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This let­ter was anoth­er prompt for me to write 500 words again, and today I want it to share with you a let­ter that I actu­al­ly wrote for my younger self when I real­ized I wast­ed so much of my life try­ing to please oth­er peo­ple, and find­ing my pur­pose. This was dur­ing my high school up to ear­ly 20’s.


Dear My Younger Self,

When I look into the glass that illu­mi­nates you, I see a shy, qui­et man who is crit­i­cal­ly afraid. Afraid of fail­ure, afraid of rejec­tion, afraid of lone­li­ness.

Some of your class­mates became your friends because you are a smart guy but they even­tu­al­ly betrayed you when you decid­ed to teach them to study by not cheat­ing or copy­ing some­one’s assign­ment or answers. Your con­science was not clear at that time, you’ve thought you did not do the right thing because they left you alone again, yet you nev­er copied some­one’s answer or assign­ment the whole time you are study­ing because your eye­sight was a hin­drance and you had no choice but to study hard.

A lone­ly man, some­one who does­n’t know the true mean­ing of life, and the pur­pose behind it. Your fail­ures that caused you to not believe in God any­more, that even­tu­al­ly led you to study athe­ism and its ben­e­fits. That made you reject God and sud­den­ly stop call­ing for His help.

Then you reject­ed the truth, you mock the teach­ings in the Bible, you even ques­tioned “tithing”, why would a God requires a man to give a tenth of his income? Why would a good God allowed peo­ple whom He cre­at­ed to suf­fer? Why there are many con­tra­dic­tions in the Bible?. Why Chris­t­ian Church­es fight each oth­er in a debate? Are they doing that to prove the oth­er one is wrong? Why?.

Then you became help­less, nowhere to go but to go up. I am hap­py to let you know that you came back like a prodi­gal son.

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Now lis­ten to me my younger self. It is not your fault why you’ve been there. It does­n’t mean when you are a believ­er you are exempt­ed from the life’s suf­fer­ing. I believe, each per­son was des­tined once to face those moments like that for them to real­ize they can­not live alone in this life, that liv­ing with the idea that there is no God, is like liv­ing as you are dead. You kept try­ing for years to find your sig­nif­i­cance yet you can only find it in Christ alone.

My younger self, God allowed tri­als to come upon to our lives to grow us and to mature us, because if we nev­er mature, we will nev­er achieve the des­tiny He has for us.

My younger self, tithing was not a require­ment of God but rather a test of our faith. God does­n’t need our mon­ey, it does­n’t have any val­ue for Him. He want­ed us to tithe because He want­ed us to teach stew­ard­ship, because long ago, the first man and woman neglect their respon­si­bil­i­ty to take care of the things that have entrust­ed to them. Tithing is a heart issue. He want­ed to know if you real­ly love Him by sur­ren­der­ing every­thing of your­self even your mon­ey to His author­i­ty.

My younger self, there were no con­tra­dic­tions in the Bible. You can only say that because you have nev­er read the Bible from cov­er to cov­er. Read it for your­self and ask God to guide you, because you can­not under­stand it by read­ing alone with­out the help of the Holy Spir­it.

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My younger self, some Chris­t­ian Church­es fight each oth­er to argue with what they know about the Bible but yeah, it’s a bit off when mem­bers of their con­gre­ga­tion defeat­ed their oppo­nent and they were all rejoic­ing. It is not good because you can­not win a soul for Christ in that way.

Last­ly, I hope that there was some­one who guid­ed you all the way to your faith in God dur­ing that time but there was none. Don’t wor­ry, you’ve suf­fered so much and you have endured it. You’re a vic­tor in Christ.

Now you are a dis­ci­ple of Christ, help oth­er peo­ple to fol­low Him. Snatch them out of the dark­ness and bring them clos­er to God.

Your­self Today,

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