Sometimes there are things that we think we cannot do without a permission. Like permission to perform because you haven't ask your manager for promotion. Probably permission to start writing a book, because you think you need people's approval. Or it could be permission to do your new year's resolution. We don't do any of them until we get the permission.

But here you go – you have my permission.

To go for your dreams.

To reach the unreachable stars.

To stick to that habit.

To write that book.

To court that woman.

To be intimate with God.

To hold that door.

To go the extra mile even when not ask.

To perform at your best.

To do what you love.

To be the best.

To expect the best.

To love your enemies.

To quit the job you suck at.

To move on from that hurtful relationship you've been.

To love the unlovely.

To help the helpless.

To care the careless.

To enjoy your season.

To write a gratitude list.

To say I love you 

To tell a child, “You are a winner!”

To give hope to the hopeless.

To share the love of God.

To give faith to the faithless.

To change.

I give you my permission.

Now, it's your turn. Give yourself permission to do these things.

Ditch that new year's resolution you have. Change does not happen one-time big time.

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Here's what I know about change:

Change doesn't happen overnight. It happens through the accumulation of experiences you've learned, and practicing it.

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In other words, it all begins with your action. Stop with the resolutions, we had enough of that. Instead, start revolutionizing your life. Because revolution often leads to real and massive changes.

Now, the world is waiting for you. Be the change you want to see in the world. You were born for a purpose. Go!

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