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In the movie Chariots of Fire in 1981, Eric Liddell who was a missionary and an athlete, said while he was being reprimanded by his sister because he seems to neglect his responsibilities before God but he responded, “I know God has a purpose for me. He made me fast, and when I run, I feel his pleasure.”

Now let me ask you this ques­tion, “What makes you feel God’s plea­sure?”, “Have you dis­cov­er God’s pur­pose for your life?”

A lot of peo­ple today find­ing pur­pose in what they do, in what they own, and in what the peo­ple are telling about them.

When I was in study­ing in col­lege, I thought my life would fall into the cycle of cor­po­rate life. You work, you go home to rest for a while, then you work again. It hap­pened. I was actu­al­ly like a renter in my own house where my par­ents bare­ly see me stay at home. When they wake up, I was already in the office grind­ing all day. When I am home, I was in the room rest­ing.

Not until I ques­tioned my exis­tence. I asked myself, If there is a pur­pose for my life, is this what all I got? I did­n’t know at that time that I was actu­al­ly find­ing my pur­pose at that time. Of all sorts of human beings on this plan­et, I was only a tiny frac­tion of them. I am the one whom you will not notice, because I was an under­dog, unqual­i­fied and most­ly, unlike­ly leader. I thought I will just die with it.

But God has a dif­fer­ent pur­pose for my life. I heard God say­ing to me “Dhenn, lead my peo­ple, teach my peo­ple”.  “Since you were pre­cious in My sight, You have been hon­ored, And I have loved you; There­fore I will give men for you, And peo­ple for your life. “You are My wit­ness­es,” says the Lord.“

From that day on, I decid­ed to become a part of Vol­un­teers who teach­es chil­dren. I stud­ied how to over­come my fears in pub­lic speak­ing. I nev­er thought that I would love pub­lic speak­ing and teach­ing. Speak­ing and teach­ing to stu­dents to encour­age and moti­vate them to live their lives wor­thy of their call­ing and pur­pose in life. And when I am doing that, I feel God’s plea­sure. He turned my fail­ures to a mes­sage so that it will become my source of inspi­ra­tion.

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Jesus said in John 10:10 “I have come that they may have life and that they may have it abun­dant­ly.” That’s Jesus pur­pose. Imag­ine a Supreme Being who cre­at­ed us and the uni­verse that sur­rounds us made an effort to go down for us. He does­n’t want us to live that kind of life so he made him­self a sac­ri­fice to give us life and live it to the full. He has come to give us life and to live it abun­dant­ly. Giv­ing his life for us is what makes him feel the Father’s plea­sure.

How about you? Have you felt God’s plea­sure late­ly?

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What makes you alive?

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