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Last Fri­day, I woke up 6 AM and left home 9 am because I’m excit­ed to meet the stu­dents from Paman­tasan ng Lung­sod ng Mayni­la and for me to see also the Intra­muros for the first time. But turned out while dri­ving, Waze lost its sig­nal. I get lost in the cen­ter of Mani­la and after a few hours, I did­n’t notice that I am already at Bula­can.

I was plan­ning to back-out for the said event since I’m lost and don’t know where to go next. But I believe it hap­pened for a pur­pose. Thank God, I arrived just in time at the uni­ver­si­ty for the event.

When it’s my turn to speak after the host intro­duced me to the audi­ence,  I shared to them three things they need to remem­ber when choos­ing a career path.

1. Dis­cov­ery: Where you should be?

Dis­cov­er­ing which career path you will take is not lim­it­ed to the field of study you are in right now. I sym­pa­thize with the stu­dents I met last Fri­day na ayaw nila sa course nila and di nila gus­to gina­gawa nila.

If you’re in that sit­u­a­tion, I advise not to quit. I have met a lot of peo­ple who grad­u­at­ed but even­tu­al­ly became suc­cess­ful sa field na gus­to nila. I believe the process of dis­cov­ery start­ed in child­hood. Ano bang mga madalas mong gina­gawa? Ano ba yung child­hood dream mo? Because a child was­n’t yet affect­ed by his or her cir­cum­stances. I want­ed to be a teacher, but I became an I.T pro­fes­sion­al but God is good, I am a teacherr not by pro­fes­sion nga lang bat by pas­sion and I get that through speak­ing and teach­ing Bible to Kids in Sun­day School. I shared to them what Steve Jobs said below:

Again, you can’t con­nect the dots look­ing for­ward; you can only con­nect them look­ing back­ward. So you have to trust that the dots will some­how con­nect in your future. You have to trust in some­thing — your gut, des­tiny, life, kar­ma, what­ev­er. This approach has nev­er let me down, and it has made all the dif­fer­ence in my life.”

- Steve Jobs

2. Deci­sion

Don’t make deci­sions quick­ly. Mahi­rap magde­cide kung saan ka ba tutun­go. I don’t rec­om­mend to just fol­low your heart, lead it.
Devel­op your char­ac­ter and atti­tide, that’s very impor­tant. Because in the end as what my friend said in his book Career Crossover:

Choos­ing a career is a crit­i­cal deci­sion. You can go places and suc­ceed or make your career worse than what it is today.”

- Ven­chi­to Jun, CEO at 22

And last­ly,

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3. Direc­tion

You may choose entre­pre­neur­ship, self-employ­ment or employ­ment. Yung iba sinasabi mag­ing entre­pre­neur ka na lang.

But I say, what do you real­ly want? Not every­one is called to become enter­pre­neurs. Pano yon? Sinong mag­tu­turo sa mga magig­ing anak natin? Sinong gag­amot satin? Sinong mamu­muno sa bansa natin? Iba iba call­ing natin sa buhay and God meant it to be in har­mo­ny with one anoth­er. Iba iba man tayo ng tina­pos, ng tra­ba­ho, pero all of those work togeth­er for the com­mon good.

Not every­one are called to be entre­pre­neurs. Some are called to be employ­ees, oth­ers teach­ers, sci­en­tists, doc­tors, sol­diers, and etc. And we all need is to be hap­py and ful­filled doing what we do. No career is bet­ter or above the oth­er.

Thank you PLM in part­ner with Dev­con Philip­pines for hav­ing me. It was an awe­some day with you and sobrang na-inspire ako sa ded­i­ca­tion niyo to aspire high­er and become even greater in your field!

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