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One day, there were three fish­er­men who went out to the sea to gath­er some fish to feed their fam­i­lies. Car­ried by a large boat in the mid­dle of the sea, they began to spread their nets so they can catch fish. They wait­ed for hours but it seems there were no fish that have been caught.

The oth­er fish­er­men exclaimed, “What a day it must be! We’ve been here since ear­ly in the morn­ing!”, and oth­ers also began to com­plain until they blame each oth­er.

But there was one fish­er­man who seems so qui­et. While oth­ers were com­plain­ing, he was work­ing. He did­n’t mind how long should he wait, or even join the oth­ers who were com­plain­ing. After a few more hours, his nets became full. It was so heavy that he could not able to pull it him­self. He asked for help and oth­ers helped him. Oth­ers have mocked him and thrown insults at him.

Life is some­how like that sto­ry above. Whether you are work­ing in the cor­po­rate world, you are in busi­ness or even in a com­mu­ni­ty, there will be peo­ple that will envy oth­er peo­ple’s suc­cess. They were so busy find­ing faults, they com­plain about every­thing, they think they are the poor vic­tim of what’s hap­pen­ing around them.

But a suc­cess­ful per­son is focused on his work. He is so focused on what he can accom­plish and what he can give that he does­n’t have the time to com­plain any­more. He expe­ri­enced tri­als, dis­ap­point­ments, and rejec­tions but he used it to lever­age him­self.

If we only focused on our mis­sion, and just keep row­ing our boat, we will not have the time to rock the boat.

Those who are row­ing the boat are less like­ly to be rock­ing the boat.

Thom Ranier

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