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Dale Carnegie once said that anyone could become a great public speaker if they were angry enough. It’s where ideas were born, it comes even from our little frustrations about life.

That’s where great lead­ers, states­men, group advo­ca­cies came from. They are con­sis­tent­ly mad about the world regard­ing their advo­ca­cies such us human rights, pets, glob­al warm­ing, good gov­er­nance and etc. and they wish it was dif­fer­ent mak­ing them set apart to make a dif­fer­ence in the world.

For exam­ple, in Chris­tian­i­ty, because sin was ram­pant dur­ing that time, God sent his son to the world to redeem us from it. And when Jesus was sent from heav­en above, he made a huge dif­fer­ence in the world. He taught us about moral­i­ty, dis­ci­pline, pray­ing, lov­ing one anoth­er and the 10 com­mand­ments.

And these com­mand­ments is still being used in the laws that gov­ern­ing the nations through­out the world. Not just that, even athe­ists, and oth­er reli­gions bor­rowed the con­cept of love, moral­i­ty, com­pas­sion, and for­give­ness from Chris­tian­i­ty and they will not admit it for sure, but it was the truth.

Now I don’t nor­mal­ly write about my com­plaints about the world but for the sake of answer­ing “What real­ly makes me angry about the world?” and if you’re curi­ous about it, let me share it with you.

1. We are pro­grammed to think neg­a­tive­ly.

I don’t know if this is hap­pen­ing in oth­er parts of the world, but in my coun­try the Philip­pines, you can­not find a Fil­ipino who have no com­plaints about the coun­try. Worst, they are good at com­plain­ing but they don’t make any steps to help it, they often leave the coun­try and choose to live out­side of it.

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The worst is that the media com­pa­nies are using their pow­ers to pro­mote neg­a­tiv­i­ty. They are doing it by report­ing biased news, and per­son­al attacks against the gov­ern­ment. For me, they make the sit­u­a­tion even worse. Instead of bring­ing hope to their coun­try­men, they love to pro­mote hope­less­ness.

In this kind of cul­ture that being shaped by the media com­pa­nies, we should stand and pro­mote pos­i­tiv­i­ty. As a writer, I want to make a dif­fer­ence in the world by writ­ing what is uplift­ing and encour­ag­ing.

2. We are not treat­ed equal­ly.

I can­not tol­er­ate racism, nam­ing and sham­ing. We even had those come­di­ans who make fun of oth­ers just to gain peo­ple’s atten­tion. It is risky, even offen­sive. The best humor is that you don’t even need to shame oth­ers, your­self is enough to make peo­ple laugh.

3. We are self­ish by nature.

Have you noticed a child that he can’t give some­thing to his or her play­mate? Par­ents don’t teach chil­dren to become self­ish, it’s our innate nature.

The solu­tion for self­ish­ness is to give. To live a life that over­flows. Don’t hold back, give it away!

What about you? What real­ly makes you angry about the world?

Share it in the com­ments.

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