Do you hate the current government? What about your life? What about the political issues around?

I've noticed that social media has been a great tool for us to express ourselves, our ideas, and our emotions but today, it makes more people divisive than ever before.

With the political issues going on, people started spreading hate rather than love and appreciation. I've also seen some "opinionated friends", debating in Facebook, some says they are Christians but there's a lot of hatred on what they are ranting about, rather being the salt and the light, they are toxic to someone's life.

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While there is freedom of expression, I respect that each of us has the right to voice our opinions, but would it more beneficial for us if we just keep it to ourselves and instead try to support each other?

Sadly, there's so much hatred going on. As a Filipino, I've seen that we have become more divided than we have ever been in the history. Now if you are the one complaining about your job, your life and about the government, I want you to think what's going on to the other part of the world. What if you were not born in the Philippines and God made you a Syrian or an Iraqi?

What if you eventually die tomorrow and you still have that hatred in your heart?

I suggest, that we must be grateful instead of where we are right now and what we are experiencing right now. We should learn to accept the things that we cannot change since the government was instituted by God and He alone directs the course of the nations.

Before we air our opinions, consider this checklist:

  • Is my opinion helpful?
  • Is my opinion good for the country?
  • Who will benefit from my opinion?
  • If you have the opportunity to help the government, what would you do?
  • Will my opinion will bless my country or it will just promote hatred and division?
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Sadly, there are people who just love to complain but when they asked this questions, they answered none.

Check yourself, Am I being a toxic to other people because of my own opinions? Would you rather save a relationship by keeping your opinion to yourself or you want to make enemies out of it?

With a lot of issues that needs to be settled, I rather trust God during this time and take the time to pray for my country, for the President and for the people. Didn't God was the one who commanded us to submit to the governing authorities?

I choose to be grateful. I choose not to curse my country but rather bless it with the words from my mouth. How about you?.

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