"And we know that for those who love God, all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose." - Romans 8:28

Opposition comes in many shapes and sizes, It comes when we are aiming towards a targeted goal. How's your faith goal so far this year? Are there any oppositions came in during the time you are doing something to achieve it? How do you deal with it?

Let me share a short story, please bear with me for a few minutes.
Since the beginning of this year, I remember I started as nothing, I felt I was a new creation because I finally let go the pain that I've been nursing for few months last year. To continue, it has been my habit to write down my faith goals every year and watch them to come true as the year goes on but it wasn't that easy.

And so I stared attending seminars and reading more books to learn more and gain wisdom and to totally forget everything. From there my cravings for learning started.

I've become one of the "seminarista" as they called because I am already fond of seminars, It was started there until I found an author and a speaker who was willing to train us to become an author and to teach us how to write our own book. At first it was a challenge for me to shell out that amount of money but I did! It was really worth it! You know why? It's because I grew up. I leveled up in a way that I achieved one milestone again on my life after all the pain and struggle disciplining myself to think, organize my thoughts and write them! and now I was able to write my first book!

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Dhenn, did you say you write your own book? Yes! And they are now available on Amazon Stores! Click Here to view the book. Next year I'm hoping I would be able to write another book again and will see you on our book launch!
I said before it wasn't that easy, writing a book was one of my dream, and as usual opposition comes to me in different forms and in different sizes but I know God is my backup that I was able to stand and win against it.

Achieving goals are not be easy. Dreams are goals and I firmly believe if a dream comes from God, the journey will not go as smoothly as it is. The enemy will try to distract us from our purpose. Satan will oppose us in the form of a family member or a friend that will interrupt our progress.
But don't you know even though opposition could be clearly from the enemy, there is a purpose for it and why God allows it. Today I am going to share you how opposition could play an important role in achieving our goals in life.

1. It gets you closer to your goals.

Have you ever thought that in every trial we get something positive on it? Opposition could be a negative thing because it's an obstacle or a hindrance to our progress. But have you realize that in a game, the harder the enemy the closer we are to the last stage.

Here's one thing I've learned in life, that no matter how hard or high the obstacle in front of us, it test our persistence, it demands our patience and perseverance but it makes us stronger even more. Think of it, the closer we get to our goal, the harder it is, so don't give up!

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2. It leads us to a greater source of strength.

Opposition might be bigger than us when it comes, but one of its purpose is to remind us how weak are we, that we cannot do anything apart from God. God is the greater source of our strength, in Him we will be able to withstand against the opposition because He himself overcame it!.

3. Opposition is an affirmation that what God has for us will not be thwarted.

Delays, break-ups, interruptions, financial problems and even many disturbances will happen to us, rest assure that all things work together for our own good. Even the worst thing could happen, God is working everything for your own good.

As we walk in our destiny and purpose, we can assure that God works in all things for our own good. God is saying "Son, I am always with you, trust me!, this will turn out for your own good!"

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