tion was in Mani­la. I doubt if I could get help if I act as the medi­a­tor, but thank God, the 911 Team did!

After a while, we have no choice but to can­cel our tour and the baby ded­i­ca­tion. We rushed to Mani­la to see the sit­u­a­tion.

After leav­ing the fam­i­ly in the hos­pi­tal. We went home tired.

Life is unpre­dictable. You have plans and yet some of them will not ful­fill. And that’s why most peo­ple pre­fer the spon­tane­ity of life rather than hav­ing a plan for it. Some leave it to God.

Some set goals to only real­ize they are being oppressed by it. They force to achieve it at all cost but they’re not hap­py.

But do you think life would be bet­ter if you let your year to be spon­ta­neous?

If you believe in God, do you think God would do every­thing for you by being pas­sive all the time?

If you think hav­ing a goal is a to-do list, and it stress­es you, would you think you will accom­plish some­thing with­out it, with­out being stressed?

Here’s what I learned yesterday


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A goal is only a guide for your life.”

  • Own the goal, not to be own by the goal.
  • Own your career not to be a slave to it.
  • Own your busi­ness not to be own by it.

We felt oppressed hav­ing the goal because we make it our mas­ter.

We felt stressed how to make our career grow because we make it our mas­ter.

We felt our busi­ness­es would cost our fam­i­ly or even mar­riage because we make our busi­ness our mas­ter.

In my arti­cle “3 Rea­sons Why, We Don’t Set Goals”:

  • We don’t set goals because we are afraid.
  • We don’t set goals because we don’t know where we are head­ing.
  • We don’t set goals because we are lazy.

But here’s oth­er rea­sons I’ve learned:

We are afraid to be own by it. 

We are afraid that hav­ing goals will pro­mote self­ish­ness as we are called to do God’s plan for our lives.

But how did we know if we don’t set one?

Still happy with the outcome


We may nev­er have ful­filled our planned trip yes­ter­day, we were hap­py to be of help.

While the fam­i­ly was mourn­ing for the lost, I with­drew from them and ran to a place I can be alone. I prayed to God to com­fort them and if He was will­ing, make the per­son alive. I asked my close friends to inter­cede for him.

We received a news after a day that their broth­er was alive but can­not respond to them. His eyes were wide open and mov­ing, imply­ing he is alive! I thank God for the oppor­tu­ni­ty and for the answered prayer.

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Though our trip was can­celed. God used that sit­u­a­tion for good.

Like our goals, we may not ful­fill all of them. It can be ful­filled at a lat­er time, in per­fect time or God’s per­fect time.

If you are dis­ap­point­ed with your life because you have nev­er achieved any of your goals, let me ask you a ques­tion?

Are you doing some­thing about it?

Are you invest­ing on it?

Or are you sim­ply impa­tient? Relax every­thing takes time.

Like what I wrote in my plan­ner for Jan­u­ary 1st, 2016:

Wel­come to the first page of your book called 2016. As the year starts, remind your­self that focus­ing too much on the goals will only set you to dis­ap­point­ment and dis­con­tent­ment. Goals were just meant as guides, as path or trails to your pur­pose. Love your sea­son. Enjoy every moment. ”

I am excit­ed what the new year will unfold.

How about you? Can you share an expe­ri­ence where you orig­i­nal­ly have a plan but it turned out you have to can­cel it out and what did you do about it? I’m wait­ing for your answer.

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