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In my recent arti­cle on “How to Sur­vive Every Month Finan­cial­ly” I was shocked that my arti­cle has gone viral. I checked the stats, and it gar­nered a total of 200,000+ views plus my email list grew by almost 300%. Wow, just wow.

First, if you’re one of the peo­ple who read, liked and shared my arti­cle, I would like to thank you. May God bless you more! It would not go viral with­out you.

Here are some com­ments I’ve received:

Thank you for those who left their mes­sage. You are tru­ly an inspi­ra­tion to me.

I’ve seen also some of the com­ments that well a valid com­ment why man­ga is being com­pared to books. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not com­par­ing them, it’s just that books encour­aged me to get out of my com­fort zone, it taught me to stop wish­ing and start work­ing on my dreams, and it taught me to pre­pare for life and how to be an adult.

With regards to invest­ing, I’m not an expert to answer all of your ques­tions as I’m only bas­ing them on my expe­ri­ences and wis­dom received from my friends and men­tors who are “finan­cial­ly-savvy”, but I would be glad to write some of the things I know in the next com­ing weeks.

I’ve said to my pre­vi­ous arti­cle that at the age of 20, it came to my sens­es that I need to grow up. How to adult sabi nga nila.

Now how I began to be an adult? I start­ed read­ing books and learn from oth­er’s expe­ri­ences. That’s the first thing you should do; edu­cate your­self.

And that’s num­ber one lack­ing in our coun­try today. Peo­ple would nor­mal­ly go to what is easy that’s why in the end they left frus­trat­ed. With­out going on to the process of becom­ing the per­son you want­ed to be, you’ll be frus­trat­ed, dis­ap­point­ed and prob­a­bly you might give up too soon.

Now, I want to share with you the ABC’s of adult­ing or how it is to live like an adult. I got some of this from Seth Godin. Brace your­selves as some might get you feel uncom­fort­able.

A. Anx­i­ety is expe­ri­enc­ing fail­ure in advance. Would you like to fail? Tell your­self about the worst pos­si­ble out­come you will ever face. It does­n’t make you bet­ter.

B. Bal­ance, there’s no such thing as bal­anced-life or work-life bal­ance. Lose it and make your pri­or­i­ties right instead.

C. Com­mit­ment is the only thing that gets you through the chasm. Kung gus­to mong mag-ipon at mag-invest at mag­tagum­pay sa buhay, mag­ing com­mit­ted ka. Panindi­gan mo yan!

D. Dance with fear. Shake it off!

E. Effort. You need to make an effort.

F. Feed­back. Instead of using it to please every­one, use it to fur­ther push you to over­come what you fear and embrace what you’re capa­ble of.

G. Give cheer­ful­ly. The pur­pose why God is bless­ing us with mate­r­i­al wealth is to give it to oth­ers. Be a bless­ing.

H. Heroes are peo­ple who take risks for the right rea­sons. Don’t be a hip­ster who has­n’t risked a thing so they nev­er fail.

I. Always Ini­ti­ate. Pick your­self. Take ini­tia­tive. No one is going to pick you and say “hey I choose you!”. Hin­di ka Poke­mon.

J. Joy. Be joy­ful from being sat­is­fied. Dis­con­tent­ment will bring you trou­ble.

K. Kill. Kill your bad habits by replac­ing it with good habits.

L. Love. Love like Jesus. We can’t, but when you have a rela­tion­ship with Jesus, makakaya mo.

M. More is bad. It leads you to the world of scarci­ty. Do you know why some peo­ple nev­er sat­is­fied? Because they want more!

N. Some­times peo­ple answered you with “No” because it feels safe. But say yes to pos­si­bil­i­ty and yes to risk. Noth­ing is ever worth it with­out tak­ing the risk.

O. One more chance. It’s okay to fail, it’s okay to be reject­ed. Be bet­ter then try it again, one.more.chance (read it slow­ly para ma-feel mo).

P. We all need pain. We will not grow if we will not expe­ri­ence pain. You will not expe­ri­ence break­through if there are no “break me” moments.

Q. Qual­i­ty mat­ters. Want to improve the qual­i­ty of your life? Read qual­i­ty books! Wag yung pock­et book na iis­tir-up ka lang tapos tata­nun­gin mo sar­ili mo bak­it sin­gle ka pa rin hang­gang ngay­on.

R. Respect your­self. Know your worth. Stop try­ing to fit in. Be dif­fer­ent.

S. Share like giv­ing, share what you have.

T. Teach what you know, prac­tice what you teach. The most effec­tive way to remem­ber a les­son is by apply­ing it and teach it to oth­ers.

U. Unlearn. There are things you need to un-learn. Be like an emp­ty cup. Be ready to learn.

V. Vul­ner­a­ble. Being vul­ner­a­ble is the only way we can gain trust­wor­thy friends and men­tors. How can I teach you if you’re not open­ing your­self? How can we be friends if you’re clos­ing your­self to me? Open up your­self, but don’t be too soon.

W. Work like you nev­er work before. If some­one asked you to help him, go for an extra mile.

X. Xero­copy anoth­er term for a pho­to­copy. Don’t be a copy­cat!

Y. Youth. Don’t waste your youth. Make it mean­ing­ful and pur­pose­ful. Learn to num­ber your days.

Z. Zip your lip. Learn to lis­ten with your heart.

So far that’s it. I hope it will help you in some way in your quest to be adult. Haha. Till next time.

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