You were busy preparing everything from packing foods to clothes for a vacation in a far, far away city or province, had sleepy, perhaps about an hour or two.

You arrived at the place and ready to seize the day! But later you found out that there was an emergency.

Your friend received a call from the wife of her sibling that his brother died. Your friend was crying, so his whole family too! But his brother was in Manila and no one will help him out! So you went back to Manila that is five hours away, to help your friend to see the situation.

Have you experienced a moment like that in your trips? You went for a vacation, yet it turned out to be a disaster. You lack sleep; you hoped that you will relax when you get there but it turns out to be the opposite.

Yesterday, it happened to us. We had a plan to have a vacation in the place of our neighbor in Tarlac. She invited my family.

When we got there, we rest for a while and ate breakfast. After a few hours, they received a call that their brother can't revive . He fell on the floor and does not respond. His wife thought he died, so the family mourn for him, they are in the panic and do not know what to do.

Would you be happy if you supposed to celebrate then something important got in the way?

Hey, your brother died! Yet no one's calling 911!

I called 911 for the first time. We are in the province and the one who needs attention was in Manila. I doubt if I could get help if I act as the mediator, but thank God, the 911 Team did!

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After a while, we have no choice but to cancel our tour and the baby dedication. We rushed to Manila to see the situation.

After leaving the family in the hospital. We went home tired.

Life is unpredictable. You have plans and yet some of them will not fulfill. And that's why most people prefer the spontaneity of life rather than having a plan for it. Some leave it to God.

Some set goals to only realize they are being oppressed by it. They force to achieve it at all cost but they're not happy.

But do you think life would be better if you let your year to be spontaneous?

If you believe in God, do you think God would do everything for you by being passive all the time?

If you think having a goal is a to-do list, and it stresses you, would you think you will accomplish something without it, without being stressed?

Here's what I learned yesterday


"A goal is only a guide for your life."

  • Own the goal, not to be own by the goal.
  • Own your career not to be a slave to it.
  • Own your business not to be own by it.

We felt oppressed having the goal because we make it our master.

We felt stressed how to make our career grow because we make it our master.

We felt our businesses would cost our family or even marriage because we make our business our master.

In my article "3 Reasons Why, We Don't Set Goals":

  • We don't set goals because we are afraid.
  • We don't set goals because we don't know where we are heading.
  • We don't set goals because we are lazy.
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But here's other reasons I've learned:

We are afraid to be own by it. 

We are afraid that having goals will promote selfishness as we are called to do God's plan for our lives.

But how did we know if we don't set one?

Still happy with the outcome


We may never have fulfilled our planned trip yesterday, we were happy to be of help.

While the family was mourning for the lost, I withdrew from them and ran to a place I can be alone. I prayed to God to comfort them and if He was willing, make the person alive. I asked my close friends to intercede for him.

We received a news after a day that their brother was alive but cannot respond to them. His eyes were wide open and moving, implying he is alive! I thank God for the opportunity and for the answered prayer.

Though our trip was canceled. God used that situation for good.

Like our goals, we may not fulfill all of them. It can be fulfilled at a later time, in perfect time or God's perfect time.

If you are disappointed with your life because you have never achieved any of your goals, let me ask you a question?

Are you doing something about it?

Are you investing on it?

Or are you simply impatient? Relax everything takes time.

Like what I wrote in my planner for January 1st, 2016:

"Welcome to the first page of your book called 2016. As the year starts, remind yourself that focusing too much on the goals will only set you to disappointment and discontentment. Goals were just meant as guides, as path or trails to your purpose. Love your season. Enjoy every moment. "

I am excited what the new year will unfold.

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How about you? Can you share an experience where you originally have a plan but it turned out you have to cancel it out and what did you do about it? I'm waiting for your answer.

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