Have you ever experienced being stuck in a traffic for almost 5 hours? You can't even seem to escape the trucks or the buses that cause the traffic most of the time. And then you tried to find a new way where you can escape the traffic but instead, you made your travel time longer than usual or perhaps there was an unexpected event happened.

Let me share you a story:

One day there were many cars that were stuck in a traffic. Everyone who was on the road was complaining, some shouted to the trucks because they were so slow and terrible to travel with.

One car shouted: "You trucks should not be on this road! You're like a pest that ruins our day!"

Half of the cars on the road were contributed to the noise as they protest.

While stuck in the traffic, the car, the truck and the motorcycle decided to have a competition between the three of them. They can do transfer to another route, take another highway or so, they can do it as long as they reach the finish line. And if anyone gets to the finish line, will be declared as the winner.

The car shouted, "I will win this race!"
The motorcycle boasted: "Haha, you're a fool! How can you beat me if you can't even beat this traffic? I will win this race!"
The truck was just silent because he knows he can't win. He was too huge and heavy and besides, the law prohibited him to take another road and he can only occupy one lane for his entire travel time.

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Nevertheless to get away from the boredom in the traffic they pushed the competition. And then the battle begins.

The car started to think of the strategy he will be using to win the race. He even consulted Wazer his Sattelite best friend to tell him which road should he take to win the competition.

While in the other lane, the truck was completely silent and the motorcycle was on his way slipping through the spaces in the road.

After a few hours, the car was finally found it's way to escape the trucks that seem became a wall for him to take another road and so half of the cars in the road followed him. That could be the easiest way for them to arrive at their destination!

But the truck was still lagging behind them while car and motorcycle were rushing through their way to their destination.

Little did they know a tragic event will happen. A few kilometers away from the finish line, motorcycle and the car collided each other. They both hurried to the garage for repair.

And the truck? He arrived at his destination safely and sound.

Sometimes we are like car and motorcycle, we rush things if we need to. There was one time, I rushed my way to the office and I was riding a motorcycle that time.

And so in able to catch up for my meeting I drove at a maximum speed but instead I arrived at the office on time, I came late because I have been involved in an accident. A jeepney was rushing his way too, bumped on me. I praise God that He keep me safe and only the motorcycle was destroyed.

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From that day I learned not to rush things. Not because there will be an accident, what I'm saying is, rushing things will not give you the things you are expecting.

Sometimes we rush our own way to someone's heart,  rush your way to the job promotion we long for and we are left frustrated and stressed. But I believe God wants us to enjoy every season. If it is a dream to fulfill, one dream is one season to enjoy with. Don't rush things, if it's meant, it'll come. As the scriptures say:

 "This vision is for a future time. It describes the end, and it will be fulfilled. If it seems slow in coming, wait patiently, for it will surely take place. It will not be delayed." - Habbakuk 2:3

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