How Do I Know What Season I’m In


Happy Easter! Kidding aside, I want to greet you a happy hearts day. If you have a date today, great! Prepare for a candle light dinner! But if you don't have one, don't worry, God loves you! He is just busy right now preparing you and writing your best love story ever.

All year round, it seems romantic relationship has been the top trend in social media. There will never be a day you will never find hashtags like #relationshipgoals #datingmybabe #myonetruelove #myonlybae #dating #datenight #myboo #marriedlife #singlehood #lovequote #foreveralone #walangforever #bestfriendzone and many of them! Plus the dozens of commercials people are watching.

And because of this, many single people are being pressured by the norms telling us that not being in a relationship is not normal. "You have to join the trend!" as other people seems whispering it loudly to your ears.

Some of your friends also finding a way for you to meet someone, some will set up a blind date, believe me, one of my friends did that to me! I was shaking my head in disbelief and laughing out loud why they have to do that. But I had to reject the offer because I was never a fan of blind dates.

If you are single, let me tell you this: "It is better to be single than having a bad time because you are in the wrong relationship."

Don't love when you are lonely, love when you are ready!


Last Saturday, it was a privilege to be part of an event where all the single people in the church were gathered to listen to Pastor Joseph Bonifacio and his wife, Rica Peralejo who was a former celebrity and now a mom and a lifestyle blogger.

They shared some gems about seasons, and how we can honor God in every season of our lives.

But first, let's define the season first.




A season is characterized by a particular activity or event. In some countries they have four seasons (winter, spring, summer, and autumn), in our country I think we only have three (hot, hotter, hottest).

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In a Christian context, a season is a famous word you can often hear from a Christian especially when they are facing something or transitioning to a different career or another level of relationship.

In the Bible, it says: "To everything, there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven - Ecclesiastes 3:1"

But sometimes, it is really hard to wait especially in the area of romantic relationships. Until when can we wait? When is the right time to enter a relationship? Will not my waiting go in vain?

To answer that questions, you have to know what season are you in first.




First is to ask yourself:

1. What is my reality?

Our reality will determine what season we are in. For example, if you are student and longing for a relationship, then I have bad news for you, you aren't ready to move to another season. Finish your studies first and wait for God to move you to a different season.

If you are already a professional. Then you might need to rethink your season. Am I still building my career? My finances? My business? Are you emotionally and spiritually mature?

Being in a relationship is hard but it's worth fighting for. I posted a few days ago on my Facebook account that it is very expensive to be in love and court a woman than having an argument about which is cheap (2 PC. Chicken joy with extra rice or 1 PC. Chicken joy plus spaghetti with chicken a la carte)?

How do I know this when in fact I'm not in a relationship yet? I think my courtship season with a girl two years ago that didn't lead to marriage would be enough to prove it, and oh boy courtship is costly.
Anyway, waiting is hard. But hold fast, God knows what He is doing in your life right now.


Even if we think that waiting times are wasted time, for God it is not. Every season has a purpose, for Him, there is no wasted season.



2. What bears the most fruit?

"It's foolish to ignore the season you're in." - Joseph Bonifacio

Your season must be obvious to you. If God calls you to a season of taking care of your parents or spending more time with your family, then it's the season you are right now.

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If your career is bearing fruit, you are in the season where your career is flourishing.

If God is calling you to do a specific task, then that is where God putting you for the next season of your life.

When Adam was in the Garden of Eden, he had everything, but he can't do it alone himself of taking care of such a huge garden, that's when God created Eve, a suitable helper for him.

Whatever season you are in right now, remember that your season will shape you as a person. Sometimes it will test your character, sometimes your faith.

Many people misunderstand a career for a calling. God called us to have a relationship with Him, that's the only calling that can be found in the Bible.

A career is not a calling, perhaps I can call it for myself as a season. Right now, I'm in the season of building a career in the corporate world. But I feel God is transitioning me to another career and I'm praying earnestly for what He is about to do and I'm excited to partner with Him in the next season of my life.

What area of your life bears fruit? Probably that's your current season.

And lastly,



3. What is God doing in your life?

For me, this is a bit tricky especially if there are so many opportunities that are coming out in your life.

First, ask God what is doing in your life. As for me, I reflect on my past. What has God done in my life for the past two years?

You may try to look for a pattern and start connecting the dots. I like how Steve Jobs said it. He once said; "You can't connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future."


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Today is Valentines Day. Many couples will go out for a date. And if you're single like me, don't envy other people's season.

Remember God has a different story written for each of us. Being in a relationship is not just a season neither a reward, it's a calling. When God finally calls you to enter a relationship with someone, he called you to be a husband or wife. He called you to a married life.

But for now, do the work of your season. Go bear fruit! Add value to the people around you. Enjoy your own season, cherish it and don't envy other people's season. You have the gift that married couples doesn't have, and that is your "Yes".

Marshal Segal, a writer in Desiring God said:

"One of your greatest spiritual gifts as a single person is your “Yes.”

Yes to a random phone conversation.

Yes to coffee. Yes to help with the move.

Yes to stepping in when someone’s sick.

Yes to a late-night movie or the special event downtown.

You have the unbelievable freedom to say yes when married people can’t even ask the question.

When the spouse doesn’t exist, you can’t hurt them with your selfless, impulsive decisions.

Be willing to say Yes! and bless others, even when you don’t always feel like it."

Excerpt from:

Trust and have faith in God that He is doing something great in every season of your life.

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