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Dur­ing the time when I was rent­ing an apart­ment some­where in Makati, my usu­al rou­tine for a week was to leave home either Mon­day or Tues­day. I know now how it feels like miss­ing home because when I’m home, there was a plen­ty of food,  and I don’t have to wor­ry about any­thing.

But there was a time that my expens­es exceed­ed my month­ly bud­get, I over­spent because I for­got to include the cost of get­ting a dri­ving license and a lit­tle bit of mon­ey I gave to a friend because he was in an emer­gency. Any­way, that time my salary will arrive soon but, I only have 250 pesos left in my wal­let. No mon­ey on my pay­roll account except those untouch­able account I kept for an emer­gency fund.

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I remem­ber when I was in grade school, my mom only gave us 10 pesos to bud­get for the whole day and then 20 pesos in High School and then 50 to 100 pesos in Col­lege. I nev­er for­get those thin days that despite only hav­ing 10 pesos in my pock­et and I real­ly want to save it to be able to buy the toy I want to,  but my pub­lic school teacher forced us to give our allowances to her in exchange of not-so-deli­cious and nutri­tious food, and if we do not give it to her, behold! a stain­less ruler will come upon our hands – nev­er­the­less that teacher was report­ed already to the Depart­ment of Edu­ca­tion that time and then released from her job.

To con­tin­ue, I left with no choice but to stretch out my 250 pesos for the whole week. Doubts and fears start­ed to cloud my mind. Oh God, I didn’t want to use my cred­it card dur­ing those dif­fi­cult times. And one thing came from my mind what if I bor­row five hun­dred pesos from one of my friends and return it lat­er? But I decid­ed not to — I have faith that God will sus­tain me!

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Days passed by, and so I looked again in my wal­let the last day and sur­prise, there was still 200 pesos was left untouched, I could not believe it to myself because I only spent 50 pesos the entire week! I was even tempt­ed to spend that 200 pesos for a book when I passed by on a Ful­ly Booked Store in BGC but I man­age to left the book­store for the first time with­out buy­ing a book!

Here’s why I was able to sur­vive — the Lord sus­tained me. Dur­ing those times, some of my col­leagues treat­ed the whole team to a din­ner, I think it hap­pened thrice in just a week! What a bless­ing indeed!

But here’s what I have learned:

1. “Liv­ing in an emp­ty pock­et will teach you a mil­lion things,  but liv­ing in a full pock­et spoils you in mil­lion ways.”

Hav­ing a full pock­et spoils us in many ways. Mon­ey is fun. If we have more mon­ey, we can buy all the things we have in mind. But liv­ing in an emp­ty pock­et will teach us many things.

It taught me that to earn mon­ey, you have to work hard for it. It taught me that a mon­ey saved is a mon­ey earned.

2. Mon­ey reveals who you real­ly are.

Mon­ey can’t fix some­one’s life. It reveals who tru­ly we are. How are you when you’re run­ning out of mon­ey? Are you hot-head­ed? Are you los­ing tem­per?

We tend to spend a lot of mon­ey on the things that don’t mat­ter. We live in today’s gen­er­a­tion that hav­ing enough is not enough, that hav­ing more is the trend. That’s why every time I see some­one who recent­ly buy a car but he or she is only  a fresh grad­u­ate or less than a year in his or her job, oh boy! it was either bought through a loan or spoiled by his or her rich par­ents.

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That’s why the rich peo­ple stay rich because they’re liv­ing like a broke but broke peo­ple stay broke because they’re liv­ing like they’re rich.

Nev­er chase mon­ey, do not pur­sue it. Because the more you pur­sue mon­ey, the hard­er it gets. Loose hold of it.

As long as we have enough mon­ey for our basic needs, it is enough. Keep earn­ing but spend less.

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