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I don’t usually set goals because for many reasons. I used to dream of what my future will look like. Will I be successful? Will I ever have a family on my own or should I stay single?

Last year the book Strengths Find­er 2.0 by Tom Rath enabled be to dis­cov­er my top five strengths and not sur­pris­ing­ly, I had the “Futur­is­tic” at the top 1.

I loved to dream about the future. It excites me how the world would look like for the com­ing years in an opti­mistic view. But noth­ing can be more excit­ing than dream­ing about my own future.

I’d dream of becom­ing a writer, author, and a moti­va­tion­al speak­er, then life would drift by.

What now? Where did it all go?

Noth­ing could even more painful than to see life in a way that it is oppos­ing your dreams make you to the ques­tion if God’s will­ing to give this dream I have.

I was alive, but I want­ed the free­dom to do the things I love to do and make a dif­fer­ence. I have a job, my dream job, but it is only a means to an end, I real­ize that it was­n’t real­ly the work I was meant to do.

I know, I was meant to do some­thing, big­ger than me. I have goals, I called them faith goals but I real­ize they are mediocre goals, they are too gen­er­al, they can’t give the life I want­ed, it had to change.

I need­ed a life plan.

I learned from Daniel Harkavy and Michael Hyatt’s book Liv­ing For­ward that a life plan is not a life insur­ance plan, an invest­ment plan or a memo­r­i­al plan. It is a set of goals that will enable you to have more con­trol of your life than oth­er mat­ters will con­trol it.


Why we don’t goals?


Many peo­ple don’t set goals.

I admit. I don’t set too when I was in my ear­ly 20’s. I know peo­ple who were obses­sive col­lect­ing Star­bucks and CBTL Plan­ners and sort of but they don’t real­ly have plans at all. It’s frus­trat­ing to see because I real­ly want an expen­sive plan­ner so I will always have to look on it. Not to col­lect it to make peo­ple wow, you can afford that thing!

When it comes to set­ting goals, many of us par­a­lyzed. Yes, we have dreams. But usu­al­ly, we don’t have plans to achieve it.

As the year ends, sure, I will be dream­ing again for the next year. But why we don’t set goals?

  1. Fear of uncer­tain­ty.
  2. We don’t know where we are head­ing.
  3. Lazi­ness.

These are my rea­sons. I don’t know about you. I fear uncer­tain­ty. What if this plan did­n’t work out?

I don’t know where I will be going. What I want­ed to become? I am at the cross­roads of choos­ing my job or choos­ing what I real­ly meant to do.

I am lazy. Life goes on. Life is unfair. God has a plan for my life, why should I set goals?

Okay, I under­stand. God’s plan was nev­er the same as ours.

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But don’t you think God will be pleased if you leave every­thing to Him? Sure, he planned out every­thing care­ful­ly since the begin­ning but don’t you think He will be hap­py if you are not hap­py with your life right now?

God gave us freewill to decide for our­selves and that’s the beau­ty of His grace.


How to succeed in setting goals


Michael Hyatt is one of the vir­tu­al men­tors I am fol­low­ing since this year after read­ing his book Liv­ing For­ward.

In set­ting goals, he men­tioned in the book that suc­ceed­ing in goals you will need:

I can share with you three things:

  • Acknowl­edge the drift.

One of the best ques­tions you can ask when some­thing neg­a­tive hap­pens is this: What does this expe­ri­ence make pos­si­ble.”- Michael Hyatt

Sure, every­thing hap­pened for a rea­son and for a pur­pose. Drift­ing usu­al­ly hap­pens because we allow them. We don’t have plans so we become pas­sive.

Acknowl­edg­ing the drift helps us to live for­ward and allows us to take own­er­ship of every­thing hap­pened to us.

  • Clar­i­ty

In life, you often get what you expect.” — Michael Hyatt

What do you want to be? Set vivid goals that you can envi­sion your­self becom­ing one.

  • Com­mit to the Plan.

Many of us set goals. We are enthu­si­as­tic at it while we were doing it. But often we just leave it there at our desk wait­ing for us.

The rea­son why plans fail is because we don’t com­mit to it. We don’t go back to it to see how the things are pro­gress­ing and what are the things we need to change.

Sure you have faith goals, what­ev­er you call it. I have too.

But does­n’t mean that it can be done by pure faith. I have a Chris­t­ian friend who loves to men­tion the words, “by faith”. He does­n’t have a plan he said he was liv­ing by faith.

But some­times liv­ing by faith becomes an excuse for us to become pas­sive. For me, it’s fool­ish­ness.


Getting the Life You Always Want


It was Jan­u­ary 2013, when I final­ly learned to write down some goals. I was fear­ful and doubt­ful about it, but I did it any­way.

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Some of these goals were;

  • Write a book.
  • Start an online busi­ness that can replace my full-time job in the cor­po­rate.
  • Get mar­ried.
  • Be a full-time mis­sion­ary. (If God’s will­ing)
  • Become a moti­va­tion­al speak­er.

These goals are big­ger than me, it scares me. But it makes my heart to beat faster as I’m excit­ed about it.

The tar­get for these goals is on 2020. But I already achieved the first two. I don’t exceed from any of them as I was only putting lit­tle effort on each of them for the past few years but will def­i­nite­ly work hard for them in the com­ing years.


How was I able to achieve them?


I just wrote them down. The day I wrote them down was the day I believed this will change my life for the bet­ter. I want­ed to live a life bet­ter than good.

J.P mor­gan was right on what he said, “The first step going to some­where is to decide that you are not going to stay the same where you are.”

What does this mean for you?


Prob­a­bly you are ask­ing your­self where you are right now at this moment.

This is the per­fect time for you to write them down!

Acknowledge where you are right now, that you are drifting away, that you needed a plan. Have the clarity of what you wanted to become or where you will going to and finally, commit your life to it.

Shar­ing with you one of my favorite life verse:

Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.” — Hab­bakuk 2:2

Change the sto­ry of your life. Start it next year and live an inten­tion­al life.

And once you’ve done with it answer this ques­tion in the com­ments:

What are the goals you’ve writ­ten down and what you are going to do to achieve them?

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