While I was riding a train to Cubao, I saw this headline printed on the train: "My Job Goal: A happy workplace."

Probably you're wondering where it came from but for some people who love to ride trains because of its efficiency, I bet they already know it.

It was no other than the advertisement posted by JobStreet.com on trains bound to Manila to Santolan. Throughout my career, this was the first time I've heard of this goal, I don't know, perhaps during the time I am looking for a job, I didn't know what I really wanted.

And so, I tried all sorts of technical skills, from making a network cable, setting up routers and repairing broken desktop computers. I was frustrated that I had no specialization in I.T, jack of all trades as they called it. But I am really convinced that I am not for a routinary job, because I hate delaying tasks because it needs approval or sort of, if I can do it in the shortest amount of time I'll do it - and it's not being impatient, it's being productive and making most of the time.

Throughout my career, I'd never set a goal for myself like having a happy workplace. What is that for? In any workplace you will see negative people, you'll see people just doing their jobs just to give a food on the table of his or her family, millenials buying flashy cars, gadgets in exchange for a desirable retirement in the future, and pressuring their peers to spend and I found no joy in it.

For me, looking for a happy workplace is near to impossible, and in workplace today, you'll rarely seen (if there was) like that. And for me personally, if you were looking for a happy workplace, forget about it.

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Workplace is a community of diverse people. There will be a time when your colleagues will push you beyond your limits, your patience will stretch, your interests will change and eventually people will change. Clients will test your patience. Your character will be put to test.

What Now?

A happy workplace is not something you should find, it also should not be the goal.

Yesterday, we just had our first team activity. Even we are a few we really enjoy it. We dared ourselves to play the game "Hustle" by Break Out Philippines and it was based on the suspense thriller movie called "Don't Breathe" (Click the link if you haven't watch it to get the idea of what we played).

(C) Carl Cheng

I thought I will not enjoy it since I'm not fond of watching horror movies, but boy it was a great experience! And after the game, we had fun talking about some of the funniest things we experienced inside the game room.

A happy workplace is not a place you should find. It is a place you should made. Since workplace is a place where you meet different people  who make their ends meet, some are stressed and frustrated, having a little bit of sense of fun won't hurt.

(C) Afraim Mallari Morris

I've been in different teams in the past. I've been with people who loves to eat in different places and we have fun with it. But there are teams also that I've been with that I don't really enjoy being with them and I called them "Toxic People", they are negative minded people, nothing good will come out from their mouth. They won't appreciate your hard work or your contribution as they only recognize those people who spend time with them and talking with them about nasty things other people did.

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If you were on that team, better distance yourself from them and instead focus on your work and find another group of people who thinks like you.

As the old saying "Birds with the same feather flocks together". The question is, are you with the people who think the same way as you are?

If so, that's a happy workplace. If not, hustle, resists to be emotional and explore. Let me share with you what Apostle Paul says about being with the right people and spending time with them:

Do not be misled: "Bad company corrupts good character." - 1 Corinthians 15:33

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