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Have you ever expe­ri­enced being stuck in a traf­fic for almost 5 hours? You can’t even seem to escape the trucks or the bus­es that cause the traf­fic most of the time. And then you tried to find a new way where you can escape the traf­fic but instead, you made your trav­el time longer than usu­al or per­haps there was an unex­pect­ed event hap­pened.

Let me share you a sto­ry:

One day there were many cars that were stuck in a traf­fic. Every­one who was on the road was com­plain­ing, some shout­ed to the trucks because they were so slow and ter­ri­ble to trav­el with.

One car shout­ed: “You trucks should not be on this road! You’re like a pest that ruins our day!”

Half of the cars on the road were con­tributed to the noise as they protest.

While stuck in the traf­fic, the car, the truck and the motor­cy­cle decid­ed to have a com­pe­ti­tion between the three of them. They can do trans­fer to anoth­er route, take anoth­er high­way or so, they can do it as long as they reach the fin­ish line. And if any­one gets to the fin­ish line, will be declared as the win­ner.

The car shout­ed, “I will win this race!”
The motor­cy­cle boast­ed: “Haha, you’re a fool! How can you beat me if you can’t even beat this traf­fic? I will win this race!”
The truck was just silent because he knows he can’t win. He was too huge and heavy and besides, the law pro­hib­it­ed him to take anoth­er road and he can only occu­py one lane for his entire trav­el time.

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Nev­er­the­less to get away from the bore­dom in the traf­fic they pushed the com­pe­ti­tion. And then the bat­tle begins.

The car start­ed to think of the strat­e­gy he will be using to win the race. He even con­sult­ed Waz­er his Sat­telite best friend to tell him which road should he take to win the com­pe­ti­tion.

While in the oth­er lane, the truck was com­plete­ly silent and the motor­cy­cle was on his way slip­ping through the spaces in the road.

After a few hours, the car was final­ly found it’s way to escape the trucks that seem became a wall for him to take anoth­er road and so half of the cars in the road fol­lowed him. That could be the eas­i­est way for them to arrive at their des­ti­na­tion!

But the truck was still lag­ging behind them while car and motor­cy­cle were rush­ing through their way to their des­ti­na­tion.

Lit­tle did they know a trag­ic event will hap­pen. A few kilo­me­ters away from the fin­ish line, motor­cy­cle and the car col­lid­ed each oth­er. They both hur­ried to the garage for repair.

And the truck? He arrived at his des­ti­na­tion safe­ly and sound.

Some­times we are like car and motor­cy­cle, we rush things if we need to. There was one time, I rushed my way to the office and I was rid­ing a motor­cy­cle that time.

And so in able to catch up for my meet­ing I drove at a max­i­mum speed but instead I arrived at the office on time, I came late because I have been involved in an acci­dent. A jeep­ney was rush­ing his way too, bumped on me. I praise God that He keep me safe and only the motor­cy­cle was destroyed.

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From that day I learned not to rush things. Not because there will be an acci­dent, what I’m say­ing is, rush­ing things will not give you the things you are expect­ing.

Some­times we rush our own way to some­one’s heart,  rush your way to the job pro­mo­tion we long for and we are left frus­trat­ed and stressed. But I believe God wants us to enjoy every sea­son. If it is a dream to ful­fill, one dream is one sea­son to enjoy with. Don’t rush things, if it’s meant, it’ll come. As the scrip­tures say:

 “This vision is for a future time. It describes the end, and it will be ful­filled. If it seems slow in com­ing, wait patient­ly, for it will sure­ly take place. It will not be delayed.” — Hab­bakuk 2:3

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