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Half of the year was almost done!. And this is the year I became a pub­lished author and just recent­ly launched my book last July 11 with the sup­port from new found friends and a few authors as well and a few friends. But sad to say, I did­n’t write the book this year, I wrote and fin­ished its man­u­script last year through the con­sis­tent writ­ing off any­thing that comes to my mind.

What happened to my regular writing habit?

Today, I just want to regain my dai­ly habit of writ­ing. I’m not a writer, how the heck I became a writer? I did what writ­ers do, of course. They write and write and write. If you want to become a writer, I believe you don’t need to have a degree it cre­ative writ­ing or jour­nal­ism but it could help, there’s noth­ing spir­i­tu­al or mys­ti­cal about it, just bring out your notepad and pen, or a lap­top and a word pro­cess­ing soft­ware and start writ­ing.

Just what I did this year, I want­ed to improve my com­mu­ni­ca­tion and lead­er­ship skills, I want­ed to become a bet­ter speak­er who can com­mu­ni­cate his idea effec­tive­ly to oth­er peo­ple, what I did was not mag­ic, I showed up and with full of courage, I vis­it­ed the toast­mas­ters inter­na­tion­al club in our office, called imme­di­ate­ly to have an impromp­tu speech in front of the speak­ers, it was a ter­ri­ble expe­ri­ence but then I final­ly signed up and now, I’m try­ing to fin­ish my 10 speech projects for the rest of the year. Did I wait for some­thing mys­ti­cal to hap­pen? No, I just showed up.

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How I wrote the book?

Right now, I’m still think­ing how I was able to pro­duce a book in less or more than 90 days, but look­ing back, here’s what I real­ized: It hap­pens lit­tle by lit­tle, one word at a time until it became a sen­tence, then became para­graphs then became chap­ters. 

I wrote down in a small note­book every word that pops out from my mind. I wrote what I have just read from my devo­tion­al, I wrote quotes that I have heard from preach­ers and speak­ers, lit­er­al­ly, I just wrote every­thing.

I wanted to give up, what to do?

Well I have expe­ri­enced road­blocks as well when­ev­er I am writ­ing. Some of my prob­lems were, I don’t have an inspi­ra­tion, I can’t focus my mind. I can­not think of some­thing I could write but hey, I just trust the process. One of my many inspi­ra­tion in the Bible was Joseph The Dream­er. God gave him a dream that one day he will become a ruler, peo­ple will bow down before him. What hap­pen? When he told this dream to his father, he was ignored, when he told his broth­ers about it, they sold him to Egypt as a slave. But then, the day came when he became sec­ond in com­mand of Pharoh, and that it changed his life for­ev­er.

I expe­ri­enced the same road­blocks as well dur­ing the process of writ­ing my book. I told some of my friends about it but they ignored me, some laughed because they know my gram­mar is not good, some of my gram­mar naz­i’s friend keep an eye on every “Eng­lish” sen­tences I post­ed on face­book. I doubt­ed myself as well because I kept think­ing of the out­come, but I have learned from Jeff Goins, that, you can’t con­trol the out­come, only the process.

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So instead of giv­ing up, I trust the process and stop think­ing about the out­come. Today, I joined the 500 Words a Day of Writ­ing for 31 Days to regain my habit. I hope I can keep up! Keep writ­ing and enjoy the process!


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