Yesterday, we just had our quarterly meeting in the organization I chose to cooperate with, to lead with and to serve with.

We have been serving our co-employees for their holistic development in terms of physical well-being, and financial well-being.

I chose to be part of the financial wellness team because I believe most people quit because of financial problems rather than stress problems, and financial literacy is closer to my heart since I am too an advocate of it.

I just wanted to share a lesson I've learned yesterday that I hope it will help you somehow in your quest for a better life.

"Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!", or I'd rather say "Choose me! Choose me! Choose me!"

Most of us are trained to wait for someone to choose us or pick us up. In the office, employees often wait for someone to make them in-charge or before they speak up. Writers often wait to be pick by agents or publishers before they publish their work. Entrepreneurs often wait for a venture capitalist or investors.

I remember one Sunday afternoon when I was preaching, to ensure kids participation, I often pick a kid to recite the answer and share it with the whole class, then he or she will get a prize.

Since most kids are participative, I was having difficulty who I am going to pick, and there was a young boy voluntarily stand up and pick himself to answer the question.

Note: He pick himself, I didn't pick him.

Such a wonderful picture of courage, and having no fear to fail. He doesn't care whether he will answer it correctly or not, the important for him that moment is to speak out.

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True enough, that children, if trained properly, imagine how impactful are they when they become adults.

Sadly, most of us are trained to doubt ourselves. The fear of being rejected bound us in the tyranny of being picked and therefore it made us not to speak out, not to take risks and not to face our fears.

We have willingly submitted ourselves under the leadership of a cruel and oppressive leader that lives within us.

We live in a world with excessive bureaucracy or adherence to rules and formalities, especially in the corporate world, whereas one of the reasons why employees quit because they can't decide for themselves, they can't start projects on their own, they can't use their creativity to move forward because of the leaders who possessed the red tape attitude.

Comply, comply, comply or else you will fire.

I admit as a rank-and-file employee, I find that bureaucracy is oppressive in so many ways. If you are an employee, you don't decide, the upper management decides. This could exist in many organizations but not all and it such a blessing if you are working with a company preventing the red tape.

I find it one of the reasons why most people if they have the resources, often choose to take the path of entrepreneurship which I will take, once I am ready.

As Seth Godin says in his book Poke The Box, "Reject the tyranny of being picked. Pick yourself".

He is right:

  • Don't wait for permission from others before you start achieving your dreams.
  • Don't wait for others to validate your work to be able to continue.
  • Choose yourself, encourage yourself because in the end when everything else fails, no one will be there to cheer you up, it's only you.
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To continue the story, we started our meeting with a game. The game will encourage everyone to move and meet a new friend (at least 5) and ask a question from the given list of questions to ask and one must give a different question to each person they meet, repeating the same question is not allowed.

I reluctantly participated but because I felt I must, I was able to complete it first and immediately went in the front so as to avoid having the same person asked by a different person with the same question I asked.

I won! Haha. I bet you get the idea now. It's always worth it to finish first, to come early because early birds often gave the chance to speak up, while latecomers, since they are late, often the last to serve and often didn't have a chance to speak up.

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