Wel­come to my Resources Sec­tion, below are the list of the tools and web­sites I’ve used to write my blogs and arti­cles.

I rec­om­mend these tools as I am using them also and I’ve test­ed them.

Before check­ing out, just a lit­tle note and dis­claimer:

Some of these resources are FREE and some are not. Some of the links below are affil­i­ate links, which means that if you choose to make a pur­chase, I will earn a lit­tle com­mis­sion at no extra cost for you. I have expe­ri­ence with all of this tools and resources that’s why I rec­om­mend them. Please don’t make a pur­chase if you think it’s not help­ful for you.

Click on the link to check them out.

Web hosting and design

Blue­host  — Need help to host a blog or web­site? For as low as $5.95, depend­ing on the space and band­width you need. You can get set up on Blue­host via 1-click Word­Press Tech­nol­o­gy. Blue­host is one of the lead­ing web hosts on the Inter­net, and they offer 24/7 cus­tomer ser­vice.


Scriven­er — I’m using scriven­er to write essays, blogs and I’m writ­ing my cur­rent book with this soft­ware. Because it pro­vides a hier­ar­chi­cal file structure.It has a dis­trac­tion-free writ­ing mode and it allows for a vari­ety of export options

Sim­plenote — I’m using this FREE lit­tle app to take notes when­ev­er I am. The rea­son I am rec­om­mend­ing this is because it has a sim­ple inter­face and your writ­ing will be free of dis­trac­tions.

Gram­marly — is an online soft­ware tool. I used this soft­ware to check my work for proof-read­ing. It offers a FREE for life­time mem­ber­ship plan. If you want to max­i­mize it, sub­scribe to a pro plan that offers style check, and oth­er improve­ments you can use.

ProWritin­gAid — is an online soft­ware that helps you to edit your work in terms of gram­mar, spelling, style and prop­er use of punc­tu­a­tions. I used this to edit my work and it has a free tri­al. Once your tri­al peri­od expired, you can freely use the soft­ware to edit your work but it will be lim­it­ed to 500 words per check.


Pablo - I like Pablo by Buffer because it’s free. If you are not a graph­ic artist and don’t like to both­er your­self from tak­ing pho­tos out­side your back­yard, this tool is for you. It offers mil­lions of free images that you can use. You don’t need to search google for free pic­tures. Pablo can do that with­out switch­ing tabs.

Can­va - Like Pablo, Can­va offers a wide array of options to design your own illus­tra­tion. It offers dif­fer­ent sizes that you can choose from. You can now also cre­ate slides on the go with this appli­ca­tion

Email Marketing

Mailchimp - Free for the first 2,000 sub­scribers. There are a lot of Email Mar­ket­ing Tools out there that is bet­ter than MailChimp but this is the one I’m using for now since my list is still rel­a­tive­ly small. GREAT for small to medi­um busi­ness­es.

Awe­ber - Has some advan­tages over Mailchimp and it comes with a month­ly fee. GREAT if you use this for mas­sive sales mar­ket­ing.


Audi­ble by Ama­zon — This app is how I am able to read books with­out actu­al­ly read­ing! I just lis­tened to it! The app is avail­able on both Android, IOS, and Win­dows Phone. What’s more?

  • Includes two free audio­books with your free tri­al.
  • After 30 days, get 1 book each month, $14.95/month
  • You get all of this when you sign up!