There are things we are afraid in life and some of them are BIG fears.

Growing up, I dealt with a lot of them. I was afraid of heights, I was afraid to talk to others, I was afraid to speak in front of few or many people, I was afraid to lead because I know I'm not capable, I was afraid to ask a girl out on a date and I was afraid to ask. Though I have already overcome most of them, and yet I still have to face a lot of them like speaking in public, losing someone, being rejected and etc, it is a long long list.

But I realized, fear is only an obstacle for us to become the best we wanted to be. The fear of making mistakes almost paralyzes people to do the things they must do. The fear of not taking risks, is a lot more riskier. That every time we run from the things we are afraid of, we are allowing it to control us over and over again.

I remember the time when it was my first time to climbed a mountain. My friends took a long time to persuade me to go with them as I was afraid of heights at that time. By the end of the day we reached the top of the mountain, it felt wonderful, not just because the scene was so beautiful but also I was able to overcome my fear.

There was also an instance in my life that I was afraid of water. If some people are enjoying swimming activity, oh boy I am not like them. But now I like swimming. I could only remember the time when a friend pushed me to fall from a diving cliff that caused me to learn to swim forcefully.

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And one thing I learned; the times that I have faced fear and head on and dived into it have allowed me to overcome it.

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