Last week, I just delivered another speech project in our Toastmasters Club. I talked about the Internet of Things and how the world and economies are shifting to a fast-paced environment and how big corporations are investing a lot in the internet and technology that will fuel the growth of  their businesses in the future.

And the past few weeks, another game was released to distract people from what they are doing.

Working in an I.T industry for me, this is very challenging. With so many distractions around and demands from the people today, how can I live longer than usual? And with having many worries of life, how can I keep myself from stress? The answer is simple - to live in the present.

Many people who work are more stressful today than they are. People are worried about their future so they start looking for other opportunities to increase their cash flow. The rise of people who want to invest in the stock market are increasing and that was amazing! But without proper foundations, investing would only add stress to their lives.

It actually happened to me a few years back then. I was restless. I read a lot of books, do a lot of research about money and finances, I also tried venturing to other businesses but I failed - why? Because my life was centered on the what's more for me? what is in for me? - it left me empty, not fulfilled and not satisfied.

I am not aware that I already lose myself in the process because I was regretting the past and placing myself in the future. I was in the moment of asking God where He wants me to go,  what He wants me to do? yet, I didn't hear anything from God.

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Today I would like what to share with you, what I have learned from The Precious Present Book written by Spencer Johnson describe the precious present as:


The Precious Present has nothing to do with wishing.

When you have the precious present, you are perfectly content to where you are.

Richness is rare, indeed, but... the wealth of precious present comes only from itself.

The precious present is not something that someone gives to you, It is a gift that you give to yourself.

The story revolves around a man who did everything just to know what is this precious present is all about. He worked hard until he gets those mountaintop moments. He achieved everything he wanted in life - yet, he was not happy. He wanted to have the precious present so he could be happy - oh boy the young man was like me.

Until one day, the old man passed away and he became sad, so he began to reminisce his moments with the old man remembering what happened and what he did all throughout his life, from there he found out that the precious present is no other than today!

Three lessons that I have learned from that season of my life.

1. We put ourselves in the past, by thinking on it over and over again.

I realized, that when I am thinking about what happened in the past, I actually meditating on it. I was putting myself there and start asking once again questions like;   I hope I have known it earlier, I could have done a different thing.

2. There's nothing wrong thinking and planning about the future, but when we are start worrying about it, we also lose ourselves in the process. 

That season of my life put me in a place where I worried a lot. But I also learned that worrying about the things that are not yet happening is bad. It makes me think that God will not sustain me in the future so I need to rely on myself.

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3. Enjoy the present!

The Present is what is, it is already just the way it is. That when we accept the present and experience it, we can be well and happy.

Many people lose entirely themselves by not being present in their families because they go to the office just to earn more money. Many fathers are not present as well for their children. Parents, enjoy the present with your children because there will be a day that they will finally grow up and you can never back the time again.

This made me realize how important to cherish the present. To enjoy the present in any circumstances. The present is forever because there will be no past nor future without today. 

If you are in the situation where you are stressful, and seeking for happiness and fulfillment, I encourage you to have a copy of this book.

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