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Hot sports car, a huge sub­ur­ban home, a toned body, high­er edu­ca­tion, six-pack abs, an ele­gant wed­ding, an expen­sive cloth­ing, top-of-the-line gad­gets, and lux­u­ri­ous trav­el.

What do these things have in com­mon? They are all mate­r­i­al things that we often want to have to, not just once in our lives but most often. We run after mon­ey by work­ing too hard in extend­ed hours, and after earn­ing enough of it, we go after these mate­r­i­al things that we think can sat­is­fy our thirst.

Why do we work hard? Why we want more mon­ey? These are the ques­tions that lin­gered upon me when I was strug­gling finan­cial­ly. I was strug­gling with the debt I owe to my bank from lend­ing me mon­ey for my trav­el expense, for the DSLR Cam­era I bought with a cred­it card in the mall and with the pain­less swip­ing of my cred­it card every­where.

I can’t stop myself. I can’t con­trol myself from acquir­ing more things. I have enough but why I am still strug­gling?

Why do we often envy what oth­er peo­ple have? Why are we obsessed with our phys­i­cal appear­ance and fit­ness? Why many of us are in debt? Why there are so many have been addict­ed to drugs? to sex? to mon­ey? Why we lust after these things?

Three days ago, I just fin­ished read­ing the book writ­ten by Paul David Tripp enti­tled “Awe: Why it Mat­ters for Every­thing We Say, Think and Do.”. In his book, he shared that our capac­i­ty of awe for God has been kid­napped by sin, and let me share it with you three impor­tant rea­sons why we strug­gle with mate­r­i­al things that changed my per­spec­tive.

1.Everyone is search­ing for life.

It’s hard­wired inside all of us. We are all yearn­ing for life, we hunt for con­tent­ment, sat­is­fac­tion, joy, hope, encour­age­ment, mean­ing and pur­pose, a rea­son to get up in the morn­ing, suc­cess, doing the right thing and secu­ri­ty.

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In our lives, we often look for it, right? That’s why we have a lot of moti­va­tion­al speak­ers today for us to be remind­ed of these things, but where to look for these things? Sad­ly, in the attempt to sat­is­fy our­selves, we look sat­is­fac­tion on the mate­r­i­al things, we look for con­tent­ment with the things we pos­sess, we find mean­ing and pur­pose with peo­ple around us, and we find secu­ri­ty in the edu­ca­tion we have, in the mon­ey we acquired, and in the title we worked hard.

We are search­ing for life and instead we look for it in our Cre­ator who cre­at­ed every­thing for us, yet we look life in the things He cre­at­ed. We often own by our pos­ses­sions.

2. We will be in awe of what we think will give us life.

Our search for life is at the cen­ter of our world of awe. Just like a bride who is an awe of her future hus­band because he gives her life. A fresh grad­u­ate who land­ed a job cap­tured his awe by the employ­er who accept­ed him or her. A brand new car will give us awe how beau­ti­ful­ly it was made and craft­ed by the engi­neer who designed it.

We can even find life in the mon­ey we earn like earn­ing our first mil­lion or win­ning a lot­tery. Or per­haps the woman you are pur­su­ing gets your awe.

We are all on the quest for life, and God made us that way. He designed us to be long­ing for life in which we can only find in Him.

3. Mate­r­i­al things are a mis­er­able place to look for life.

Some­times I find myself in awe of mate­r­i­al things. One day, I am in awe of the car passed by and wish­ing that if I could have that, I will be hap­py. The next day, I am in awe of mar­riage, pray­ing that very soon I could meet my future wife and if that will hap­pen, I will be the hap­pi­est man on earth.

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I real­ized why we tend to be anx­ious and wor­ri­some is because we look for life on the things that cre­at­ed for us. We adore these things because we mis­tak­en­ly think that they can give us the one thing that they will nev­er give — life.

If mate­r­i­al things tend to cap­ture our awe and we look life on it, does it mean they are bad?. The Bible nev­er tells that these things are evil. In fact, the Bible nev­er tells us that mon­ey is evil, rather the love of mon­ey is evil because God has a pur­pose for these things.

  • It is our for sus­te­nance
  • For our plea­sure
  • For remem­brance.

Mate­r­i­al things were cre­at­ed to give us shel­ter, food, and cloth­ing. The beau­ty of these things is for our plea­sure and for our remem­brance that the One who cre­at­ed these things are wor­thy of our prais­es and not the oth­er way around.


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