Yesterday morning, I was cleaning my room after all the busy previous weekends I ever had.

My room was full of dust, and my nose was hurting because of the particles of dust swaying around the room as I wipe them out! Nevertheless, I won't stop even I sneezed a lot.

My messy bed

My room can almost tell everything about me. The books I read. The prayers I uttered. The woman who broke my heart. The songs I sang , the foolishness I did, and all of my lonely and sad moments in life.

This is my humongous cabinet where I put everything.

While I was cleaning, I realized, I collected a lot of garbage in my life and they keep coming back no matter how much I clean them or not.

I moved things to and fro and put them out of the room for the meantime to wipe the floor.

Left side of my cabinet where I always put the books I read.

As I bring them back one by one, I noticed dust are coming again. I am a little bit irritated how come they are coming back. Can you relate to this?

But here's what I realize about it:


"No matter how much we try changing what's outside, if we don't change what's inside, bad habits will keep coming back."


We live in a world where external beauty is being applauded. The more possessions you have, the famous you are.

The more you are beautiful, the more people will like you. Some people get their sense of security in the number of likes they have when they post a photo on facebook or how many people will react in it.

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If we want real change, it must start first inside, slowly but surely. That's why I believe you can never tame a person who loves to curse with the set of rules you will impose unless the person decides himself to stop that bad habit.

So to stop the dirt from coming back, I decided to clean thoroughly everything that's in my room and tadaaa! My room is now fresh and clean!

And just like habits, if I don't continue to clean my room, dirt accumulate again until mites will live in it and eventually destroy everything.

If we want to break bad habits, we must first decide and start changing what's inside and continue replacing it with good habits.

The next time you want to change, deal with what's deep inside. Pull out the roots, not the leaves!

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