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Half of the year was almost done!. And this is the year I became a published author and just recently launched my book last July 11 with the support from new found friends and a few authors as well and a few friends. But sad to say, I didn't write the book this year, I wrote and finished its manuscript last year through the consistent writing off anything that comes to my mind.

What happened to my regular writing habit?

Today, I just want to regain my daily habit of writing. I'm not a writer, how the heck I became a writer? I did what writers do, of course. They write and write and write. If you want to become a writer, I believe you don't need to have a degree it creative writing or journalism but it could help, there's nothing spiritual or mystical about it, just bring out your notepad and pen, or a laptop and a word processing software and start writing.

Just what I did this year, I wanted to improve my communication and leadership skills, I wanted to become a better speaker who can communicate his idea effectively to other people, what I did was not magic, I showed up and with full of courage, I visited the toastmasters international club in our office, called immediately to have an impromptu speech in front of the speakers, it was a terrible experience but then I finally signed up and now, I'm trying to finish my 10 speech projects for the rest of the year. Did I wait for something mystical to happen? No, I just showed up.

How I wrote the book?

Right now, I'm still thinking how I was able to produce a book in less or more than 90 days, but looking back, here's what I realized: It happens little by little, one word at a time until it became a sentence, then became paragraphs then became chapters. 

I wrote down in a small notebook every word that pops out from my mind. I wrote what I have just read from my devotional, I wrote quotes that I have heard from preachers and speakers, literally, I just wrote everything.

I wanted to give up, what to do?

Well I have experienced roadblocks as well whenever I am writing. Some of my problems were, I don't have an inspiration, I can't focus my mind. I cannot think of something I could write but hey, I just trust the process. One of my many inspiration in the Bible was Joseph The Dreamer. God gave him a dream that one day he will become a ruler, people will bow down before him. What happen? When he told this dream to his father, he was ignored, when he told his brothers about it, they sold him to Egypt as a slave. But then, the day came when he became second in command of Pharoh, and that it changed his life forever.

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I experienced the same roadblocks as well during the process of writing my book. I told some of my friends about it but they ignored me, some laughed because they know my grammar is not good, some of my grammar nazi's friend keep an eye on every "English" sentences I posted on facebook. I doubted myself as well because I kept thinking of the outcome, but I have learned from Jeff Goins, that, you can't control the outcome, only the process.

So instead of giving up, I trust the process and stop thinking about the outcome. Today, I joined the 500 Words a Day of Writing for 31 Days to regain my habit. I hope I can keep up! Keep writing and enjoy the process!


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