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How to Use Your Money To Grow Your Character


The old adage said, mon­ey can’t buy hap­pi­ness, but it can buy things that will make you hap­py.” And so, we spend our mon­ey on things that bring com­fort to us. We spend mon­ey to go to the places we’ve nev­er been off, we spend in try­ing out the new restau­rant in the town, get togeth­er with the fam­i­ly, with friends, with col­leagues and so more.

There are so many things that can bring hap­pi­ness to us. But did you know that you can use your mon­ey to grow your char­ac­ter? No won­der the Bible talks more about mon­ey than hell. Because the truth is, mon­ey can mold our char­ac­ter. You have seen how many peo­ple who are inse­cure drag­ging down oth­er peo­ple for the sake of mon­ey.

Peter Grandich author of Con­fes­sions of a Wall Street Whiz Kid “ said, “Our whole cul­ture now is built on the premise that we have to have more mon­ey and more stuff to feel hap­py and secure… that more stuff equals more hap­pi­ness”


With this kind of culture we have right now, can we really grow our character using our money?


The answer is yes.



1. Invest it in truth and wis­dom.

Proverbs 23:23 CEV says: “Invest in truth and wis­dom, dis­ci­pline and good sense and don’t part with them.”

One of the things we can do to invest our mon­ey in truth and wis­dom is by buy­ing books writ­ten by Chris­t­ian Authors. When we read the books they have writ­ten, we learn from their expe­ri­ences, we learn how God shaped them to be the per­son God want­ed them to be.

I often read Chris­t­ian books besides from the Bible as it gives me spir­i­tu­al nour­ish­ment. It refresh­es my faith and gives me a wider per­spec­tive of faith in God.

And last­ly,


2. Share what you have learned to oth­ers.

Proverbs 20:15 NIV “Gold there is, and rubies in abun­dance, but lips that speak knowl­edge are a rare jew­el.”

There’s no bet­ter way to learn than expe­ri­enc­ing it on your own. And the best way to retain a les­son in our mind is to teach it to oth­ers, and I have been doing it for the last five years since I became a gen­uine Chris­t­ian.

What God spoke to me, what I learned from the books or blogs writ­ten by Chris­t­ian authors, I always make sure to teach and share it to oth­ers. Because in that way, I am not just invest­ing in my own char­ac­ter, but I also invest­ing on oth­er’s char­ac­ter and that’s how dis­ci­ple­ship works — impart­ing the whole of your­self to anoth­er per­son.

And I believe God is hap­py if we spend our mon­ey that way.

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