Photo Taken 2014

Photo Taken 2014

Yesterday, I've played a couple of downloaded TED Talks on my phone while riding in a van going home at a late night. I was amazed, how these people were able to talk directly to their thousands of audience and made them connected to what the speaker is saying.

To my curiosity to learn more about persuasive communication,  I actually watched more than three times from the TED App the video podcasts by Chris Anderson: TED's secret to great public speaking.

And today, I actually wrote this to share it with you the lessons I've learned so far and might apply these lessons to my future speech projects in toastmasters. If it happens that you are a toastmaster as well, hi there! Are you watching TED Talks also? If that so, I hope you'll be able to get something new today as you read this blog. You'll never know, maybe you will get a chance to share your idea in one of the TED Conferences in the country in the future and this might be a big help also to you.

Ever wonder why most of the speaker caught audience's attention instantly? Well, I thought it was a gift or a talent that God gave to each people whom He called to be a preacher or a speaker but oh boy, I was wrong! Here are their secrets:


1. Focus on one major idea.

I've started attending seminars and conferences year 2013. All throughout the seminars, I always tried my best to listen and not missed anything from the speaker is saying, I also did observe them while they give their talks.

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Most great speakers I've known always focus on one major idea, because the mind can only accept one idea at a time.

In order for a speaker to transfer the idea he or she has in mind to other people, he or she should limit his or her entire talk to one major idea.

I have observed this to most speakers as well, however, some, stay long enough to the introduction of themselves by sharing their stories, that they have so many to mention and they eventually forget their major idea.

2. Give people a reason to care.

Speaking is somehow the same as you were writing an article. Most bloggers started either with an anecdote, stories, or a quote, the same in public speaking,

One of the lessons I've learned from toastmasters was, it is always effective to start with a story, an anecdote, an information or a quote that will lead to the topic or idea, always gets the attention.

Have your audience participate, ask them provocative questions, give them a reason to care, make them curious as if it is you will reveal a disconnection in someone's worldview that they will feel the need to fill that knowledge gap that could only be fill by listening to you.

3. Build your idea with familiar concepts.

Build your idea, piece by piece out of concepts that your audience already understands. Chris Anderson suggested that when building the idea, the speaker should use the power of  language using the audience language and NOT your language by starting where they are.

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4. Make your idea worth sharing.

Ask yourself this question: "Who does this idea benefit?".  If the beneficiary of the idea will be your organization only, then probably it's not a good idea worth to share. But if you think your idea can brighten someone else's day or change their perspective for the better or inspire them to do something differently, then you can have already an idea for a truly great talk that can be a gift to them and to all of us.

Learned something new today? Share it with your friends as well who aspire to be a speaker someday.

Do you have something to add? Feel free to add, I am excited to hear from you!

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