I remember the time when I was struggling to survive every month when I was a fresh graduate with my 10,000 pesos gross paycheck. My goodness, it was very difficult when your food was a pares and fishball in the center of Makati and KFC funshots almost every day. Anytime I could vomit.

Back then I was still playing an online game I used to play in college.

But the moment I came to my senses, I stopped playing online games. "It's time to be an adult!" I said to myself.

I was 21 when I tithed the 10% of my salary to church and believe God that I could tithe more than I can give every year.

I was 22 when I purchased a life insurance plan I was paying 5,000 pesos per month in which they called VUL but after two years I stopped. Why? It's not a wise decision. I realize that if I saved that 5,000 pesos per month I should have 120,000 back then but I only have 80,000 worth of accumulated cash value. I rather switched to a term insurance.

I was 23 when I invested in the stock market. My investments grew to 6 figure in 4 years time.

I was 24 when I purchased my first land property in Kingsville Heights Antipolo in which I am still paying until 2024. And then I will use the portion of my investments to build a house. Though I purchased it not for myself but for my future wife. Hahaha! You might call me a fool but I have the faith I will meet her soon.

I was 26 when I opened an account for my future wedding fund. I applied for a health insurance plan as well.

I was 27 when I purchased my first car in which I used the sale of my company shares/stocks this year for the down payment and will pay the amortization until 2022.

So, at this stage of my life, I spend over 20,000 a month to pay my house loan, car loan, the internet and phone bill, health insurance, mutual fund, stock investment, wedding fund, personal things, etc.

Wew! It's hard to be an adult! Haha! I never struggled because God is meeting my needs and continue blessing me so that I can bless others.

This might not be a good guide for those who are struggling to pay their debts, or having outstanding loans but here's how I was able to survive every month and I hope it helps.

1. If you are single like me, live with your parents.

2. If you can't live with your parents for some reasons, find a cheap apartment near your workplace. I did this when I was working in Mckinley Hills every day.

3. Never ask your parents for money, they suffered a lot already when you were still studying. Help them now.
4. Don't take out a loan for a gadget.
5. The electric fan is enough, don't use an aircon.
6. Don't subscribe to a mobile subscription plan for the latest gadget.
7. Buy at least a pair of clothes every two or three months.
8. Don't buy new shoes unless they are worn out already.
9. Read books not manga or anime. (Okay, I'm a fan of anime, but I don't consume a lot of time from it.) Books are still more valuable. Pick and read a book and you will never think the same way as you do.
10. If you need to de-stress, watch Korean Drama at home or play Everwing in an hour, anything exceeds that is a waste of time.
11. Attend financial literacy seminars and find friends and mentors who can help you achieve your goals.
12. Do not save just for the sake of saving. Save to invest.
13. Don't complain if you can't save because your salary is not yet that much, remember, it is not about the money you earn, it is about the money you keep.
14. Don't save and invest without a reason. Your 1 million pesos cannot give you happiness, what matters is what will you do with that money?
15. Start a business. 
16. Take freelancing jobs if you have the skill to do it.
17. Do not buy a condo unit if you don't have plans to make it as a money generating asset.
18. Don't buy a car if you are a fresh graduate. 
19. Don't jump from one company to another company. You are not a horse, there's no such thing as greener pasture.
20. Build your career but take care of yourself.
21. Have goals. Be ambitious.
22. Make your own dream-board.
23. Exercise. Be healthy.
24. Have a relationship with God. Seek Him first before everything else. 
24. Don't borrow money if you can't promise to pay on time! Huwag kang uutang!
25. Want to save more? Set a portion of your monthly salary and transfer it to another account immediately once you receive your salary.
26. Budget and spend what is left.
27. Monitor your expenses.
28. If you are dating someone, don't go to an expensive restaurant yet if you don't have a budget. Don't date to impress, date to get to know the other person.
29. Bring a pack lunch or dinner in your office. Iwas peer pressure, nakatipid ka pa.
30. Avoid people who love to spend
31. Don't drink coffee from Starbucks, make your own coffee!
32. Utilize your company's overflowing supply of coffee.
33. Find another job that can help you earn more.
34. If you want to study, find a library, not a coffee shop.
35. Be a cheerful giver.


So far that's it. I hope it helps. Always remember, every financial decision is also a spiritual decision. Till next time.

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