Photo from Flickr by 'Nino" Eugene La Pia

Photo from Flickr by 'Nino" Eugene La Pia

Pride is having a feeling that you are more important or you think you are better than others. Some people are not aware of themselves being prideful at times because they are busy checking others that they forget to have themselves check.

While we are all living in a fallen world and all of us are imperfect, we are all vulnerable to pride. I believe one of the first gifts of the Holy Spirit gave to each person who recently surrendered his or her life to Christ is no other than "peace". If you can't find peace, you feel oppressed or your prayers are not answered, search for God's will but first look for pride. Yes pride, because pride above all blocks miracles.

There are times I fail to look at it when leading people. When a person has given the authority to execute, administer, and lead people, I have observed that some leaders have the tendency to fight for uniformity than unity.

I have learned that unity is accepting the differences of the people I am leading in terms of background, beliefs, perspective and opinion, and use them as an advantage to work as a team and not enforcing what you want for the person to do even it is not aligned to his or her values or what he or she wants to do.

Some leaders think that if one member of his team opposing his ideas and goals could be divisive. No! It's an advantage for a leader when someone speaks out his or her mind because it will strike a balance to the team.

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Because when you force them to do what you want and threatened them -- you are enforcing yourself to them and not giving them an opportunity to grow - that's uniformity, sacrificing unity for the sake of uniformity is a big No-no for me.

But how can we check for the manifestations of pride to ourselves?. Here's what I have learned so far:

1. Spiritual Stress

A person can be in a spiritual stress if he or she came to the point of comparing his or her ministry achievements to others. Don't get me wrong about here, it is always better to check our inner motives. Why do we brag this accomplishment to others? Sometimes spiritual stress causes anxiety because a person is seeking self- admiration and self-glory for the things he did for God that leads to other manifestations.

2. Mistrust

If a leader doesn't have trust to his or her team members, he or she will have the tendency to do all the things that other members can do better than him. In this way, the person may be seeking admiration from others and would like to take credit for what he has done.

When you don't trust others, you don't delegate tasks. You are relying on yourself and simply telling God that you don't need him because you don't think your members can do it. Isn't it God gave you the team to serve with?

3. Hidden Superiority

Sometimes we are unaware of this, hidden superiority exists when we insist what we want , even others don't like it.

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When a leader listened to suggestions from his or her members yet, he does the exact opposite of it because he thinks he is right all the time, not being teachable is a hidden superiority.

4. Over ambition

When there is over-ambition, there is competition. Competition can be healthy but not all the time. I have joined short term missions trip to other nations twice already, I don't agree when a leader told his or her co-workers of competing with him in the ministry. There are no competitions in the ministry! All of the members are working for the advancement of the Kingdom God in the nations not seeking glory for themselves.

Pride blocks happiness destroys unity and can destroy one's hope. I have learned not to blame Satan or the enemy when we feel we are being attacked because he wants it, he wants us to think of him, he wants to distract us from our purpose. When we are prideful, I think it's better to ask God to reveal more of it and blame ourselves instead because we hardened our hearts.

But there's good news. The cure for pride is no other than love. Love more, give more and let go of what you're holding just like what God did for us.

He sent His only Son Jesus Christ to live the life we should have lived and died the death we should have died that gives us eternal life when we accept Him as Lord and Savior, He gave everything so we could not boast to ourselves that we earn it. It is free.

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I would like to leave you with this scripture:

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, - Philippians 2:3

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