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Yes­ter­day morn­ing, I was clean­ing my room after all the busy pre­vi­ous week­ends I ever had.

My room was full of dust, and my nose was hurt­ing because of the par­ti­cles of dust sway­ing around the room as I wipe them out! Nev­er­the­less, I won’t stop even I sneezed a lot.

My messy bed

My room can almost tell every­thing about me. The books I read. The prayers I uttered. The woman who broke my heart. The songs I sang , the fool­ish­ness I did, and all of my lone­ly and sad moments in life.

This is my humon­gous cab­i­net where I put every­thing.

While I was clean­ing, I real­ized, I col­lect­ed a lot of garbage in my life and they keep com­ing back no mat­ter how much I clean them or not.

I moved things to and fro and put them out of the room for the mean­time to wipe the floor.

Left side of my cab­i­net where I always put the books I read.

As I bring them back one by one, I noticed dust are com­ing again. I am a lit­tle bit irri­tat­ed how come they are com­ing back. Can you relate to this?

But here’s what I real­ize about it:


No mat­ter how much we try chang­ing what’s out­side, if we don’t change what’s inside, bad habits will keep com­ing back.”


We live in a world where exter­nal beau­ty is being applaud­ed. The more pos­ses­sions you have, the famous you are.

The more you are beau­ti­ful, the more peo­ple will like you. Some peo­ple get their sense of secu­ri­ty in the num­ber of likes they have when they post a pho­to on face­book or how many peo­ple will react in it.

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If we want real change, it must start first inside, slow­ly but sure­ly. That’s why I believe you can nev­er tame a per­son who loves to curse with the set of rules you will impose unless the per­son decides him­self to stop that bad habit.

So to stop the dirt from com­ing back, I decid­ed to clean thor­ough­ly every­thing that’s in my room and tadaaa! My room is now fresh and clean!

And just like habits, if I don’t con­tin­ue to clean my room, dirt accu­mu­late again until mites will live in it and even­tu­al­ly destroy every­thing.

If we want to break bad habits, we must first decide and start chang­ing what’s inside and con­tin­ue replac­ing it with good habits.

The next time you want to change, deal with what’s deep inside. Pull out the roots, not the leaves!

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