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It was December 2015 in the evening when I finally decided to stop regretting about what happened in my life. I used to regret the decisions I've made, the actions I've taken but on that night, I knelt down in prayer and left everything to Jesus.

A lot of people have many regrets in life. Whether they missed an opportunity that gets in the way or a loss of someone they dearly loved because they weren't able to express to them how they really love them. Pero ang isa na yata sa pinaka-malalang regrets ng mga kalalakihan is hindi mo man lang nasabi or na-express yung dapat mong sabihin sa taong gusto mo. Nagka-boyfriend na ng iba, wala ka man lang nasabi. Haha!

Not a few weeks ago, I talked to different people that I know can speak to my life not because they were my friends but because they can give the information or the feedback that I need, not the one that I want. I took everything that they've said, and also what God said.

Making the decision was a difficult one. Most of my friends' valid concern was "Dhenn, are you sure about it?". "Yes", I promptly replied. I have actually doubted my decision a lot of times. My plans at first didn't come out as I expected, but anyway,  I was able to carry it out until the decision came out.

I won't tell you the details but a friend told me again, "Did you regret what you did?" 

After three consecutive years, that was the only time I heard the word "regret" again. And to regret is a feeling of disappointment, sadness or frustration over something that has happened or been done or about something you wish you did. It's a painful feeling because you can't bring back the time, yung tipong andami mong "what-ifs" in life or "what could have been". Yung agony na nabubuhay ka sa nakaraan at hindi sa kung anong meron ngayon.

And then I told my friend that I didn't. To regret is such a waste of time. I can never bring back the time, I can never restore things to its original state. But one thing for sure, I did what I need to be done. I stepped out of faith and risk the whole of myself so that I will not be baffled with questions that were filling my mind. My questions have been answered, it brings clarity and direction to me. And maybe if I didn't step out of faith and courage, perhaps my mind was still filled with questions that I can never answer until I ask.

God made it clear to me that He still keeping the best for me, and I still have a mission to accomplish.

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There will be a time that we will be disappointed, but there's one Person I know who risked his life for the people who didn't even like him, for the people who rejected him. Did he regret what he did? No, he didn't. He was proud of it. He highly thought of you while he was dying. And he is Jesus Christ, the most courageous person I've ever known. Till next time.

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