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While I was rid­ing a train to Cubao, I saw this head­line print­ed on the train: “My Job Goal: A hap­py work­place.”

Prob­a­bly you’re won­der­ing where it came from but for some peo­ple who love to ride trains because of its effi­cien­cy, I bet they already know it.

It was no oth­er than the adver­tise­ment post­ed by on trains bound to Mani­la to San­tolan. Through­out my career, this was the first time I’ve heard of this goal, I don’t know, per­haps dur­ing the time I am look­ing for a job, I did­n’t know what I real­ly want­ed.

And so, I tried all sorts of tech­ni­cal skills, from mak­ing a net­work cable, set­ting up routers and repair­ing bro­ken desk­top com­put­ers. I was frus­trat­ed that I had no spe­cial­iza­tion in I.T, jack of all trades as they called it. But I am real­ly con­vinced that I am not for a routi­nary job, because I hate delay­ing tasks because it needs approval or sort of, if I can do it in the short­est amount of time I’ll do it — and it’s not being impa­tient, it’s being pro­duc­tive and mak­ing most of the time.

Through­out my career, I’d nev­er set a goal for myself like hav­ing a hap­py work­place. What is that for? In any work­place you will see neg­a­tive peo­ple, you’ll see peo­ple just doing their jobs just to give a food on the table of his or her fam­i­ly, mil­lenials buy­ing flashy cars, gad­gets in exchange for a desir­able retire­ment in the future, and pres­sur­ing their peers to spend and I found no joy in it.

For me, look­ing for a hap­py work­place is near to impos­si­ble, and in work­place today, you’ll rarely seen (if there was) like that. And for me per­son­al­ly, if you were look­ing for a hap­py work­place, for­get about it.

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Work­place is a com­mu­ni­ty of diverse peo­ple. There will be a time when your col­leagues will push you beyond your lim­its, your patience will stretch, your inter­ests will change and even­tu­al­ly peo­ple will change. Clients will test your patience. Your char­ac­ter will be put to test.

What Now?

A hap­py work­place is not some­thing you should find, it also should not be the goal.

Yes­ter­day, we just had our first team activ­i­ty. Even we are a few we real­ly enjoy it. We dared our­selves to play the game “Hus­tle” by Break Out Philip­pines and it was based on the sus­pense thriller movie called “Don’t Breathe” (Click the link if you haven’t watch it to get the idea of what we played).

© Carl Cheng

I thought I will not enjoy it since I’m not fond of watch­ing hor­ror movies, but boy it was a great expe­ri­ence! And after the game, we had fun talk­ing about some of the fun­ni­est things we expe­ri­enced inside the game room.

A hap­py work­place is not a place you should find. It is a place you should made. Since work­place is a place where you meet dif­fer­ent peo­ple  who make their ends meet, some are stressed and frus­trat­ed, hav­ing a lit­tle bit of sense of fun won’t hurt.

© Afraim Mal­lari Mor­ris

I’ve been in dif­fer­ent teams in the past. I’ve been with peo­ple who loves to eat in dif­fer­ent places and we have fun with it. But there are teams also that I’ve been with that I don’t real­ly enjoy being with them and I called them “Tox­ic Peo­ple”, they are neg­a­tive mind­ed peo­ple, noth­ing good will come out from their mouth. They won’t appre­ci­ate your hard work or your con­tri­bu­tion as they only rec­og­nize those peo­ple who spend time with them and talk­ing with them about nasty things oth­er peo­ple did.

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If you were on that team, bet­ter dis­tance your­self from them and instead focus on your work and find anoth­er group of peo­ple who thinks like you.

As the old say­ing “Birds with the same feath­er flocks togeth­er”. The ques­tion is, are you with the peo­ple who think the same way as you are?

If so, that’s a hap­py work­place. If not, hus­tle, resists to be emo­tion­al and explore. Let me share with you what Apos­tle Paul says about being with the right peo­ple and spend­ing time with them:

Do not be mis­led: “Bad com­pa­ny cor­rupts good char­ac­ter.” — 1 Corinthi­ans 15:33

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