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Last week, I just deliv­ered anoth­er speech project in our Toast­mas­ters Club. I talked about the Inter­net of Things and how the world and economies are shift­ing to a fast-paced envi­ron­ment and how big cor­po­ra­tions are invest­ing a lot in the inter­net and tech­nol­o­gy that will fuel the growth of  their busi­ness­es in the future.

And the past few weeks, anoth­er game was released to dis­tract peo­ple from what they are doing.

Work­ing in an I.T indus­try for me, this is very chal­leng­ing. With so many dis­trac­tions around and demands from the peo­ple today, how can I live longer than usu­al? And with hav­ing many wor­ries of life, how can I keep myself from stress? The answer is sim­ple — to live in the present.

Many peo­ple who work are more stress­ful today than they are. Peo­ple are wor­ried about their future so they start look­ing for oth­er oppor­tu­ni­ties to increase their cash flow. The rise of peo­ple who want to invest in the stock mar­ket are increas­ing and that was amaz­ing! But with­out prop­er foun­da­tions, invest­ing would only add stress to their lives.

It actu­al­ly hap­pened to me a few years back then. I was rest­less. I read a lot of books, do a lot of research about mon­ey and finances, I also tried ven­tur­ing to oth­er busi­ness­es but I failed — why? Because my life was cen­tered on the what’s more for me? what is in for me? — it left me emp­ty, not ful­filled and not sat­is­fied.

I am not aware that I already lose myself in the process because I was regret­ting the past and plac­ing myself in the future. I was in the moment of ask­ing God where He wants me to go,  what He wants me to do? yet, I did­n’t hear any­thing from God.

Today I would like what to share with you, what I have learned from The Pre­cious Present Book writ­ten by Spencer John­son describe the pre­cious present as:

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The Pre­cious Present has noth­ing to do with wish­ing.

When you have the pre­cious present, you are per­fect­ly con­tent to where you are.

Rich­ness is rare, indeed, but… the wealth of pre­cious present comes only from itself.

The pre­cious present is not some­thing that some­one gives to you, It is a gift that you give to your­self.

The sto­ry revolves around a man who did every­thing just to know what is this pre­cious present is all about. He worked hard until he gets those moun­tain­top moments. He achieved every­thing he want­ed in life — yet, he was not hap­py. He want­ed to have the pre­cious present so he could be hap­py — oh boy the young man was like me.

Until one day, the old man passed away and he became sad, so he began to rem­i­nisce his moments with the old man remem­ber­ing what hap­pened and what he did all through­out his life, from there he found out that the pre­cious present is no oth­er than today!

Three lessons that I have learned from that sea­son of my life.

1. We put our­selves in the past, by think­ing on it over and over again.

I real­ized, that when I am think­ing about what hap­pened in the past, I actu­al­ly med­i­tat­ing on it. I was putting myself there and start ask­ing once again ques­tions like;   I hope I have known it ear­li­er, I could have done a dif­fer­ent thing.

2. There’s noth­ing wrong think­ing and plan­ning about the future, but when we are start wor­ry­ing about it, we also lose our­selves in the process. 

That sea­son of my life put me in a place where I wor­ried a lot. But I also learned that wor­ry­ing about the things that are not yet hap­pen­ing is bad. It makes me think that God will not sus­tain me in the future so I need to rely on myself.

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3. Enjoy the present!

The Present is what is, it is already just the way it is. That when we accept the present and expe­ri­ence it, we can be well and hap­py.

Many peo­ple lose entire­ly them­selves by not being present in their fam­i­lies because they go to the office just to earn more mon­ey. Many fathers are not present as well for their chil­dren. Par­ents, enjoy the present with your chil­dren because there will be a day that they will final­ly grow up and you can nev­er back the time again.

This made me real­ize how impor­tant to cher­ish the present. To enjoy the present in any cir­cum­stances. The present is for­ev­er because there will be no past nor future with­out today. 

If you are in the sit­u­a­tion where you are stress­ful, and seek­ing for hap­pi­ness and ful­fill­ment, I encour­age you to have a copy of this book.

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