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Almost 3 years ago, I start­ed this blog togeth­er with my hopes and dreams of start­ing afresh with all the fail­ures and lessons that my ear­ly 20’s has brought upon to me. I’ve expe­ri­enced hav­ing a mild-depres­sion and I didn’t share it with any­one else. Expe­ri­enced the worst rejec­tion of my life that shook all my inse­cu­ri­ties and flaws in my char­ac­ter.
But life was tougher than I thought
My mind was very sim­ple back then; “Work hard, save and earn mon­ey, climb the cor­po­rate lad­der, and get mar­ried at 28, and have kids at 30.” Last time I wrote about invest­ing in your­self and I thought hav­ing an MBA Degree will help me to climb the cor­po­rate lad­der and earn the cre­den­tials I need­ed but I couldn’t be more wrong.
The first year of my job, I was forced to accept a job I didn’t like but I have to learn how to love it which in turn it didn’t hap­pen.
I have been buried in cred­it card debt at the age of 22. My cred­it card has been maxed out and I have no sav­ings. I am just giv­ing out my month­ly salary to the bank just to pay all of it. 
And because of it
I Learned the Val­ue of Mon­ey
When I was a kid I often envy oth­er kids whom their par­ents gave them new toys every month. I envy them because at a young age they have their own com­put­ers and game con­soles already while we only have text ( a paper with graph­ics), yoyo, turumpo, and oth­ers. 
I also learned to val­ue mon­ey the moment I real­ized how dif­fi­cult it was for my par­ents to send us to col­lege that even their my mom’s jew­el­ry and wed­ding ring has been sold to pawn­shop just for us to fin­ish col­lege.
I Learned to Val­ue Rela­tion­ships
I kid you not, I’m not a peo­ple per­son. Most of my friends betrayed me. Some of them I left already and some of them chose not to asso­ciate them­selves with me because they think I’m crit­i­cal and naive. 
I didn’t put so much impor­tance on peo­ple back then but God taught me to appre­ci­ate it. I learned how to get out of my com­fort zone and gen­uine­ly meet peo­ple and build a friend­ship with them. I can eas­i­ly make friends now and espe­cial­ly I love to hang around with peo­ple whom I think need­ed much appre­ci­a­tion like the secu­ri­ty guards, main­te­nance work­ers, mes­sen­gers, cab/grab dri­vers, and tech­ni­cians. They had so many sto­ries to tell but most peo­ple don’t lis­ten to them or even care enough to greet them and ask how they are.
And if there is any­thing I want to improve on is that I am eas­i­ly get intim­i­dat­ed to talk with peo­ple who have a strong per­son­al­i­ty or some­one whom I know that are very influ­en­tial. They can be my future men­tors, there­fore I need to learn how to get along with them.
How This Blog Changed My Life
This blog was orig­i­nal­ly cre­at­ed to con­tain all my thoughts and feel­ings that I could only express when I write. But I know for cer­tain that God called me to inspire and teach peo­ple. This blog has brought me to new heights of my life. I have been invit­ed to a radio sta­tion to become their guest because of this blog. I have encoun­tered many peo­ple whom I didn’t know per­son­al­ly asked me if I was that blog­ger. 
This blog also became my plat­form to hon­or God with my life. 
But one thing I’ve learned for sure and I want to put empha­sis on it; Let God write your sto­ry too. Nev­er in my wildest dreams that I will become what I am right now. I saw a vision of it but I nev­er forced it to hap­pen. God made a way. 
To be hon­est, I have so many plans for my life, but I’ll let God do His own way whether it could be painful or not as long as He sees it is fit for me to expe­ri­ence it, then let His will be done so I can bring more glo­ry to His Name.
In Colos­sians 1:17, Paul said; “He is before all things,  and in Him, all things hold togeth­er.”
“God makes every­thing hap­pen at the right time.” — Eccle­si­astes 3:11
Thank you for all who greet­ed me, cel­e­brat­ed my birth­day (even I did­n’t want to), and for those who sur­prised me and made an effort to buy a cake for me. May God bless you more!.

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