Being born as a millennial in 90's, I've been an avid fan of Pokemon. I remember when I was young, me and my brother was so excited to go home after school just to watch this cartoon show, and together with our friends, we used to sing it's song and played the role of each character outside home pretending we are Pokemon Trainers and Masters.

(C) Niantic Inc. and The Pokemon Company

(C) Niantic Inc. and The Pokemon Company

And last week, finally the "Pokemon Go" which is a virtual game finally released in the Philippines that excites most of the 90's kid. I felt a sudden nostalgia upon hearing the news, I'm very excited to experience it, so I went on and download the application and started catching Pokemons while commuting going to the office.

It was a fun experience. I will not oppose such thing as a Christian because I myself was a previous gamer who played so many games and spend thousands of bucks for it in exchange for happiness while playing the game. And besides, what would you get by opposing those who played it? You'll eventually end up losing some of your friends and opportunity to share the gospel and your changed life to them.

But here's the catch; in reality, Pokemons are not real creatures, it was a mere fantasy and a product of someone's creative imagination. It leads me to understand that, every people in this world wants to be part of a great adventure, that in every game created has one goal - fill someone's hunger for adventure. I could attest to that, because once in my life, I get attached to this games that I always forgot to eat because of my addiction.

Why games are addicting? Because someone can find their identities on it - by the characters they are playing and nurturing of. And I believe this is a heart issue. We have been wandering for so many years, achieving the things that don't matter, making a name for ourselves because we don't know where we can find our true identity.

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And here's what I've learned so far from playing Pokemon Go.

1. Life is an adventure.

Pokemon Go awakens your desire to explore the world. Fighting and catching Pokemons could be your life.

But in real life, what's the real adventure? You can't catch Pokemons in the real world. Adventure in the real world is about fulfilling your own dreams, achieving your goals, growing yourself. We as humans were capable of self-healing that every time we fall, we become bigger and better in the inside preparing us for the bigger world outside.

It was a sad fact that most people nowadays are lazy to achieve their goals, they are content sitting all day long, that causes people to invent things that make them lazier, things that will make them feel excited without shedding blood and tears.

You know why most men love to play games whether in any format, PlayStation, PSP, Nintendo etc.? Because, in virtual reality, they feel strong. They can achieve anything without perspiring, they can become powerful, they can do anything they want. But in reality, it was a sad fact, that men are afraid to take leadership roles, afraid to take responsibilities, afraid to make commitments, and fight their own battles.

2. Life is a battle.

Pokemon Go was not different from other online games out there. You compete and fight with different players and that makes a game exciting and addicting.

Let me ask you a question, when was the last time you fight for your own life?. When was the last time you fight for your own time? When was the last time you fight for your commitments?

Life in this world is a battle. I'm not saying you engage yourself in a real war but every time you resist temptation, you resist to lie, you resist to fight your enemies and instead loving them is also a battle.

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Men, be prepared always as you were preparing for a battle. You have the time catching and fighting Pokemons out there, don't tell me you don't have time to read books and spend time with your family and small group for accountability.

3. Seek joy, not happiness.

Joy is everlasting, happiness is temporary. You can't say you're happy tomorrow, or in the future, but when you have joy in your heart, you don't need to pretend to be happy, it will just overflow from the inside. For out of the abundance of the heart, it overflows from the inside to outside.

Likewise, Pokemon Go can only give us instant happiness, soon it will force you to spend money to continue that happiness or else you'll be doomed.

But real joy can find from within when you seek God. Don't mind what the atheists are saying, they opposed God and scolding Him that He is only a fantasy that Christians created, and I disagree with that.

Is Pokemon Go, a fantasy as well right? But it would only take years perhaps and it will fade away. But the word of the Lord will remain forever.

Atheists are denying what is real. They hate how Christians love each other and fight for their faith. I have devoted myself in search of the truth 6 years ago, I read some books of known atheists, I also read the Bible and mocked it because some of its books are opposing each other, but in the end, I feel empty, that one day it led me to kneel down and pray and ask God to forgive me and reveal the truth to me .

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The next day I open my Bible, my life has never been the same.

Throughout the years, atheists were attacking the Christian faith. But none of them succeed. History proves the existence of Jesus Christ, Science can't deny the existence of God and more and more who was once devoted atheists, eventually became Christians while in search of the truth.

With that, if you feel empty within, I invite you to ask Jesus to come into your life and your life will never be the same.

Jesus died once and for all to catch all of our sins and thrown them into the darkness. He snatches you out of the darkness and brings you into His light.

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