If you grew to be a serious person, and no one dares to talk with you, the chances are you were boring to converse with. Probably you're one of the many people in this world who were pretty sick at your tasteless and boring you. Or perhaps you wanted to make your date to laugh at your jokes.


Whatever the reasons you might have, I want you to know that you're not alone.

I grew up being a serious person. Not talkative and was painfully shy. No one wants to talk with me. Most of the time when I was with my friends, I am just a wall flower.

I only talk when I have something important to say. Imagine if you're one of my friends you will not treat me as a human, I am more like a doll. You know what's a doll?

I'm a nutcracker in a barbie world, it's fantastic because it's plastic. You can touch my hair and kiss me anywhere cause I'm not responding, I am worthless! Well, that's a male version for the barbie song.

Sure kids love dolls but adults? Meh. Adults are not. In a world today where most people are on the social media, it's still vital for relationships to have conversations.

They said everything started with a simple "Hi!". You get it right? Haha! And you are here to learn how to add something to it.

Want to make your crush laugh at your jokes? Or make your boring business presentations entertaining?

In my years of exploring and continue learning how to add humor to my writing, speeches, and conversation, I found out the exact thing from my friend shared with me that make people laugh.

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But sadly, the world deceives us that making fun of people are more applauded. Gay comedians do it. Others do it by using memes. But it's a bad and tasteless humor. It is selfish and offensive. Only insecure people who do it and I strongly do not recommend it.

Here's what really makes people laugh.

The 3Fs:

1. Your Failures

Nothing can ever more funny than your failures. When was the last time you felt so dumb? When was the last time you fail?

The reason why people becomes so serious is that they are hiding something or they are shy.

When you share your failures to the people you talk with, it opens yourself to them so they can share theirs too.

Get out of your shell and share your failures. When the day I decided to be vulnerable to the people I talk with, I begin to develop fruitful relationships and gain more friends.

It is hard at first but you'll amaze when people responded to you. You might encourage others too.

Your failures are not you. It is an event and people had the best time when they know they are not alone in their journey.

2. Your Flaws.

All of us has flaws. No one is perfect, but if you find one please do let me know so I can call the Roman Army to prepare a cross for him. We will crucify him!

Kidding aside, our flaws can provide a sense of humor. If bad comedians or humorists make other's flaws laughable, do it to yourself too.

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Show it to them how your flaws have helped you. I have one friend who is an author who has Parkinson's disease, and every time she speaks at the stage to make a speech about her book, she informs us first that she can talk while dancing.


I am so inspired and at the same time laugh how she is carrying herself. It taught me to carry yourself always in such a way people will admire you for your flaws but most of us were ashamed of it that's why people respond also in a negative manner.

I believe everyone has flaws. It's one of the hardest things to reveal to people but when you are truly secure enough, you can! I can name a few personality but there's no greater than Nick Vucijic who has no arms and legs, carry himself and make fun of his flaws and it helped him to find faith in God

What makes you weird? Sometimes it's our weirdness that makes people laugh.

I believe every one of us is weird. We are created unique and have different flaws. Instead of using it to bring down others or yourself, make fun with it. People will love you for it.

3. Your Firsts.

Your first-time experiences are rich as others experiences.

Your first heart broken, first rejection, first romance, first failure, first speech. It's worthy to share how you executed them and how you learned from them.

There was a time I shared to my speech project the first time I dated a woman. I shared all my mishaps and shortcomings.

At first I thought that most of the men in the audience will call me dumb or will give me an advice after, but instead, I received a compliment. They said they can relate what I share and even encourage me more. I just don't know if they are encouraging me to get more dates or more of my mishaps in my speeches. Haha

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Either of this three, when incorporated in a speech, can create humor. It's like courting a woman, be yourself and do your best.

You can't be yourself and do your best when you are stepping only your best foot forward. People can smell if you are pretending to be someone you're not.

I hope you get something today from what I have shared and apply this in your next speeches, book, blog article or conversation.

Seize that boring date. Seize that boring business presentation.

Do you have something to share about how to make people laugh also? Speak up! Share it in the comments.

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