There has been part of our lives that we have regrets in the past. From the things we didn't do, from the words we didn't say. And every time we think of the past, we remember the things that didn't work out, the things that have messed up and the failures that haunted us for a long time.

When I was young, I used to watch Doraemon in the television because Doraemon always has a way to solve one's problem, he can travel between times to correct the mistakes of other characters in the past or to see a glimpse what is going to happen in their future. And until now, from the movies we love to watch on the big screens, the idea of the possibility of going to the past or the future by time travel fascinates most of us. But without the time travel, is changing the past possible?

Sometimes when we remember the past, it is something real, it is something that makes us feel bad about ourselves. It makes us feel insecure about ourselves and so we are thinking if we could ever change it. But there's something we need to understand about it, that the past is not really real because first, we cannot touch it, second we can't even go to the past.

But how do we able to change it if it's not something physical or material we can form in any way?. The answer is that when we change the present we can actually change the past.

By changing the way we think about the past and when we start doing things differently when we started to think to make our lives different - that way we can really change the past.

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