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And we know that for those who love God, all things work togeth­er for good, for those who are called accord­ing to his pur­pose.” — Romans 8:28

Oppo­si­tion comes in many shapes and sizes, It comes when we are aim­ing towards a tar­get­ed goal. How’s your faith goal so far this year? Are there any oppo­si­tions came in dur­ing the time you are doing some­thing to achieve it? How do you deal with it?

Let me share a short sto­ry, please bear with me for a few min­utes.
Since the begin­ning of this year, I remem­ber I start­ed as noth­ing, I felt I was a new cre­ation because I final­ly let go the pain that I’ve been nurs­ing for few months last year. To con­tin­ue, it has been my habit to write down my faith goals every year and watch them to come true as the year goes on but it was­n’t that easy.

And so I stared attend­ing sem­i­nars and read­ing more books to learn more and gain wis­dom and to total­ly for­get every­thing. From there my crav­ings for learn­ing start­ed.

I’ve become one of the “sem­i­nar­ista” as they called because I am already fond of sem­i­nars, It was start­ed there until I found an author and a speak­er who was will­ing to train us to become an author and to teach us how to write our own book. At first it was a chal­lenge for me to shell out that amount of mon­ey but I did! It was real­ly worth it! You know why? It’s because I grew up. I lev­eled up in a way that I achieved one mile­stone again on my life after all the pain and strug­gle dis­ci­plin­ing myself to think, orga­nize my thoughts and write them! and now I was able to write my first book!

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Dhenn, did you say you write your own book? Yes! And they are now avail­able on Ama­zon Stores! Click Here to view the book. Next year I’m hop­ing I would be able to write anoth­er book again and will see you on our book launch!
I said before it was­n’t that easy, writ­ing a book was one of my dream, and as usu­al oppo­si­tion comes to me in dif­fer­ent forms and in dif­fer­ent sizes but I know God is my back­up that I was able to stand and win against it.

Achiev­ing goals are not be easy. Dreams are goals and I firm­ly believe if a dream comes from God, the jour­ney will not go as smooth­ly as it is. The ene­my will try to dis­tract us from our pur­pose. Satan will oppose us in the form of a fam­i­ly mem­ber or a friend that will inter­rupt our progress.
But don’t you know even though oppo­si­tion could be clear­ly from the ene­my, there is a pur­pose for it and why God allows it. Today I am going to share you how oppo­si­tion could play an impor­tant role in achiev­ing our goals in life.

1. It gets you clos­er to your goals.

Have you ever thought that in every tri­al we get some­thing pos­i­tive on it? Oppo­si­tion could be a neg­a­tive thing because it’s an obsta­cle or a hin­drance to our progress. But have you real­ize that in a game, the hard­er the ene­my the clos­er we are to the last stage.

Here’s one thing I’ve learned in life, that no mat­ter how hard or high the obsta­cle in front of us, it test our per­sis­tence, it demands our patience and per­se­ver­ance but it makes us stronger even more. Think of it, the clos­er we get to our goal, the hard­er it is, so don’t give up!

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2. It leads us to a greater source of strength.

Oppo­si­tion might be big­ger than us when it comes, but one of its pur­pose is to remind us how weak are we, that we can­not do any­thing apart from God. God is the greater source of our strength, in Him we will be able to with­stand against the oppo­si­tion because He him­self over­came it!.

3. Oppo­si­tion is an affir­ma­tion that what God has for us will not be thwart­ed.

Delays, break-ups, inter­rup­tions, finan­cial prob­lems and even many dis­tur­bances will hap­pen to us, rest assure that all things work togeth­er for our own good. Even the worst thing could hap­pen, God is work­ing every­thing for your own good.

As we walk in our des­tiny and pur­pose, we can assure that God works in all things for our own good. God is say­ing “Son, I am always with you, trust me!, this will turn out for your own good!”

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