What Most Millennial Employees Need

There are so many fac­tors why mil­len­ni­als are often leav­ing the work­place. Some even can­not stay longer in one com­pa­ny for sev­er­al rea­sons. And mil­len­ni­als espe­cial­ly the younger ones are emo­tion­al at work.

Pon­der­ing through my expe­ri­ences as a mil­len­ni­al employ­ee, I’ve tak­en down what are the most com­mon things we need.

  • We don’t need a man­ag­er, we need a men­tor, a coach, a leader.Sometimes it is not about the com­pen­sa­tion, often it’s about recog­ni­tion and appre­ci­a­tion — pur­pose and sig­nif­i­cance.
  • Some­times we need you to trust us rather than super­vise.
  • Some­times you don’t need to tell us what to do, we just need to know why we should do what we do.
  • And often, it’s not about secu­ri­ty and sta­bil­i­ty but flex­i­bil­i­ty — allow us to be cre­ative and express our­selves in the work we do.