During the time when I was renting an apartment somewhere in Makati, my usual routine for a week was to leave home either Monday or Tuesday. I know now how it feels like missing home because when I'm home, there was a plenty of food,  and I don't have to worry about anything.

But there was a time that my expenses exceeded my monthly budget, I overspent because I forgot to include the cost of getting a driving license and a little bit of money I gave to a friend because he was in an emergency. Anyway, that time my salary will arrive soon but, I only have 250 pesos left in my wallet. No money on my payroll account except those untouchable account I kept for an emergency fund.

(C) Dan Moye in Flickr.com

(C) Dan Moye in Flickr.com

I remember when I was in grade school, my mom only gave us 10 pesos to budget for the whole day and then 20 pesos in High School and then 50 to 100 pesos in College. I never forget those thin days that despite only having 10 pesos in my pocket and I really want to save it to be able to buy the toy I want to,  but my public school teacher forced us to give our allowances to her in exchange of not-so-delicious and nutritious food, and if we do not give it to her, behold! a stainless ruler will come upon our hands – nevertheless that teacher was reported already to the Department of Education that time and then released from her job.

To continue, I left with no choice but to stretch out my 250 pesos for the whole week. Doubts and fears started to cloud my mind. Oh God, I didn’t want to use my credit card during those difficult times. And one thing came from my mind what if I borrow five hundred pesos from one of my friends and return it later? But I decided not to - I have faith that God will sustain me!

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Days passed by, and so I looked again in my wallet the last day and surprise, there was still 200 pesos was left untouched, I could not believe it to myself because I only spent 50 pesos the entire week! I was even tempted to spend that 200 pesos for a book when I passed by on a Fully Booked Store in BGC but I manage to left the bookstore for the first time without buying a book!

Here's why I was able to survive - the Lord sustained me. During those times, some of my colleagues treated the whole team to a dinner, I think it happened thrice in just a week! What a blessing indeed!

But here’s what I have learned:

1. "Living in an empty pocket will teach you a million things,  but living in a full pocket spoils you in million ways."

Having a full pocket spoils us in many ways. Money is fun. If we have more money, we can buy all the things we have in mind. But living in an empty pocket will teach us many things.

It taught me that to earn money, you have to work hard for it. It taught me that a money saved is a money earned.

2. Money reveals who you really are.

Money can't fix someone's life. It reveals who truly we are. How are you when you're running out of money? Are you hot-headed? Are you losing temper?

We tend to spend a lot of money on the things that don't matter. We live in today’s generation that having enough is not enough, that having more is the trend. That's why every time I see someone who recently buy a car but he or she is only  a fresh graduate or less than a year in his or her job, oh boy! it was either bought through a loan or spoiled by his or her rich parents.

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That's why the rich people stay rich because they're living like a broke but broke people stay broke because they're living like they're rich.

Never chase money, do not pursue it. Because the more you pursue money, the harder it gets. Loose hold of it.

As long as we have enough money for our basic needs, it is enough. Keep earning but spend less.

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