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Being born as a mil­len­ni­al in 90’s, I’ve been an avid fan of Poke­mon. I remem­ber when I was young, me and my broth­er was so excit­ed to go home after school just to watch this car­toon show, and togeth­er with our friends, we used to sing it’s song and played the role of each char­ac­ter out­side home pre­tend­ing we are Poke­mon Train­ers and Mas­ters.

(C) Niantic Inc. and The Pokemon Company

© Niantic Inc. and The Poke­mon Com­pa­ny

And last week, final­ly the “Poke­mon Go” which is a vir­tu­al game final­ly released in the Philip­pines that excites most of the 90’s kid. I felt a sud­den nos­tal­gia upon hear­ing the news, I’m very excit­ed to expe­ri­ence it, so I went on and down­load the appli­ca­tion and start­ed catch­ing Poke­mons while com­mut­ing going to the office.

It was a fun expe­ri­ence. I will not oppose such thing as a Chris­t­ian because I myself was a pre­vi­ous gamer who played so many games and spend thou­sands of bucks for it in exchange for hap­pi­ness while play­ing the game. And besides, what would you get by oppos­ing those who played it? You’ll even­tu­al­ly end up los­ing some of your friends and oppor­tu­ni­ty to share the gospel and your changed life to them.

But here’s the catch; in real­i­ty, Poke­mons are not real crea­tures, it was a mere fan­ta­sy and a prod­uct of some­one’s cre­ative imag­i­na­tion. It leads me to under­stand that, every peo­ple in this world wants to be part of a great adven­ture, that in every game cre­at­ed has one goal — fill some­one’s hunger for adven­ture. I could attest to that, because once in my life, I get attached to this games that I always for­got to eat because of my addic­tion.

Why games are addict­ing? Because some­one can find their iden­ti­ties on it — by the char­ac­ters they are play­ing and nur­tur­ing of. And I believe this is a heart issue. We have been wan­der­ing for so many years, achiev­ing the things that don’t mat­ter, mak­ing a name for our­selves because we don’t know where we can find our true iden­ti­ty.

And here’s what I’ve learned so far from play­ing Poke­mon Go.

1. Life is an adven­ture.

Poke­mon Go awak­ens your desire to explore the world. Fight­ing and catch­ing Poke­mons could be your life.

But in real life, what’s the real adven­ture? You can’t catch Poke­mons in the real world. Adven­ture in the real world is about ful­fill­ing your own dreams, achiev­ing your goals, grow­ing your­self. We as humans were capa­ble of self-heal­ing that every time we fall, we become big­ger and bet­ter in the inside prepar­ing us for the big­ger world out­side.

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It was a sad fact that most peo­ple nowa­days are lazy to achieve their goals, they are con­tent sit­ting all day long, that caus­es peo­ple to invent things that make them lazier, things that will make them feel excit­ed with­out shed­ding blood and tears.

You know why most men love to play games whether in any for­mat, PlaySta­tion, PSP, Nin­ten­do etc.? Because, in vir­tu­al real­i­ty, they feel strong. They can achieve any­thing with­out per­spir­ing, they can become pow­er­ful, they can do any­thing they want. But in real­i­ty, it was a sad fact, that men are afraid to take lead­er­ship roles, afraid to take respon­si­bil­i­ties, afraid to make com­mit­ments, and fight their own bat­tles.

2. Life is a bat­tle.

Poke­mon Go was not dif­fer­ent from oth­er online games out there. You com­pete and fight with dif­fer­ent play­ers and that makes a game excit­ing and addict­ing.

Let me ask you a ques­tion, when was the last time you fight for your own life?. When was the last time you fight for your own time? When was the last time you fight for your com­mit­ments?

Life in this world is a bat­tle. I’m not say­ing you engage your­self in a real war but every time you resist temp­ta­tion, you resist to lie, you resist to fight your ene­mies and instead lov­ing them is also a bat­tle.

Men, be pre­pared always as you were prepar­ing for a bat­tle. You have the time catch­ing and fight­ing Poke­mons out there, don’t tell me you don’t have time to read books and spend time with your fam­i­ly and small group for account­abil­i­ty.

3. Seek joy, not hap­pi­ness.

Joy is ever­last­ing, hap­pi­ness is tem­po­rary. You can’t say you’re hap­py tomor­row, or in the future, but when you have joy in your heart, you don’t need to pre­tend to be hap­py, it will just over­flow from the inside. For out of the abun­dance of the heart, it over­flows from the inside to out­side.

Like­wise, Poke­mon Go can only give us instant hap­pi­ness, soon it will force you to spend mon­ey to con­tin­ue that hap­pi­ness or else you’ll be doomed.

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But real joy can find from with­in when you seek God. Don’t mind what the athe­ists are say­ing, they opposed God and scold­ing Him that He is only a fan­ta­sy that Chris­tians cre­at­ed, and I dis­agree with that.

Is Poke­mon Go, a fan­ta­sy as well right? But it would only take years per­haps and it will fade away. But the word of the Lord will remain for­ev­er.

Athe­ists are deny­ing what is real. They hate how Chris­tians love each oth­er and fight for their faith. I have devot­ed myself in search of the truth 6 years ago, I read some books of known athe­ists, I also read the Bible and mocked it because some of its books are oppos­ing each oth­er, but in the end, I feel emp­ty, that one day it led me to kneel down and pray and ask God to for­give me and reveal the truth to me .

The next day I open my Bible, my life has nev­er been the same.

Through­out the years, athe­ists were attack­ing the Chris­t­ian faith. But none of them suc­ceed. His­to­ry proves the exis­tence of Jesus Christ, Sci­ence can’t deny the exis­tence of God and more and more who was once devot­ed athe­ists, even­tu­al­ly became Chris­tians while in search of the truth.

With that, if you feel emp­ty with­in, I invite you to ask Jesus to come into your life and your life will nev­er be the same.

Jesus died once and for all to catch all of our sins and thrown them into the dark­ness. He snatch­es you out of the dark­ness and brings you into His light.

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