One day, there were three fishermen who went out to the sea to gather some fish to feed their families. Carried by a large boat in the middle of the sea, they began to spread their nets so they can catch fish. They waited for hours but it seems there were no fish that have been caught.

The other fishermen exclaimed, "What a day it must be! We've been here since early in the morning!", and others also began to complain until they blame each other.

But there was one fisherman who seems so quiet. While others were complaining, he was working. He didn't mind how long should he wait, or even join the others who were complaining. After a few more hours, his nets became full. It was so heavy that he could not able to pull it himself. He asked for help and others helped him. Others have mocked him and thrown insults at him.

Life is somehow like that story above. Whether you are working in the corporate world, you are in business or even in a community, there will be people that will envy other people's success. They were so busy finding faults, they complain about everything, they think they are the poor victim of what's happening around them.

But a successful person is focused on his work. He is so focused on what he can accomplish and what he can give that he doesn't have the time to complain anymore. He experienced trials, disappointments, and rejections but he used it to leverage himself.

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If we only focused on our mission, and just keep rowing our boat, we will not have the time to rock the boat.

Those who are rowing the boat are less likely to be rocking the boat.

Thom Ranier

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