I firmly don't believe in luck not just because the Bible was clearly portrayed it as a lack of faith in God, but there's more reason for it. I used to believe in luck because my family or my parents and grandparents believed in it. I remember when I was young, my father during his rest day, he often buys lotto tickets and usually put our birthdates as his lucky numbers, hoping that he will win the grand prize in the lottery.

A decade has passed, yet my father didn't become a millionaire through it. He became a millionaire after retiring from service of 25 years in the military and invested the lump sum he received in building our own house, a rental apartment nearby, a Nissan Urvan and a UV Express Franchise and the rest was invested in other small businesses such as Sari-Sari Store and Bike Rental for Kids.

I also read a lot of books pertaining to success and biography of some people who became successful, but I noticed that luck has no part in their success.

I am currently reading a parable that talks about the richest man in Babylon by George Clayson. If you want to know the secrets of the wealthy people during the ancient times, I recommend you to read this book, that even we are now in the age of information, the secrets are still applicable to our world today, just like the teachings of the Bible.

Here are the lessons I've learned from the book about luck:

  1. Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. It will not happen by chance or by any coincidence.
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We cannot say that the universe was created by a chance, neither our existence, thus the theory of evolution is a failure. There must be a cause for everything. It's mind boggling if we believe that something will appear out of nowhere.

Likewise, luck will not be given to those who loves to procrastinate. It is often given as a reward to those who are deserving.

Who are these people? They are the ones who grind and hustle day and night.

Perhaps not all the time they will be rewarded for their efforts, because sometimes the concept of reward simply teaches a person either to persist and do more and do not stop until he gets it.

Now, what about the days you picked up a coin or a money while walking? Is it luck or not? Well, I cannot say it is a luck because there must a reason behind it, either someone didn't notice that his or her money slipped out from his or her pocket or perhaps God has heard you whispering because you need money. God moves in mysterious ways.

  1. No one became successful by a mere luck.

I didn't know any single person who became successful just because of luck. There might be a few men or women who won the lottery but often, after a few months, they became poorer than they were.

Why? Because even you have all the money in the world, you cannot buy experience, character, wisdom, and attitude. It is earned and it is learned.

In gambling, the player was not the one who become richer every time they win but the gamekeeper or the one who facilitates the game. I have tried to gamble once in a place called "perya", three times I won but afterward, I didn't win anymore. That's life in gambling, the game master will entice you to continue to play the game by giving you a chance to win.

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Most successful people started from nothing that the only thing they have is their ideas, passion, and faith for the impossible things to happen.

  1. Opportunity will not wait for anyone.

Have you ever made a decision that later on you regret it because you either made a quick judgment or let it passed by?

Sometimes when the opportunity knocks, we procrastinate because we often doubt ourselves if we can do it or not, and later we regret it because we didn't get the opportunity quickly.

I remember there was a time, I regret that I let an opportunity passed by. People are often talking about this company that was listed in the stock market. I said to myself, no I'm not going to invest on that because it's risky, and after a few years it went up from 2 pesos to 60 pesos! If I have only invested quickly and does not entertain my fear, maybe I could retire now.

Hence, luck does not mean chance, it is an opportunity that comes to the one who accepts it.

Opportunity comes to all, some grasped it quickly but the majority hesitated, faltered and left behind because of fear.

Thus, luck is preparation meets opportunity and the only one who takes action can get it.

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