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There are things we are afraid in life and some of them are BIG fears.

Grow­ing up, I dealt with a lot of them. I was afraid of heights, I was afraid to talk to oth­ers, I was afraid to speak in front of few or many peo­ple, I was afraid to lead because I know I’m not capa­ble, I was afraid to ask a girl out on a date and I was afraid to ask. Though I have already over­come most of them, and yet I still have to face a lot of them like speak­ing in pub­lic, los­ing some­one, being reject­ed and etc, it is a long long list.

But I real­ized, fear is only an obsta­cle for us to become the best we want­ed to be. The fear of mak­ing mis­takes almost par­a­lyzes peo­ple to do the things they must do. The fear of not tak­ing risks, is a lot more riski­er. That every time we run from the things we are afraid of, we are allow­ing it to con­trol us over and over again.

I remem­ber the time when it was my first time to climbed a moun­tain. My friends took a long time to per­suade me to go with them as I was afraid of heights at that time. By the end of the day we reached the top of the moun­tain, it felt won­der­ful, not just because the scene was so beau­ti­ful but also I was able to over­come my fear.

There was also an instance in my life that I was afraid of water. If some peo­ple are enjoy­ing swim­ming activ­i­ty, oh boy I am not like them. But now I like swim­ming. I could only remem­ber the time when a friend pushed me to fall from a div­ing cliff that caused me to learn to swim force­ful­ly.

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And one thing I learned; the times that I have faced fear and head on and dived into it have allowed me to over­come it.

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