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George Pallon said, “Fight for something rather than live for nothing.”

Have you ever thought why many peo­ple don’t come too close to achiev­ing their dreams?

It’s sim­ple, they don’t fight for it. Har­ry Style author of Dare to Dream has some­thing to say about this. He said, “A dream is a dream until you make it real.”

Too many peo­ple stuck at wish­ful think­ing, they dream big dreams, writ­ing ambi­tious and auda­cious goals but they can’t even make any sin­gle step achiev­ing it.

Our minds are pow­er­ful. It has been the mas­ter behind the many suc­cess­es of suc­cess­ful peo­ple like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and Mark Zucker­berg. Imag­ine, your idea has the poten­tial to change the world!

But these peo­ple does­n’t stop until their ideas become a real­i­ty. Bill Gates dreamed of see­ing com­put­ers in class­rooms. Mark Zucker­berg who once dreamed of con­nect­ing Har­vard Stu­dents togeth­er then he expand­ed it to the world. They fight for it.

We know how many adver­saries they have faced before they become suc­cess­ful.

That’s where many peo­ple failed. They keep dream­ing. They could­n’t see how their dreams will make an impact on the lives of oth­ers, or per­haps they dream self­ish dreams.

How would you know if your dreams are self­ish?

  • First, you think only of your­self.
  • Sec­ond, it’s not going to make an impact on the lives of oth­er peo­ple.

Why don’t peo­ple fight for their dreams?

  1. Lack of vision.

Where there is no vision the peo­ple per­ish..” — Proverbs 29:18

God hates peo­ple who are lazy, those who does­n’t have a vision. The writer of psalms and proverbs even called them fool­ish.

In the Bible, I learned that every good king Israel has, they for­got to pass the vision to their chil­dren. King Hezeki­ah would be a great exam­ple when God told him he’s going to die, and he needs to set his house in order.

The king plead­ed with God to extend his life, God did it but Hezeki­ah entire­ly for­got to pass the baton to his son. He for­got to teach his son the laws and his wis­dom.

Are you at the cross­roads of choos­ing which course to take in col­lege? Choose what you real­ly want­ed to become in the future and what do you real­ly love to do.

I’ve known many stu­dents regret­ted their deci­sion and chose to shift cours­es or worst fig­ur­ing out what will fit for them. In the end, they did­n’t fin­ish any­thing.

You are the only one who can know what you real­ly want, don’t let oth­ers dic­tate you who you want to become. You have the vision and some­times you have to fight alone.

Peo­ple will regard you bad­ly for your vision. Some­times they will accuse you of social climb­ing when you try to net­work with peo­ple and build rela­tion­ships with them. Here’s a great sto­ry to illus­trate that.

One day in the jun­gle, a wolf was hunt­ing for his din­ner. Then he saw rab­bit jump­ing around the area. Wolf tried to catch him but rab­bit jumps quick­ly as he can.

Wolf pissed off when he was not able to catch the rab­bit. He cried out, “aw oooooh”. A group of wolves heard him and did the same.

Still, wolf run­ning from jun­gle to jun­gle. Oth­er wolfs start­ed to fol­low him. He was hav­ing fol­low­ers now.

But when they saw rab­bit was going to jump from the cliff, oth­er wolf start­ed to quit. They said to the wolf that rab­bit is not worth it. They accused him of get­ting the advan­tage of them. Stop hunt­ing after it. He’s not going to catch the rab­bit.

But wolf made a jump that he was able to catch and made the rab­bit his din­ner and share it with oth­ers. The End.

Like the wolf, his friends or rel­a­tives might not see the way he’s going to make rab­bit his din­ner.

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Just like you, some peo­ple will fol­low you for some time when they see your idea is good, but after that, they will accuse you. They will not see your dreams the way you see it. it’s only you can see that.

Wolf has the vision, his going to have a din­ner. The oth­er wolves did not, they only fol­low him to have a share of the meat.

When you achieve your dreams, don’t keep it to your­self. Share it and teach it to oth­ers.

  1. Lack of self-esteem.

Many peo­ple lack self-con­fi­dence about them­selves. When you are not sure of your­self, more like­ly you’ll end up inse­cure.

I remem­ber when my men­tor told me that if I want to become an author, I should start telling myself that I’m an author.

That’s why the moment I joined Toast­mas­ters, I did­n’t call myself a toast­mas­ter. I called myself a pub­lic speak­er.

There’s pow­er in self-affir­ma­tion. It’s like a self-ful­fill­ing prophe­cy. Napoleon Hill said, “What­ev­er the mind can con­ceive, it can achieve.”

The writer of proverbs also said in Proverbs 23:7 AMP, “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he [in behavior—one who manip­u­lates].”

Wolf did­n’t fear he might fall off from the cliff if he con­tin­ue and that’s courage.

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I fear pub­lic speak­ing. I am thank­ful that I have men­tors and the com­mu­ni­ty who knows what I am going through. They taught me how to man­age my fear in stage and talk­ing with peo­ple.

And last­ly,

  1. Fear of fail­ure.

Going back to the wolf sto­ry, the wolf did­n’t fear fail­ure. He knows he’s going to fall off the cliff if he failed What now? It’s only a cliff, there’s a lake under­neath, he’s still alive when that hap­pens.

The lake was nev­er men­tioned in the sto­ry and yet I includ­ed that.

Most of the time fear oper­ates in a way like that. We are the one who cre­at­ed the fear. We are cre­at­ing the worst pos­si­ble out­come even it did­n’t hap­pen yet.

Last week, it was my first time to join a pub­lic speak­ing con­test. I was ner­vous, what if I failed I said. But I’ve been remind­ed that it’s okay to fail rather than doing noth­ing at all.

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I cre­at­ed a result which was not yet even exist­ed. That’s what fear is even called False Evi­dence Appear­ing Real.

After the con­test, sur­pris­ing­ly I won the third place in the impromp­tu speech con­test.

It is true that what you real­ly want is on the oth­er side of the fear. Only if you have the courage to get out your com­fort zone and con­quer that fear.

Ear­ly this morn­ing, I watched anoth­er Jack­ie Chan movie. He is one of my favorite actors. And one thing I noticed in his movies was, he dares him­self to do it.

When­ev­er he has a fight scene, you’re going to see a blood­shed and a very intense bat­tle. The one who sur­ren­ders first will lose the fight. Quit­ters nev­er win, you have to fight what­ev­er it takes.

That’s what your dreams are for. Grind all the way you can and fight for it. Silence your fears, stop lis­ten­ing to your naysay­ers.

Keep in mind that hurt peo­ple hurt peo­ple. When peo­ple see you help­ing the poor, they will call you fake. When peo­ple will see you build­ing net­work and rela­tion­ship with peo­ple who think the same as you are, they will call you the social climber. The world has enough of neg­a­tive mind­ed peo­ple, be the salt and the light.

And remem­ber that suc­cess­ful peo­ple don’t end being suc­cess­ful. They help oth­ers to become like them. They share what they learned some­times for free and some­times for a fee.

And when it has a fee, only seri­ous peo­ple who will take it. The rea­son why most suc­cess­ful peo­ple requires oth­er peo­ple to pay for a learn­ing fee is because they want only to cater peo­ple who are com­mit­ted to becom­ing suc­cess­ful what­ev­er it takes.

And I am grate­ful to know peo­ple like them. I met a friend who was even a stu­dent and he’s now sav­ing up just to be able to attend that sem­i­nar.

Don’t let your dreams stay only as a dream. Fight for it. Our heroes once dream of hav­ing the free­dom from our oppres­sors, they fought and risked their lives for the free­dom we enjoy right now.

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