One Day Everything Will Make Sense

I was in the midst of mak­ing a deci­sion where­in I was like in a life or death sit­u­a­tion. But just to let you know, I can­not even explain how I feel as of this moment. And then bang! God’s word hit me up.

They said that there are two types of pain, one that hurts you and the oth­er that changes you. But I don’t believe it. Because pain hurts you, some­times it reveals the true con­di­tion of one’s heart, and then it lib­er­ates you, then it changes you.

In Romans 8:18, Paul said,I con­sid­er that our present suf­fer­ings are not worth com­par­ing with the glo­ry that will be revealed in us.” and for me, that glo­ry is beyond com­par­i­son.”

Rev­e­la­tion 21:4 says, “He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourn or cry or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

One day, God will restore all things to its nat­ur­al order. And every mourn, cry or pain we have right now will be wiped away and then every­thing will make sense.


Does God Allow Me To Suffer?

Last week­end, a close friend from New Zealand just came. He invit­ed us to his house for home bible study with a pas­tor shar­ing his jour­ney in New Zealand as well. It was all good; I think the peo­ple who were with us end­ed giv­ing their life to Christ after­ward.

Not just a few hours when I arrived home, a friend who just left a mes­sage on my Face­book account. He was apol­o­giz­ing because he felt he sinned against me. But I tried to recall the days I spent time with this per­son but there wasn’t any except for leav­ing the group with­out notice.

Oh, it was okay. How are you?” I replied. He told me he was almost in death a few days ago when he attempt­ed to kill him­self and he was just recov­er­ing from it.

Then he recalled the days we were togeth­er as a group. How we laugh togeth­er and pray for one anoth­er. I think he miss­es those days. “Well, everyone’s tran­si­tioned to their new sea­son in life. Five of them mar­ried already, two of them have their first child already, and oth­ers left the coun­try to work abroad, and me? I’m still here in the Philip­pines and trans­ferred to a new­ly plant­ed church in Antipo­lo, and, will start pray­ing and seek­ing God for find­ing a wife in the next three years. Haha­ha!” I replied.

Um, that’s great. I envy all of you because your prayers are being answered by your God.” He told me.

I’ve been earnest­ly pray­ing to God to remove me from this suf­fer­ing but I didn’t get any answer. I have this finan­cial prob­lem that only hap­pened the time I sur­ren­der my life to Christ. I think my life was great with­out God so I decid­ed to back­slide.” He added.

I sym­pa­thize with him. When I became a Chris­t­ian, I thought life will become easy, I will become hap­pi­er and God will going to bless me expo­nen­tial­ly. Sounds pros­per­i­ty gospel isn’t it?

But I was wrong. The year 2010, I grad­u­at­ed, I was 19 years old back then when I had my first job. I lost myself in the process. The year 2012 I got accept­ed to work for a small firm. Every­thing was great, my col­leagues like me, my boss likes me but after the day I joined a church again, every­thing has changed.

My boss fre­quent­ly mocks my work. Some of my col­leagues tempt­ed me to sin, there was one moment that they even hired a pros­ti­tute and they undressed her to dance in front me, but I ran. They tried to lock me in the room with that woman, but I hid some­where.

Through­out the years, I faced a con­stant bat­tle with sin and temp­ta­tion. It wasn’t easy for a Chris­t­ian to work in the cor­po­rate world with the unbe­liev­ers but thank God, I sur­vived and learned a lot.

Remem­ber the life of Job? He was with God, God is with him but he lost every­thing and yet he was so faith­ful to God that even he lost every­thing includ­ing his fam­i­ly, it didn’t cause him to back­slide from God. And because of that God blessed him more because he endured.” I told him.

That’s what awaits for a Chris­t­ian. God doesn’t promise us to give us a storm free life rather he will give us a storm proof life.

And how then can our life become a storm proof? By sharp­en­ing it through con­stant bat­tle, tri­als, and suf­fer­ing. That how God shapes us until we are ready for the great­ness he pre­pared for us.

I like how Charles Stan­ley put it in his own words when he wrote in his book Liv­ing the Extra­or­di­nary Life he said that “..noth­ing can touch your life apart from the per­mis­sive will of God.”

Does it mean God allow me to suf­fer?

Ill­ness, wars, finan­cial trou­bles, los­ing some­one, dif­fi­cult jobs, heart­breaks, and dif­fi­cult mar­riage — doesn’t God wants me to be hap­py? Why would a good God allows suf­fer­ing? Why He just can’t end suf­fer­ing if He is good and pow­er­ful?

I hate to admit that I went through dif­fer­ent sea­sons of my life that I wres­tled with God all the time. When­ev­er I ask Him to bless me, he sends forth a test instead. Why God?

But often times, I stum­bled in the life of Joseph in the Bible. Joseph was an arro­gant young man who was hat­ed by his broth­ers. In their anger, they impris­oned Joseph in a pit and then sold him to Egypt as a slave.

Weak and doubt­less Joseph prayed to God to help him to escape but no help was com­ing. I can imag­ine how painful his sit­u­a­tion is. Through his years of bondage and mis­ery, Joseph’s char­ac­ter was refined and strength­ened by his tri­als. And then even­tu­al­ly, he rose up to become the prime min­is­ter of Egypt who saved thou­sands of lives and his own fam­i­ly from star­va­tion caused by famine in the land.

If God had not allowed Joseph’s years of suf­fer­ing, he would nev­er be such a pow­er­ful agent for social jus­tice and spir­i­tu­al heal­ing.

Did you know that what we most real­ly need to suc­ceed in life came through our most dif­fi­cult and painful expe­ri­ences?

Let me give you three rea­sons why God allow suf­fer­ing:


1. Our painful expe­ri­ences often reveal God’s pur­pose for us.

God com­forts us in all our trou­bles so that we can com­fort oth­ers. When we are weighed down with trou­bles, it is for your com­fort and sal­va­tion! For when we our­selves are com­fort­ed, we will cer­tain­ly com­fort you. Then you can patient­ly endure the same things.” (2 Corinthi­ans 1:4, 6 NLT)”

I have so many painful expe­ri­ences that I don’t think I can share all of them here, but it helped me to find my pur­pose.


2. Your great­est min­istry will flow out of your painful expe­ri­ences.

Yes! I hate to say this but your great­est min­istry will over­flow from your painful and dif­fi­cult expe­ri­ences not out of your strengths or your tal­ents but out of the painful expe­ri­ences of your life. It is your weak­ness­es that help oth­er peo­ple in their need, not your strengths.

Recall the last time you suf­fered and recall the last time you shared it with some­one else. Does it bring com­fort to them? Does it encour­age them?

As a pub­lic speak­er and a teacher, I real­ized how it is impor­tant to be vul­ner­a­ble to peo­ple. Shar­ing your dif­fi­cult times is worth it because it inspired peo­ple or stu­dents to endure as well.


3. Our painful and dif­fi­cult expe­ri­ences often lead us to great joy that can only be found in Christ alone.

Christ him­self suf­fered when he was cru­ci­fied. But did you know that while he was hang­ing on that cross, he thinks of you? He looks upon you with delight. He offered his life to give you a sec­ond chance to live your life for Him and in the ser­vice of oth­ers.

The pur­pose of suf­fer­ing is to lead us back to God. We are cre­at­ed in His own image and like­ness. God allows suf­fer­ing for us to see that noth­ing can com­pare to the life He is offer­ing.

I must say that all dif­fi­cult and painful expe­ri­ences was a ter­ri­ble price to pay but it worth it. With­out suf­fer­ing we can­not say life is worth liv­ing, isn’t it?

After our con­ver­sa­tion, I prayed for my friend and ask him to release his hurts to God. I know it wasn’t easy but I know he can.

Does God allow me to suf­fer? My answer is a resound­ing yes! Leav­ing this bible verse as an encour­age­ment for you:

Con­sid­er it pure joy, my broth­ers, and sis­ters, when­ev­er you face tri­als of many kinds because you know that the test­ing of your faith pro­duces per­se­ver­ance. Let per­se­ver­ance fin­ish its work so that you may be mature and com­plete, not lack­ing any­thing.” — James 1:2–4