In my recent article on "How to Survive Every Month Financially" I was shocked that my article has gone viral. I checked the stats, and it garnered a total of 200,000+ views plus my email list grew by almost 300%. Wow, just wow.

First, if you're one of the people who read, liked and shared my article, I would like to thank you. May God bless you more! It would not go viral without you.

Here are some comments I've received:

Thank you for those who left their message. You are truly an inspiration to me.

I've seen also some of the comments that well a valid comment why manga is being compared to books. Don't get me wrong, I'm not comparing them, it's just that books encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone, it taught me to stop wishing and start working on my dreams, and it taught me to prepare for life and how to be an adult.

With regards to investing, I'm not an expert to answer all of your questions as I'm only basing them on my experiences and wisdom received from my friends and mentors who are "financially-savvy", but I would be glad to write some of the things I know in the next coming weeks.

I've said to my previous article that at the age of 20, it came to my senses that I need to grow up. How to adult sabi nga nila.

Now how I began to be an adult? I started reading books and learn from other's experiences. That's the first thing you should do; educate yourself.

And that's number one lacking in our country today. People would normally go to what is easy that's why in the end they left frustrated. Without going on to the process of becoming the person you wanted to be, you'll be frustrated, disappointed and probably you might give up too soon.

Now, I want to share with you the ABC's of adulting or how it is to live like an adult. I got some of this from Seth Godin. Brace yourselves as some might get you feel uncomfortable.

A. Anxiety is experiencing failure in advance. Would you like to fail? Tell yourself about the worst possible outcome you will ever face. It doesn't make you better.

B. Balance, there's no such thing as balanced-life or work-life balance. Lose it and make your priorities right instead.

C. Commitment is the only thing that gets you through the chasm. Kung gusto mong mag-ipon at mag-invest at magtagumpay sa buhay, maging committed ka. Panindigan mo yan!

D. Dance with fear. Shake it off!

E. Effort. You need to make an effort.

F. Feedback. Instead of using it to please everyone, use it to further push you to overcome what you fear and embrace what you're capable of.

G. Give cheerfully. The purpose why God is blessing us with material wealth is to give it to others. Be a blessing.

H. Heroes are people who take risks for the right reasons. Don't be a hipster who hasn't risked a thing so they never fail.

I. Always Initiate. Pick yourself. Take initiative. No one is going to pick you and say "hey I choose you!". Hindi ka Pokemon.

J. Joy. Be joyful from being satisfied. Discontentment will bring you trouble.

K. Kill. Kill your bad habits by replacing it with good habits.

L. Love. Love like Jesus. We can't, but when you have a relationship with Jesus, makakaya mo.

M. More is bad. It leads you to the world of scarcity. Do you know why some people never satisfied? Because they want more!

N. Sometimes people answered you with "No" because it feels safe. But say yes to possibility and yes to risk. Nothing is ever worth it without taking the risk.

O. One more chance. It's okay to fail, it's okay to be rejected. Be better then try it again, one.more.chance (read it slowly para ma-feel mo).

P. We all need pain. We will not grow if we will not experience pain. You will not experience breakthrough if there are no "break me" moments.

Q. Quality matters. Want to improve the quality of your life? Read quality books! Wag yung pocket book na iistir-up ka lang tapos tatanungin mo sarili mo bakit single ka pa rin hanggang ngayon.

R. Respect yourself. Know your worth. Stop trying to fit in. Be different.

S. Share like giving, share what you have.

T. Teach what you know, practice what you teach. The most effective way to remember a lesson is by applying it and teach it to others.

U. Unlearn. There are things you need to un-learn. Be like an empty cup. Be ready to learn.

V. Vulnerable. Being vulnerable is the only way we can gain trustworthy friends and mentors. How can I teach you if you're not opening yourself? How can we be friends if you're closing yourself to me? Open up yourself, but don't be too soon.

W. Work like you never work before. If someone asked you to help him, go for an extra mile.

X. Xerocopy another term for a photocopy. Don't be a copycat!

Y. Youth. Don't waste your youth. Make it meaningful and purposeful. Learn to number your days.

Z. Zip your lip. Learn to listen with your heart.

So far that's it. I hope it will help you in some way in your quest to be adult. Haha. Till next time.

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