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Dear Worry,

You know wor­ry, you’ve been a part of my life for a long time now.

You know my past and life is dif­fi­cult, but you took advan­tage of it by telling me lies about my future. You said I could nev­er make it that my prob­lems are just too big.

Wor­ry, I admire your per­sis­tence, because the more I enter­tain you, the more you invad­ed my space.

Some days you’d nev­er left my sight, and then you robbed me of my peace, that you took out the joy in me. You used to get me so upset that some­times I go to bed end up cry­ing.

Last Sun­day, you bom­bard me with the thoughts, that I will nev­er make it through. You fed me with fears that weren’t real.

But let me tell you this:


My future is bright. God has blessed me with so many things I did­n’t expect to have in my life. My friends, my fam­i­ly, a grow­ing min­istry where I live out my pas­sion for spread­ing His love and hope to the next gen­er­a­tion.

So Wor­ry, it’s over! To tell you, I don’t need you any­more! God can take care of my days and my tomor­rows.

So every time you will pop up, I’m gonna remind myself of Philip­pi­ans 4:6 (AMP) which says:

Do not be anx­ious or wor­ried about any­thing, but in every­thing [every cir­cum­stance and sit­u­a­tion] by prayer and peti­tion with thanks­giv­ing, con­tin­ue to make your [spe­cif­ic] requests known to God.” 

Instead of giv­ing my prob­lems to you, I’m gonna bring my fears to God, because when I do that’s when I find peace and for­get all about you.

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So good­bye wor­ry, I’m over you and don’t return any­more. Byeeee.



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