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Since the start of this year, I know this year will go to be a fruitful and productive one.

I sought God and, sub­mit­ted and aligned with Him all my goals and plans on how to achieve them through­out the year. Call me reli­gious but it’s my way of remind­ing myself that I deserve noth­ing nor enti­tled to any­thing because what I am today and where I am today results from God’s sov­er­eign­ty over my life.

And dis­cern­ing His voice is very impor­tant for me. This is not some­thing mys­ti­cal or requires mag­ic pow­ers, but only requires a rela­tion­ship with God and His exter­nal Word called as The Bible.

So how to dis­cern God’s voice? How can I be sure if it’s from God or not?

1. Is the impres­sion Scrip­tur­al?

We all know in real­i­ty, we love mys­ti­cal sto­ries and fan­tasies. We want to see visions and want God to give us impres­sions about a cer­tain per­son or a sit­u­a­tion.

I’m not oppos­ing some Chris­tians who prac­tices giv­ing impres­sions and some rev­e­la­tions from God that might encour­age their broth­ers and sis­ters, but was it enough?

God did­n’t give me that kind of gift because I was not ask­ing for it or I am lack­ing in faith but rather, God wants me to be more depen­dent on His Word rather than trust­ing human inter­pre­ta­tion.

A few months ago, I sought the Lord regard­ing my call­ing. Whether I am called to become a pub­lic speak­er, a mis­sion­ary or a pas­tor, will I get mar­ried or sin­gle for my life­time? Sure­ly, it’s nev­er been in my dreams or goals to be a pas­tor or a mis­sion­ary, it’s a tough job and I don’t deserve it but God puts it in my heart.

I wres­tle with Him all day and night. Then one night, a Word came. As I opened my Bible, it leads me to 2 Corinthi­ans 8:9–13.

I don’t know how God will unfold every­thing but I know His will is good, pleas­ing, and per­fect.

Guid­ance from God is always accord­ing to His Word.

2. Is it prov­i­den­tial?

Some­times, God speaks through events, or from peo­ple clos­est to you.

Are there open doors or close doors?

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I remem­ber one time I ask God regard­ing pub­lic speak­ing. I told Him, Lord, if this career will not glo­ri­fy you, then I will give it up. If I get none invi­ta­tions to talk then let His will be done.

But guess what hap­pened next? A friend who is a speak­er as well invit­ed me to come with him to give a talk for the stu­dents.

We can­not put God in a box and in any way lim­it what He can do. He will do what He thinks is good for us and for sure it is for His glo­ry.

For instance, if you are seek­ing God whether some­one you are pur­su­ing or want to pur­sue or some­one who is pur­su­ing you, go back to your Bible. Is it scrip­tur­al? Did the per­son pos­sess the qual­i­ties of a real Chris­t­ian?

Then know who you are and what you want­ed to be. Go back to your core val­ues. A friend who invit­ed us to come with him for a vaca­tion bible school in Que­zon Province shared to us how it is impor­tant to know these things.

Your core val­ues will help you a lot in choos­ing a mate because our Mas­ter wants us to find a mate who is on the same mis­sion as we are. Does he or she sup­port your mis­sion? Does he or she love the Lord more than any­thing else? Does he or she respect and kind to you?

It does­n’t mean he or she is attrac­tive, you will go for him or her. The char­ac­ter is far more impor­tant than beau­ty. Though on my side, as a man, I will only be inter­est­ed and pur­sue some­one I will be attract­ed to

If you read the Bible, from the time of Abra­ham to the apos­tles, God is con­stant­ly open­ing doors for them if it is accord­ing to His will. But He also clos­es doors for exam­ple when Paul or Saul want­ed to go to Asia to preach the gospel but the Holy Spir­it warned him not to con­tin­ue.

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3. Is the impres­sion rea­son­able?

This the hard­est one I think. Not all impres­sions are true. We can­not rely on our own feel­ings because it’s sub­jec­tive.

I always give ben­e­fit of the doubt to some­one who proph­e­sied to me. I do not accept or believe it instant­ly, I seek God if it’s from Him and processed it after­ward.

Test the spir­its, as the Bible said.

Some­times rea­son­able impres­sions came from our friends and fam­i­ly. Do they sup­port you in your deci­sion or not?

I can tell that it’s rea­son­able to go for my deci­sion when my lead­ers, men­tors, friends and fam­i­ly sup­ports it. If they say “go”, and I can see noth­ing could hin­der God’s will for it, then it must a “go”.

Just keep in mind that not every­one is going to sup­port you, but it is impor­tant as well to get their per­spec­tive and processed whether it’s rea­son­able or not.

To con­clude, God’s voice can be heard any­where. Through the exter­nal liv­ing Word of God, through events, and through the peo­ple around you. Gone are the days we should wait for the prophets to deliv­er God’s mes­sage to us. The Scrip­tures is enough to tell what God wants us to hear.

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