Have you heard having a GPS for your life?

Have you ever experienced getting lost in the middle of the place and don't know where to go next?

How about, being irritable and distracted for the day because of the opportunities being offered to you and the responsibilities being added to your job and you don't know what to do next?

Since November, the project I am working on, in the company was on hold because of the budget constraints. To make it simple, it's like a life without a purpose. Going to the office with nothing to do.

After a few weeks, opportunities opened from different teams. But still, I haven't found yet which one is for me.

For some, it may be ridiculous to be choosy and I know you may not agree with it. But I know what I want.

I know where I am heading to, what I will do for this season of my life and what path I am keen taking on for this time.

Being choosy in the job you will take is not bad, neither good. It is better. It allows you to accept those opportunities you think will help you to move forward while having a balanced life.

When I say "balanced life", it is not the work-life balance. It is absolutely a different thing.

A balanced life does not spend time proportionately to each category of your life. What are those categories? It could be your:

  • Spirituality
  • Family
  • Career
  • Own Life
  • Wife/Partner
  • Siblings
  • Relatives
  • Ministry
  • Sons/Daughters

I don't believe in work-life balance too and you might not agree with me but it's okay. They say it promotes the holistic welfare of the employees but rather it makes employees stay longer in the office.

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I learned from the book "Living Forward: A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get the Life You Want" by Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy, that having a balanced life is giving attention and resources to each category of your life. Some categories of your life will not get equal time, some have the large portion and some have little but all are getting attention, moving forward with the intentional outcome.

You give the large portion of your time to the categories that matter more. You can't spend the equal time to each category of your life. Some give the most of their time to their work or businesses but their well-being suffered. Or their marriages failed.

I've been a workaholic for 3 years when I was working for operations. I can't get enough amount of sleep because there will be people who will call you from time to time. There will be problems you need to solve within allotted time even you are outside of working hours already. That's stressful. My health deteriorated because of it.

Not today. I feel more empowered because of those enslaving experiences. You cannot serve two masters at the same time. As much as possible, you want to serve God first and take control of everything, but most of the time, we become slaves of our career or money.

And how to avoid that? By having a GPS for your life. If you use a mobile app like Uber, Grab to book a car to pick you up and bring you to your desired destination, that app uses GPS.

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You put your destination and the GPS measures how long will you travel, what way should you take and what are the roadblocks you are going to face.

Likewise in life. You have plans for your organization, for your business but do you have plans for your life?

Do you know where you are heading to?
What do you want to become in the coming years?

Compare GPS to your life. Without putting destination, it won't get you there.

Your journey with GPS is not always perfect. There will be traffic, accident etc. Likewise in life but what matter is, even it will take you slowly, it will make you able to reach your destination.

Perhaps, start having the GPS for your life next year. What are you waiting for? Position yourself for the next year and make it a meaningful and purposeful year. Start setting goals, and live forward!

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