The end of the semester is just around the corner again. I've been hearing graduation processional march songs being played all over again in my place since we live near a school.

As I listen to the song, I remember the last time I walked on the stage to get my diploma just to give it to my mom who was standing there waiting for me.

I was teary-eyed as we threw our hats off to the sky because I survived college. I was excited because I made it!

But here's the reality: it's just a season you should maximize. If you are about to enter college, make sure that you get what you really wanted to become in life.

If you are a college and will be graduating this April, make sure to have the job you really want.

Because your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work as Steve Job once said.

To tell you honestly, I graduated clueless of what I wanted to become after school. I took up a degree in Information Technology not because I want it, but because it was in-demand and will always be even though I don't really like coding stuff and all sorts of it but it made me become a better problem-solver.

I faced so many crises in life as I did not become satisfied with my career during my early 20's. Now I am in my late 20-ish, I can finally say that I become more satisfied than ever.

Are you clueless about what you are going to do after graduation? Here are the 5 rules you might want to follow after your graduation.

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1. Go after the things that you "really" want.

There was one time when one of my friends craved for pizza. It was a perfect time since that day was the "International Pizza Day" and Yellow Cab was offering unlimited Pizza during that night only.

When he saw the line of people in Yellow Cab having the same cravings as he, he backed out. He said that the line was too long. We end up with nothing.

This is where I realized that there are two kinds of people in the world:

  • There are people who only sees what they want and get it whatever it takes.
  • The are people who only see the things that preventing them from getting what they want.

The people who were falling in line only cares about the pizza. It doesn't matter how long or what time they will be able to eat the unlimited pizza, all they just want is that pizza!

My friend on the other hand only saw the line.

Choose wisely what kind of person you wanted to become.

2. Sometimes you are the problem.

During the 18th century, there was a phenomenon that mothers who gave birth in the afternoon often died after they gave birth to their child.

Only one man noticed that the doctors didn't wash their hands after lunch. No one believed him. It took 35 years for them to finally realized that not washing their hands was the cause. From there the phenomenon of dying mothers after giving birth in the afternoon ceased.

See to it that sometimes you are the problem.

3. Work for people and take care of them.

Since I am a techy person, I rarely work for people. I was thinking that I was hired to solve a problem. It was not on my agenda to help people.

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But then during my 4th year as a technical consultant, I realized that I cannot get what I want by only thinking about myself. And so I learned to help my colleagues to make their mundane tasks easy by developing tools that can automate it, and that's the time I received more responsibilities and have been promoted.

You need to be really good at helping other people on your front, on your back, on your left, and on your right. You will only get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want. 

4. Listen intently and practice being the last to speak.

Have you met someone who doesn't allow you to finish what you are saying?

How about someone who let you finish but doesn't listen to you? He only cares about his opinion.

That's the worst trait you can ever have. I've met many people who do that. You can often see them in meetings or meetups.

My number 1 strength is Harmony. It really defines my introverted nature. I don't really like exchanging arguments and opinions.

In meetings, I preferred to be the last to speak as it allows me to listen to other people are saying and learn from them.

When I say listen intently, I mean you must listen to them, process what you've heard and learned from it. Some people may appear listening but in reality, they don't, they just thinking and memorizing what will they say, and that's terrible.

And lastly,

5. Practice humility.

For sure, the more you become successful achieving your goals, the more influence you can have.

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There will be a time people will respect you because of your authority or position. But the more you rise, the more it's tempting to not go back where you came from, and that's when people abuse their power and the people who helped them to rise in the ranks.

To practice humility is to start thinking that you don't deserve all the things you achieve in life. God gave it to you to become a good example and help other people, anytime he can take it away from you if He wants.

Humility is what separates great leaders from mediocre leaders.

While there are no perfect rules, but I assure you following these rules will guarantee you to become successful in your next season in life.

Are you ready? Congratulations in advance!

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