I don't have such a long work experience alongside with the achievements that I could brag to you, but let me tell you this - I learned work the hard way.

I started entering the corporate world 6 years ago. It was 2010. I landed a job I don't like. I drag myself every Monday, I was complaining.

I hated my boss, I hated my office, I hated all of them. I wonder if I was really called for a corporate job.

I have been reprimanded many times because of my mistakes that provoked me a lot of times to quit, but what would I get If I quit? I will be on a quest of applying for a job again in which I don't like to do yet.

During the course of my struggles trying to fit myself in a corporate world, God taught me a few lessons the hard way, and here are they:

1. The gifts that I employ in my work comes from God and belongs to God.

Work is not about achieving the American Dream. It is not also about applying the abilities you have to achieve the life you dreamed of.

Work is a regular place that called you to be a good steward of his gifts, opportunities and abilities He has given you.

When God gave Adam a work, He called him to took care of the Garden and that was before the devil deceived Eve. Hence, work is a blessing and not should be treated as a curse.

2. The time I invest in work belongs to the Lord.

I thank God for calling me to work in a place where time is flexible. I can take a break anytime I want and I can go out of office whenever I can.

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There are times when we are so preoccupied with our jobs, we take granted the things that matter.

When I rendered overtime, it signifies that the time my company entrusted to me was not enough.

Before, I thought I needed more than 24 hours, but I realized we all have 24 hours, but why some people are able to finish their work on time? I know some people who are so busy with but they able to strike a balance in their lives.

I learned that small holes can sink a ship. I have 8 hours to work yet, I am not fully using it just to work, work and work.

I believe there are three categories of our lives we should strike a balance with.

- Spiritual
- Family/Self
- Work

Let say I have 8 to 10 hours to work. The moment I exceed 10 hours working, my life is not already balanced, because I am making my career or business an idol if I spend more time on it than God.

I should take ownership of my time, so I have enough time to spend on other things.

How can I be a good steward if I don't use my time in the workplace wisely?

The time I have belongs to the Lord. So wherever I am, I should be faithful to it.

3. I am called to live something bigger than myself.

As a millennial, I aspire for success, title, and recognition. I once believed in a lie that I am called to be great.

And so, I stretched myself out. I am afraid to be left out. If there is a promotion opportunity, I make sure that I will have it. Nevertheless, work taught me that even I think I did great among the others, there will still be someone who will exceed what you have achieved.

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Being successful is not about being at the center. I learned that I am not at the center of things, God is.

I am not called to be successful but I was called to be faithful. I have been called to help to build a kingdom that is not my own. A kingdom that will never be shaken.

I am called to build something that is eternal and no one can take it away from me.

Success is not about how well I've been able to build my little kingdom but about the degree to which I've done for the service of a great King.

4. It is all by the grace of God.

No matter how work can bring so much stress in my life, with God's grace I can find everything I need in Him.

My work life with His grace can now become an expression of worship to Him and not worry.

That promotion comes from the Lord and not from my boss or anyone.

"For it is not the one who commends himself who is approved, but the one whom the Lord commends." 2 Corinthians 10:18 (ESV)

5. God is my CEO.

Millenials like me are hungry for success. We want to be the CEO in less than a year, we grind all the way up to rush ourselves to achieve that level of success.

However, there's something wrong about it. Being a CEO is not bad but making other people decide for your life and destiny make them being your CEO.

Without consulting God and honoring Him in every area of our lives we are making ourselves a CEO.

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I learned that God is my CEO. Recognizing God is my CEO will prevent me from being entitled of my achievements, will prevent me from pleasing other people. He is my boss. He takes the shot.

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